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Schalke: Secret Agent 004

Started on 24 September 2014 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 11 October 2014 by yiliang99
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- Edinburgh?, Scotland: 1:17am, Present Date.

*Phone Ringing*

???: Bah, who can it possibly be ringing at this time of the night? Hello?...

A soothing familiar voice spoke on the other end.

???: Sean, how you been old friend? Still enjoying your retirement I take it?

Sean: M, how bizzare hearing from you at this time, surely it must be something highly important...?

The female voice on the other end of the phone took a deep breath before speaking, and proceeded with a quiet pause.

M: It would be best if you came to my office in London, it is not matters we can discuss simply over the telephone, once again I am very sorry to disturb you at this time of the night, but I suppose it had to be done, I'll be hearing from you soon.

She had put the phone down, I stood there wondering what all the commotion was about, it was late into the night and I had just been called out of retirement and back into the force, what could have been so important? I wondered.

And so I took the first plane to London, walked into M's office. I sat down, reached into my pocket to grab the lit cigarette left in my pack, as I had been smoking all night, light a match and nodded to her to proceed.

M: Sean, I'm sorry for having brought you all the way here but our matters could not have been discussed on a reachable phone line, you're probably used to this proceedure anyway.

Sean: I am, just not quite used to being called in from retirement yet, but I guess I'll have to learn to, huh?

I said with a smirk on my face.

M: Now's not the time. Listen, we have received word that in Germany there is a group of Neo Nazi terrorists that have been scheming to produce, sell, and deploy weapons of mass destruction, nuclear warheads if you will.

Sean: Got it. So you want me to go there, kick the bad guys arses, retrieve the nuclear warhead plans, destroy all the evidence and put an end to their evil schemes, right? Standard procedure, not sure why you needed me to come back from retirement to pull this job, are there no other agents qualified?

M: It's quite not that simple.

She said as she turned around, flipped the chalked board which had written down a series of actions in sequences.

M: Here is the plan. You are to move in Germany, in Gelsenkirchen to be exact. You will play the role of a unknown promising football manager that will replace the local clubs previous manager, this will give you leverage to act freely around the club where it is believed that the Neo Nazis are operating - if the actual clubs board members are involved that is yet to be known. Your codename will be different then it has been in the past, 004.

Sean: What? 004? Are you joking?

She was having quite a laugh.

M: We cannot have them figuring out your identity, 004. If you fail in this mission I'm afraid a great calamity will be brought upon us, and millions of peoples lives will be indangered, now go time is of the essence. We shall be in contact.

I left her office ready to act, it was a peculiar job I had taken this time around it seems I would have to play a role as a football manager in the top sides of Germany and at the same time sneak around and try to find out as much as I could about their plans to build these dangereous warheads.

It wasn't going to be easy, but if there's something I had learned throughout the years is that the hardest challenges always proved to be the most rewarding in the long haull.

Time to head off to Gelsenkirchen.

cue the bond puns #second comment
Lol, love the idea of a football related spy thriller, will be watching this one closely for sure :)
great start man! looking forward to this!
Omg, this looks awesome! Good luck mate :D
No1VillaFan: Not as awesome as your story ;)
Feliks: Theres a funny pun coming soon in the first chapters image ;)
Ziechael: Ye, I spent the whole week trying to think of something good, think I found it ;)
TaT: Thanks! Stick around then :)
Zed: Lol I knew you'd like it, thanks :)
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
9 yearsEdited

I had just arrived at the Gilsenkirchen Airport, the smell in the air had a thick smell of industrial fumes, it was nothing like home... Heh, I missed Scotland already. I proceeded to whistle at a nearby Taxi cab as I was late to the board meeting.

German Cab Driver: WEAR KAN E TEKK YOU???

The Cab driver had a strong German accent when he spoke, and reeked of smoked Sausages. The whole Cab did.

Sean: Veltins-Arena please, I'm in a hurry so fast.


He must be one of the many Schalke fans that have been awaiting my arrival, looks like a city that loves it's club more than anything, it's a shame they have no clue what they're really up to. It's up to me to stop them before it's too late...

Arriving at the Veltins Arena I stood a minute to admire the grandure of this facility, it was something else. I doubt there were many other Stadiums in the world like it, yet I was only here as an undercover spy how ironic.

Man outside of the Parking Entrance: You must be Sir David James.

This must have been the named assigned to me by M, better play along.

David James: Yes, I'm here to meet Mr.Tönnies I believe we have an appointment.

He told me to follow him into the structure, there was club records, pictures and trophies o the sorts everywhere you looked, obviously nothing suspicious would be placed in an open space for everyone to see... If I was going to find anything, I would have to do some sneaking around later in their offices upstairs.

Man: Here we are, Sir David. Mr.Tönnies is waiting for you inside.

