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Manchester City: Blue Moon

Started on 2 November 2014 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 12 November 2014 by patrick1
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End of Transfer Window and Results

As you can see, no losses yet.

The friendlies were a give away as to how the Season would start up, I think. No losses so far, even against some of the strongest sides in the league, especially Chelsea who are the league favorites - that's a golden 6 points right there.

Meanwhile the league table obviously sees me in first, followed by my next victim; Newcastle (Match will take place after international break though, so I may pick up unwanted injuries).

The transfer window also comes to an end, and I wasn't particularly active this Summer... For two reasons; The budget was poor, only 12 - which I used to pay the signing fees of Kaptoum & Adama, signing youngsters on free contracts isn't cheap. And the other reason being, the squad depth is way too big as it is already. I gotta start thinking about selling Demichelis, he's absolute rubbish.

Last but not least, the Barclays Premier League Player of the Month!

He has been playing great, right from the start a goal in his debut and a few other very important game winning goals after that - I am very happy with his purchase.
eww, City :P
TaT: Thanks! I'm glad you like :)
tomtheone: Lol the Citizens appreciate your efforts.
Pauker: eww, Pauker :P
Three very good wins against strong teams at the beginning of the season. Stands you in good stead for the remainder of the season.
A great result against Chelsea (the other blue scum ;) ) to set out your stall for the title race.

Well done and yet, at the same time stop winning with Man City! ;)
Worst team ever!haha. I would like to see you turning City into a profitable football club with much more English talent in the mix. Although i doubt the last of my wishes will be granted with an Italian manager.. But good luck anyway!

October Review: Citizens yet to lose a Game!

Despite the first draw versus the Turks Man Cities run has been going strong, we've found very little teams that can rival our force in Premier and it looks like we'll be heading to an early title win this year.

I know our first league spot isn't much of a headline anymore, but look at the teams that follow! Spurs in 2nd, and Man Utd in 3rd! Burnley in 5th is quite the shocker. Meanwhile Soton look like they will be in a relegation battle this season.

Our Champions Group wasn't particularly hard, we've been going strong at it and it looks like Man City will finally qualify for a Knockout Round this year. I don't know if I should focus more on performing in the CL now that our lead is so wide in the Premier (Squad depth is big enough anyway).

October Player of the Month: Mangala!

Hes been rock hard for us in defense, look at how many clean sheets we've racked up; one thing is for sure, he's been defending for two... Because Demichelis is absolutely shocking (Hes first on my unwanted list).
Poor Demichelis, it's not nice to be unwanted... especially publicly so :(

Man City in the knock out stages of the CL, i suspect a rigging scandal surely...

Manchester Derby in Novemeber: It's almost War.

This month, amongst other games theres on particular game I'll be covering, The Manchester Derby between United & City. A heated game that Mancini enjoyed playing against Ferguson, now retired, will have to be Van Gaal instead.

The match begins, minutes pass into posession by both teams, analyzing each others spaces - but Man City is the first one to attack directly on the wings and on the 20th minute...

Nasri puts it into the net with a delicate tap in! Citizens lead the goal charts with the first Goal, Man U right now look quite weak and City take advantage to keep attacking as morale is high - 33th minute comes and;

Aguero! Sinclair takes a shot at goal, the ball deflects onto Aguero who puts into the net - De Gea could do nothing in this play, which will also be talked about by the media as a doubtful offside Goal.

Although before the end of the first half came Mata managed to win a Free Kick in Man Citys territory, here is where Rooney takes the ball, places it on the grass and takes a crack with a powerful shot!

Rooneys goal curves into the net, Hart couldn't reach it the shot was too powerfull! 2-1 Man Utd try the comeback, but City leads at half time.

2nd Half

The teams look even once again, but luck smiles on the Citizens who at the 54th minute try to end the games for van Gaals boys.

3-1! Dzeko collects the cross from Nasri and slides it into the near post, De Gea could have surely challenged the striker on this chance.

But just when all seemed lost, at the 64min off of Rooneys shot Joe Hart loses the ball in the box...

Falcao see's the ball gone loose off the keeper and flies in like a vulture, to take the poached Goal for Man Utd who are now at 3-2, the game keeps getting more and more interesting, neither side seems to want to give up, but the clock's running.

And then comes the final gong, at the 73min:

Dzeko shows everyone why hes so prolific infront of goal, his class is unmeasurable - he's proved who the best forward on the pitch was tonight with 2 game winning goals.

Well you'd think the game would end 4-2, but think again because Mancinis boys never stop going - their attacking mentality never slows down, and on the 86min they put another sting on the already big loss for the Red Devils with a deadly corner set play:

Sinclair receives the ball in the box, his shoot seems a bit central but De Gea doesn't seem to see the ball maybe his vision obscured from one of his defenders; he hasn't been in form for his teem tonight.

FINAL SCORE: 5-2 Win for Manchester City

And that's our cover on the Manchester Derby, here's all the other results this month:

All these wins could only mean one thing:

Mancini breaks Citizens record in the Premier League, the fans adore him!

The table doesn't change much for City, always on top. QPR in 2nd is quite the shocker, but the main forces in the Premier seem to be lining up behind, even Saints have gotten their struck back.

Meanwhile in the Champions League, City also lead the Group and qualification is mathematical at this point:

Furthermore, let's take a look at our main goalscoarers so far:

Dzeko has been on fire, especially in November - grabbing many game winning Goals for City, and that's why he's Novembers Player of the Month!

Pretty hard to choose a Player of the Month when your entire team is playing so well though, at least we know I'm not giving it to Demichelis.
ewww Mancini :p but anyway nice unbeaten form ! I'm wondering how you gonna do in the CL this year ...
Quality start to the league season Icarus, nice visuals, too :D
i love the update style and the graphics for the goals and the moves are second to none too and QPR in second this must be a beta version :P
100% win ratio in the league? Damn!
Nice result's and cool design. Gl mate!
Looks like the Premier League will be decided before Christmas. City in the Champions League, there's a poor match. Maybe Mancini will break the spell this year?

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