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Shortlists (New Format)

Shortlists Changed on 15.0.3
Started on 4 November 2014 by ozzymanborn
Latest Reply on 10 November 2014 by Genie
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When we are saving our shortlists beyond 15.0.3 only a FMF file is created. And we cannot import it to Genie anymore... Will it be compatible soon...
I believe it's FM problem, since the file can't be imported into FM either.
Doesn't matter what file name you set, it saved as ".fmf", and it doesn't contain information regarding players in the list. So obviously it's a bug.
I Just saw a bug report in SI Forum but seems their answer is challenging...
I found a workaround... Using resource archiver for FMF files.... It shows the slf again...
Beta 3 is compatible with .fmf shortlists files now.
2014-11-08 10:14#198749 Genie : Beta 3 is compatible with .fmf shortlists files now.

but I try to save shortlist on gs15 it's a slf file. So when i try load it I cant see slf files just fmf files I am see. You must do it both compatible slf and fmf.
Please use 'Import Shortlist' instead of 'Load Shortlist' option.
2014-11-10 20:46#199130 Genie : Please use 'Import Shortlist' instead of 'Load Shortlist' option.

Nothing different. still want fmf file. you don't understand me. I will save a shortlist on GS15 not FM15, then I try load or import this shortlist GS15 want .fmf file but my file is .slf file. So I can't load or import it
Ok, I got it. Will be fixed in the next build.

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