As I enter the elegant room, filled with trophies and football posters I notice a rather distinctive man stand up from his rotating chair. He's a tall fellow, I'd say in the 6" and very well groomed.

David James: Mr.Tönnies, it's a pleas-

Mr.Tönnies: David James! We have been waiting for you! We're ECSTATIC and cannot wait to begin working with you IMMEDIATELY! Mario? Mario! Mario show Mr.James here to his Office he will have MUCH to talk about with Peter! Ah right, Mr.James, Peter Hermann will be your Assistant Manager in the sorts, he will guide you through the Clubs facilities and give you a run down of everything you need to know! I hope you have a pleasent stay here at the Veltins!

Said as his lackey "Mario" showed me to Coaches Office, but to be honests that meeting felt rather short, there was something strange with this Mr.Tönnies, I felt almost brushed aside.

I entered the Coaches Office, my new Office and found a rather jolly fellow awaiting for me - this must be the Peter they were talking about, guess I will have to work with him from now as he was my "Assistant".

David James: Alright Peter, listen here I don't care much for the matters of transfering players in or out of the Club, so I'll let you handle that. Oh also, can you take care of the friendlies for me? That'd be great - Oh and all the match training and regular nonsense that goes throughout the Season, let ME handle the actual Coaching alright there lad? Great - I'll talk to ya soon I'm gona go have a wash up at the Hotel as I'm absolutely EXHAUSTED.

That should do it, having gotten my first look at the place I could already amass a few things: There is something going on, and Mr.Tönnies is definetly involved in it. Now I'll just go back to the Hotel and ring up M so I can let her know that everythings going along just fine.

M: Alright 004, I take it you've gotten a good look but make sure to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Sean: Suspicious? The whole damn place reeks of suspicious, I'll have a report in stat tommorow in the morning, don't you worry about it. Hear from ya soon, bye.

Bah, I was exhausted, the long flight had me tired out I think if I lay on the bed I'd probably knock out immediately. Tommorow I'll have to report into the Club early to meet the Squad and see if any of these young lads are involved with this dirty scheme...

I really hope I won't have to dirty my hands with the blood of a youngster, as it would break my heart in two.
That title ;)
'License to coach' and 'Reeked of smoked sausages' ahahahaha
LMAO, loving the story already... although that cabbie was suspiciously french sounding for a german at times ;)
Yuttra52: Haha I love it aswell.
Zap(dos): It did, horrible stench lol.
Ziechael: Did you find it French? I tried my best to do a German accent lol.

Woke up early this morning, had some Coffee, black with no sugar. I didn't like the sugary taste in my Coffee as I found it was too pretentious. I stepped outside on my way to what most people would call "work", I guess I had to be on the watch double-time but I wasn't really getting paid double, now was I? Well I guess life isn't that simple sometimes.

As I enter the locker room I find a message laying on my desk.

It was about Peter Hermann, my assistant manager, he had been sacked and replaced. Now obviously my intuition spoke to me, it clearly told me that this usually doesn't happen over 12 hours normally, one minute he's here, the next he's gone? It smelled fishy.

Someone just knocked on the door, "Come in", I said.

???Female???: "Mr.David James", I presume? Hi my name is Penelope. I will be your new assistant manager from now on.

Her tone was very suave, yet confident.

David James: What happened to Peter?

Penelope: His services... Are no longer required. But you won't have to worry about him from now on, I have compiled a shortlist of transfer targets that may be of interest to you, have began set tactical training that will last roughly 7 weeks throughout the pre-season which will include a number of friendlies that will be played by our senior team. Here is the memo.

She handed me a very heavy pile of papers that contained pages and pages of football-related information... Surely she could not have prepared all of this in such short time? The matter became more and more suspicious to me, I had to figure out what was going on.

Penelope's Memo
As written: We'll be playing a fluid 4-2-3-1. Players instructions are set to be very expressive so they have freedom to move and create chances at will, the plays will widen out the oppositions defense, while the fullbacks look to overlap the wings.
Key Players

Once the meeting ended I stormed out of the room, it was time to do what it is that I came here to do, and so I headed into the basemant. I'd look for anything that could help me or clue me into what they were up to, I noticed the strange behavior from the chairman as soon I arrived and now the assistant manager had been fired?! I had to find out what was going on.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find much. The lower storage rooms were filled with unused weights, rusty football equipment and cartboard boxes everywhere - and these were filled with old kits, so nothing out of the ordinary really. From the tip of my periferal vision I do notice a door at the end of the room, which stood alone and didn't have any actual purpose here.

I open the door, dust flies out eveywhere and I begin to cough. I wave away the dust clouds and try to find a light conductor as it was pitch-black in the room -

I press the switch, and... Wait, that's!!!...
ahh a cliff hanger! Love it!!!!!!

I'm part german so maybe i'm biased, it was definitely german in places but i think he was maybe belgian by birth or something? lol
Penelope the assistant manager :))

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