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Poll: Kit Of The Week: Week One

Started on 24 September 2014 by InvertedWingbacks
Latest Reply on 26 September 2014 by Zed
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Kit Of The Week, Week One (16 votes)
Set One 25% (4 votes)
Set Two 12.5% (2 votes)
Set Three 12.5% (2 votes)
Set Four 18.8% (3 votes)
Set Five 31.3% (5 votes)
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Week One: West Bromwich Albion

So, the kits are in, and, one day early: I provide to you....Week One's Kits!

This week, we had five entries, all of a high standard, and below they are presented to you anonymously for your viewing and voting pleasure. So without further ado...

Set One

Set Two

Set Three

Set Four

Set Five

So, ladies and gentlemen; there we have it: Kit of the Week is back, with 5 well thought-out kits

one vote each, and May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour
Gotta be 3 for me... while i hate being a slave to apple, i do love my mac ;) looks great on the red kit too!
Because I'm me,
Set 1: Umbro logo is bad colour, sponsor is bad colour
Set 2: Bland, nothing exciting
Set 3: Badge is too small, doesn't really look like WBA
Set 4: Different sizes, different sponsors and old badge on the away
Set 5: Badge too small

I haven't voted yet, not sure what to choose. Also, TaT, I'd find it helpful if you wrote the sponsors and the brand of the kits :)
There are a number of broken rules here. Different brands, different sponsors (and different sizes, oddly) whilst Set 3 didn't stick to the original design OR colours - it's grey and purple!
All taken on board gents

I was knackered when I posted it, so I didn't even notice the two different sizes of kit, and my screen isndodgy, hence not picking up on original colours re set 3

Well roll with it this time; laptop screen will be fixed shortly anyways
Set 5 has won deservedly I think :) Great effort.
Let's just say the different brand/ size one won't haplen again
A tie :D

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