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MrJK's Alphabet Challenge

Started on 18 October 2014 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 29 March 2015 by Jamesg237
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Feliks - I managed to B last time before starting interactive games!

Bashy345 - Thanks mate, it will be!
I'm doubting a bit on your success in completing this challenge for various reasons (despite it being so long lol)

When you add a new league into the database, usually the clubs come along with no players (sometimes no staff aswell) which means you'll have to either make due with regens assigned to you (with their best stats being 10 passing, 10 tackling 9 finishing etc) or free transfers that your low reputation club can do.

You'll be spending 3-4, maybe 6 seasons alone in one Season trying to realistically get crowned Champion in such league (unless you cheat ;)) :P

That being said, I wish you best of luck as I know you'll spend alot of time on this :) !!!

p.s. RIP CG
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Icarus - That's why its so hard to complete! I've managed to get around B before and didn't find any problems with the regens or signing players, all the clubs are set around the same rep in the lower nations so if you make a few good signings your teams will be up there come the end of the season!
Good luck man. I hope for all the best and will be following.
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BayernAmerica - Thanks dude :D
I was sitting with my girlfriend when I first saw this story yesterday and I spent about 15 minutes telling her about your previous Alphabet Challenge and what all happened in that edition. She asked me what "FM" was and, well, I blame you for the argument that followed!

Good luck :)
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Akash - HAHAHAHA, brilliant. Sorry for the argument :P
Oh my, I remember this from a couple of years ago :O . I still remember you nailing Albania and somewhere like Oman in your first two seasons... More of the same please!
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joethequin - Albania yes, i wouldn't of got all the way to Oman though as it's in alphabetical order haha!
Well this is going to be interesting :P Good luck Jamie, if anyone can pull this off, it'll be you :)
Can't wait till you get to Albania :)
hell yeah this has been a long time coming :)
Good luck mate, you should boss this league with ease. Roll on the B leagues ;)
Are you going to add the B based leagues once you have completed A? It is a very tough challenge but been watching your stream a lot recently and you seem really up for it. Good luck!
This is a monumental challenge, and I can't even begin to calculate how much time it could take, but I wish you the best of luck. You've had a nice draw with Algeria so hopefully that'll be quick and easy to get out of the way.

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