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Canada for the win- A Canadian modified database

Started on 21 September 2014 by Atv104
Latest Reply on 26 September 2014 by InvertedWingbacks
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Who am I?
I am a wealthy business named Jose Alberto from Mexico with dreams of becoming a soccer manager for a team in the new Canadian leagues, And I am entering the management market with a good knowledge, but no experience, and I hope I can share my ideas with a lower divison team or a top flight team to win titles

Canadian leagues?
To test some ideas, Canada has launched a domestic league with a second divison made of 2 NASL Teams and other teams in the American system, And a playoff between the top media rated second divison teams from each of the 2 eight team second divison conferences, and the domestic Canadian Championship

My Original goals
-Win the Canadian Championship
-Finish higher than one of the top 2 teams (Did this with a 2nd divison team on my other save on this database) (Ottawa Fury & FC Edmonton)
-Win the Canadian premier league
-Enter Canada's hall of fame.
Sadly, FMscout didn't let me post my last canadiates, So you will find out (hint: Premiership for all of my options)

Jose's Journal- Flight To My Job

I boarded the Air Canada flight, And I thought hard about my new job, there Top half ambitions, and if they will match mine, It was 5:00 AM and I was so lost in thought, I didn't know when I drifted off to sleep, but I woke up, and I was thinking about how I rejected Boisbriand, and My only remaining options were Toronto Croaita, or Astros Vasas, both top flight teams with creditidentals to run for the top 4 out of the 16 team national premier league. And I wondered if the League will ever be as competitive as a European league, but once Again I fell asleep

7:00 AM

I woke up by the loudspeaker, with a girls voice saying "This is your Pilot Speaking, now we are about to land in Toronto, Canada!" I have chosen Toronto Croaita as my club, And I got off the plane and headed downtown in my rental, before I can get a ride, and by 9:00 I arrived at the club, met fans and then started at 11:30

Toronto Croatia Hire Unknown Mexican

Hershey Center, Toronto, CA

Toronto Croatia a team in the premier league of the Canadian Divisons, has hired 38 year old businessman Jose Alberto as Manager, we will be live for the press conference, but until know our sources say he has arrived and is planning to meet with the Chairman now to discuss the club. Can Toronto Croatia compete with the two big FC Edmonton and Ottawa? More in the next hour.

My First press conference

I was proud walking into that room, I felt very childish, but a tear was in my eye, I was going to overpower the top two, and every other team, I knew it, Silverware was coming, and It all starts here

Marco Brown: Ontario Soccer Chronicle- As a new head coach, do you think you can make the right decisions to lead this club forward

Jose Alberto: Im pretty sure we can build a fantastic team, everybody will get a chance to prove they're worthy. And I will make the decisions from there.

Marco Brown: Ontario Soccer Chronicle- What is your leadership style, based off of the greats of managing.

Jose Alberto: I don't like to consider myself to the greats, because I'm Me, I have to make my own decisions and not rely on some other manager, this is my club, I am honestly disappointed at that question.
interesting idea mate! good luck

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