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A Flawed Genius

A tale of arrogance and overcoming adversity
Started on 24 October 2014 by Ziechael
Latest Reply on 26 February 2015 by Cappy13
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Come on with the updates!!! *angry mob*
All - Wow thanks for the awesome comments everyone, i promise that in the build up to this weeks official release this story will pick up the pace ready for the editor being made available.

In the mean time i have a couple lined up to keep you interested, watch this space --> <--

Well let's hope Dexter doesn't have to wait till 30 before he plays in the Premier :P great update haha
Awesome update I think this story is going to be amazing!
Icarus - If it take till 30 then this story is gonna have to run for his entire career and who knows, maybe even beyond ;)

No1VillaFan - I certainly hope so... there is a lot of strong competition out there for readers ;) ;)

Them girls are gona try to get themself knocked up by him now, the next Zaha! lol nice update, can't wait till' you get your hands on that Editor.
I'll admit I haven't followed this, but from what I've seen there's some very creative, different but awesome ideas in this story and the presentation in itself is also very creative. :D
Awesome ideas, writing, graphics and story! Love it all
Nice updates man ! keep it up and wish you all the best with the ladies :p
Icarus - Fingers crossed he can keep it in his shorts... besides the academy at guiseley is hardly premier league appeal for the female of the species!

Walter - While i appreciate your honesty... it hurts lol. My aim with this story is to try and make it stand out in a very competitive field, for me that means peacocking with graphics lol.

Xanderthedunny - :D Kind words indeed, thanks. Just wait till the story properly kicks off once the editor is out ;)

Red Devil - Thanks mate, for an arrogant little tool he is surprisingly not good with the ladies... could it all be a front?

awesome update, he is going to be a terror!
haha the kid reminds me of Zlatan Ibrahimovic who also was an arrogant cunt and annoyed his teammates but he kept himself and reached the absolute top in football despite the many attempts to change his behavior .

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