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A Flawed Genius

A tale of arrogance and overcoming adversity
Started on 24 October 2014 by Ziechael
Latest Reply on 26 February 2015 by Cappy13
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Wow unique updates, you went from Englands FC notebook to this new form, which I really like... Keep up the good work! :D
Wow great start i'll be sure to follow
Arrogant little sod isn't he?
Icarus - Unique updates is what i do bra'! Keep tuned fo' mo' fo' sho'...

the champi0n fm - Thanks, i'll make it personal mission to keep it interesting for you :)

Feliks - The worst, but sadly incredible talent at such a young age can really go to your head. Lets hope age mellows him!

A conversation overheard following a training session…

Mark Bower - Guiseley AFC Manager
Colin Seal - Guiseley AFC Coach

"So Colin, how's it gone today?"

"Yeah great Mark. The young'uns are working really hard and the seniors aren't going easy on 'em."

"Good, good. Any promising talent out there today?"

"We've got a couple of prospects out there for sure, way too early to tell for sure though."

"Fair enough, give me the highlights then."

"Ok, you'll get my full report later but from my notes I can suggest a couple of 'em here and now. I've got high hopes for Tom Byran and Mark Buxton, both good solid players with a lot of promise."

"Well that's a good start, what positions are they best suited to?"

"At this age there is plenty of scope for flexibility but in my opinion Tom would make a good right back and Mark is probably most use as a left midfielder."

"Ok, thanks Colin that's good to know, keep an eye on them for me over the summer."

"Sure thing Mark, there is one other kid I think you should be taking note of..."

"Go for it."

"You remember that local lad that Brian spotted at that inter-school game?"

"Yeah, Buster or something?"

"Dexter… Dexter Bagley he's called. Well I've got to admit that I haven't seen such promise in a long time..."

"Brilliant, can never have too much talented youth coming through…"

"…yes, he's definitely talented, it's just his attitude that could be a problem."

"Surely he can't be that bad can he?"

"Depends on your view really, I mean the kid's got skill, real skill, it's just that he doesn't seem to know how to play as a team. In a few sessions I don't think I've seen him make a pass without practically being forced to."

"We can work on that though surely?"

"Yeah 'course we can. I just hope he will listen, I've never seen such blatant disregard for others in a team game before."

"Well, if he is that much trouble should we just stay clear?"

"We… could… it's just that, well, the little git is prolific."

"That good?"

"That good. We've had four of these sessions now and he has consistently scored in each one…"

"How many?"

"Well in the full match scenarios he has scored nine goals now and two of them were in a game in which his side only had the ball for 30 percent of the time!"

"Well you'd better get this kid tamed, I wanna see his reports on the top of the pile from now on, oh and one other thing don't let any other clubs get wind of him."

"You've got it, wish me luck… here's his notes and I'll catch you later."
;_; It's like dejavu for me, I was a little arrogant cunt that never passed aswell. I believe in Dexter though, he'll learn to play as a team and he'll become the new best thing ;)
Another quality update,this lad seems a bit like a new Berba ;)
Awesome. Nuff Said
Loving the unique updates
also love the term 'arrogant little shit'
next he will be saying that he is special one
Wow, great updates! Never seen something like this :)
Good luck in becoming the best player in the world!
I wanna see more :D
This is class! Loving the graphics!
This is absolutely incredible work Ziechael!
this is an interesting story, keep up the updates m8. Good work !

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