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F.C. Barcelona: We Cheat too Much.

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Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-09-12 17:37
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012

Breaking News as F.C. Barcelona have been claimed to be breaking under age International transfer rules, 2 years of transfer ban given in the Season to come.

Following these news, the club announcing a huge loss in profits could not continue to uphold the salaries of the players has now been placed under Administration. All first team Barca players have been released into free players, and the club has been given a 10 point deduction for the season to come.

Given these turn of events Barca coach Luis Enrique has decided to resign as the job was given as a dead end run.

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Barca to appoint their new coach for this new era to come.
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InvertedWingbacks's avatar Group InvertedWingbacks 2014-09-13 07:29
gb 1861 posts 156 likes joined Nov 09, 2013
Interesting start man; there's a lot of good youth at Barca; be interesting to see if they can hold their own in La Liga
ARSENAL_ruleZ's avatar Group ARSENAL_ruleZ 2014-09-13 21:11
cy 194 posts 21 likes joined May 27, 2012
Very interesting...Good luck :)
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-09-14 09:14
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012
I'm glad the topic is appreciated :) Thanks guys

F.C. Barcelona announce the return of ex manager Pep Guardiola

"I leave for a few Seasons and you mess things up this bad?!" These were Peps' exact words in his press conference today, as he said jokingly. He also pointed out how there were rough times ahead as the entire Club would have to rebuild their squad and potential leaders in the locker room, questions were asked as how they would act out on their last transfer window this summer before the ban would be in act but he chose not to speak in regard, he simply ended his conference with a "You'll soon see".

Barca snatch 6!

In the meantime that the staff decides on which Barca B youth players to bring up to first team they make sure to act fast on the windows opportunities to grab players that would render them competitive and soften up their -10 points in the League this Season.

Balanta, Jonathan Silva, Luacs Romero.
Angel Correa, Rodrigo Gomez, and last but not least Ruben Garcia.

1 Colombian, 4 Argentinians and one Spaniard, the line seems to be clear - first the foreign transfers are being done before taking care of the homegrown talents... But the transfer window is still Open - And there is MUCH to do left.
edu1878's avatar Group edu1878 2014-09-14 09:49
au 576 posts 85 likes joined Sep 23, 2011
Wait, aren't you in administration with a transfer embargo? If so, how'd you sign those players?
AS4's avatar Group AS4 2014-09-14 09:51
in 293 posts 11 likes joined Mar 28, 2014
2014-09-14 15:19#194043 edu1878 : Wait, aren't you in administration with a transfer embargo? If so, how'd you sign those players?

Precisely what I was wondering :o
InvertedWingbacks's avatar Group InvertedWingbacks 2014-09-14 09:56
gb 1861 posts 156 likes joined Nov 09, 2013
unless he's left in the fact they've got a season to go before the ban kicks in?
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-09-14 12:17
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012
The Transfer Embargo take act from 2015 to 2016 and end in 2017, that's why Barca managed to sign Rakitic & Suarez etc in real life this season :)

Basically this is my only transfer window for 2 years
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-09-15 20:05
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012

Barca to put pen on paper for the last 3 signings of the Season, then to announce the Barcelona B Youth team promoted players that will fill into the rest of the team:

From Left to Right;
Mario Pugliese, 17 year old Italian midfielder signed on a free from Atalanta.
Pablo Insua, 20 year old Spanish center back signed for 5.25m £ from Deportivo.
Burgui, 19 year old Spanish Advanced Playmaker signed for 500k from Real Madrid Castilla.

Barca B Youth brought into first team.

Adriàn Ortolà - GK
Sergi Gòmez - SW, D (C)
Juanma - D (LC)
Carles Planas - D (LC)
Joan Campins - D (LC), WB (L)
Patric - D/WB (R), DM, M (C)
Alex Grimaldo - D/WB (L)
Sergi Samper - DM, M (C)
Dani Nieto - M (L), AM (R)
Denis Suàrez - M (C), AM (RLC)
Javi Espinosa - M (C), AM (LC)
Edu Bedia - M (C) AM (LC)
David Babunski - M/AM (C)

Here are the results from our friendlies:

Despite the many losses against low calibre teams I think we can still make a few points in the league from the low to mid table teams... I'm not asking for a 6 nil win vs Real Madrid, just reach Champions League football is all!

In the next update, La Liga & Spanish Super Cup update!
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Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-09-16 12:34
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012

Guardiols ready for his first match in the league, the team has been set up and despite the young age the pluri-title winning manager knows a thing or two on how to make an impact in the football scene.

First Season Victory for Barcelona!

Angel Correa & Ruben Garcia both score on their debut (It was alot of players debut tbf though), a wins a win! and now we're -7 in the league!

The Spanish Super Cup (Leg 1): A Good Draw.

Atletico was favorite, but we hung in there till' the end, and that's all that matters for now.

Barca v Bilbao: Oh, Patric <3

Patric got us the early goal, the defense did the rest - a solid game. Guardiolas team has hit the ground running, the posession tactics are working despite the young players and I couldn't have asked for a better team to play it with.

Spanish Super Cup, Leg 2: Revenge of the Burgui

The first silverware of the Season! The Spanish Super Cup! Who said you couldn't win anything with Kids? The new transfers I brought in for this Season are making all the difference in these important games - Including Balanta in defense.

Levante v Barca: A Ruby in the midst.

Ruben Garcià is on fire, his average rating is well over 8.00+ and hes proven to be one of strongest assets so far! A great win.

A few quick peeks at the League Tablet at the end of August:

-10 Points? Where? We're quickly repaying our dues.

And finally; the detailed view of the transfers done this window:

I hope you enjoyed the in-depth update for August, soon to come: Our Champions League debut with the youngsters!
RD17's avatar Group RD17 2014-09-16 14:33
00 357 posts 13 likes joined May 28, 2014
Burgui will be great for you ;)
Follow my AFC Blues - The New Boys in West London here.
Zed's avatar Group Zed 2014-09-16 14:47
nl 826 posts 122 likes joined Jun 01, 2014
Some very good young players, it'll be interesting to see how you do in this season! Great start, so hopefully you can continue on that :)
Eisern Union - Forza PSV
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-09-16 15:32
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012

Champions League Group Draw

Barca drawn alongside CSKA Moskow, Olympiakos, and Bate Borisov; the verdict is that of an "easy" group by our standards - we didn't get any of the Premier, Bundes, Ligue 1 or Serie A teams so that's a success in itself as we probably can't handle them at the moment. We are looking to grow throughout the Season exponentially and having these "suiting" teams to play against helps the team morale.

The team is big enough to handle 3 Competitions, the board demanded that I brought the Club back to Glory but obviously they can't expect a Champions League title in the first year, can they? Can they...?

Let's hope for the best.
Cappy13's avatar Group Cappy13 2014-09-16 15:38
gb 343 posts 25 likes joined Nov 11, 2013
Would love to see where Messi and Co. have ended up ;)
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-09-16 16:04
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012
I'll wait till they all find a team to show you guys where they are now (Messi is one of the few still without a club - he probably demands insane wages lol)

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