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Schalke: Secret Agent 004

Started on 24 September 2014 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 11 October 2014 by yiliang99
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*Shower noises, water hitting ground*

James Bond: So much going on, it's been quite a rough start. I really should have just told M I wanted to stay in retirement... I'm getting too old for this shit.

*Turns off the shower head*

*Puts towel on*

And suddenly I hear a noise coming from the bedroom, as I always keep a small pistol in all compartments of the sweet I grabbed one from the bathroom cabinets, as you could never be too cautious.

James Bond: Alright now, who goes there?

Penelope was laying on my bed, I didn't know what to think of it - if I had to be honest though, I had been expecting it since we first met.

Penelope: Mister Bond... Good evening.

James Bond: What brings you around here then?

Penelope looked down at the bed and smiled.

Penelope: Work.

James Bond: Right. Well, I have alot of it myself in the morning so if this meeting had run its course I should probably get some sleep in...

Penelope: Oh is the "great" Bond playing hard to get?

James Bond: No but-

Suddenly a masked man jumped out of the wardrobe holding a katana, launching himself towards me.


The asiatic toungued man slashed towards Bond, but Bond ducking and holding up his pistol shot the man in the shoulder, not killing him but knocking him out of his senses on the floor.

James Bond: Great! More surprises I should know of tonight?! Ugh.

Penelope didn't look startled, she jumped off the bed and in quick succession headed for the door.

Penelope: Umm, you're right it's getting late I should go...

She hurried to leave the Hotel, as if something had not gone the way she planned, I had quickly gotten dressed to follow where she was headed... Hopefully the injured Japanese Samurai in my room wouldn't get noticed by anyone till' I got back.

Arriving at a Mansion, Penelope parked her car inside and ringed the door bell three times, now I knew I had to get in and see what was going on myself. A man let her in, and from there I had to find a way in.

Bond: Hmm, I guess I'll have to climb up the first floors balcony and go from there.

As I climbed upwards, an open window with a clear image showed what was Penelope speaking face to face with the Schalke 04 Chairman, and next to him a Saudi Arabian man with a turban on his head.

Penelope: We missed the hit. I tried to keep him distracted, but he managed to remain unscathed.

Chairman: It's fine, you've done a fine job... The Season is long, we'll find other ways to take care of this "Secret Agent"...

And then it hit me... We had a double agent in the corporation, a liability that had to be taken care of... Penelope.
*dramatic music* Time for 007004 to take out the threat. I'm thinking Goldfinger style, grab a couple of buckets of gold paint
LOL loving the katana wielding henchman, classic Bond!!!
Ohh what will happen now i wonder?
Feliks: Lol I wonder how they managed to do that scene, your skin needs to breathe and it can't do that if it's fully covered in gold paint!
Ziechael: Haha I thought it would be fitting.
LFCFan: Stick around and find out ;)
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
9 yearsEdited

Despite all that had been going on recently, today was the day of my debut in the Bundesliga with Schalke, maybe it could be a way to take my mind off things for at least 90 minutes, hopefully joy with a good victory with these lads that have no idea what is actually going on in the background...

It was an away match to Stuttgart, and before the game started I wanted to give a few encouraging words to the team regarding the game and the season to come, Penelope was also in the room but I tended to ignore her, as I would have dealt with her later.

David James: Alright boys, this is it: Go out there, and do it for the fans.

The team looked at me a bit funny, but they listened keenly and went to play the match.

At my surprise, the Chairman popped into the locker room to give the boys a good luck speech aswell to the boys, I didn't interact with him myself, just a nod - my head was in the game right now.

The whistle blows, the game begins! On the ready set go 11'min Karim Haggui tuggs on Julian Draxlers shirt, conceeding the penalty which Hoger takes and scores, 1 nil for Schalke. Nothing much happens throughout the first half, a few contrasting tackles and that's it.

2nd Half

48' min Farfàn dribbles past his man, attempts a half volley from a tight angle and scores! 55' min Stuttgart react and attempt to hang into the game. 73' min Kolasinic crosses the ball for Huntelaar who heads it into the net with ease. 77' min Draxler dribbles past his man, and shoots with the right footed half volley and scores! 91' min corner for Schalke, and Hoger doubles up! the game ends 5-1 for Schalke.

This was it, our first win right on the debut - The Chairman congratulated me, the boys were ecstatic with enthusiasm, I knew this form would continue... But I had other matters to attend to now. I waited for Penelope in the tunnel...

Penelope: James W-What are you-?

James Bond: You thought I wouldn't find out? You should remember that my career has been based on high end espionage.

Penelope: You really need to think about what you're doing right now.

James Bond: I followed you the other night. All the way to the Chairmans Mansion, in which I overheard the entire bit.

Penelope: No Bond, it's not as it seems...

James Bond: Is it now, then WHAT is it like??... Penelope, from the first minute I saw you I only thought good things about you, you looked like such a good person, I...

Penelope: Bond, I'm a double agent. I'm still working for M.

Hearing this phrase shocked me. I didn't know if to feel foolish, or happy - happy knowing that the girl I fell in love wasn't working with the bad guys. Maybe it was a bit of both.

*Puts the gun down*

James Bond: Shit I... I'm such an idiot, please forgive me Penelope.

Penelope put her arms around me, smiled, and we kissed passionately for what seemed an eternity to me, but had probably been only a few seconds.

Chapter End.
Ohhhhh he finally got his kiss. It sounds like a bit of one of those soaps he goes to shoot her before kissing her lol.
OMG Bond swore!!

But is she a triple agent?!?!

Loving the graphics mate, i almost forget this is a football story :D
I dont belive penelope, what she said might all be just a lie , getting more exciting :D

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