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Poll: North Ferriby - My Local Team

Started on 7 November 2014 by MikeClarkson
Latest Reply on 10 November 2014 by Ziechael
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Who to Manage? You decide!!!! (52 votes)
MikeClarkson's avatar Group MikeClarkson
9 yearsEdited

This is my first year of doing a story after many years of reading them. I wanted mine to be a very interactive series where you as the audience could feel like you are managing it with me as after reading many stories I tend to feel like the series is going through the motions.

I always have the tough decision of what team to manage so I thought why not let the people who will be reading it choose who they want read about. Now in the poll I have given a very varied option to choose from hopefully they will be a team everyone wants to read about.

As this is my first story I would hope you can take it abit easy on me as I get into the swing of things but any feedback will be grateful.

Hopefully people will be interested and I will look to start this either Sunday or Monday depending on how many people vote, I have given multiple choice so feel free to vote more then once or even on them all if you fell like it.

It's a great idea to try to incorporate interactivity in a story like this, well done for coming up with something different, I'll be sure to follow your progress. Personally, I enjoy the unpredictability of beginning a game unemployed, so I voted for the two variants of that.

Best of luck with the story.
Good luck with whatever team you go with - I chose North Ferriby Utd coz I can

I just want to say the voting end at 11:00am GMT

So if you haven't voted by then I'm sorry but im just itching to get on the game.

If the vote ends in a tie I will pick the story I think will be best

Hi everyone

The voting is over and North Ferriby are the winners with 24% of the vote, Now I am from Hull so technically the title is wrong but North Ferriby is very close literally 14 miles from my house so they are a local team.

Now how I think I am going to do this is upload at the end of summer transfer window then before January, after January Transfer Window and finally end of season so hopefully 4 uploads a season.

But I want this to be as interactive as possible so I will have a break in between upload so you can comment what might be going wrong like a change of tactic or if you find a gem in the lower leagues you have to let me know. Or even say Mike you need to change this this and this and it will work.

Now I'm not going to lie I do use user created tactics not all the time but some of the time but as a template for example Bashys tika taka for me is brilliant however I needed to change it to suit the team so if you see that im using someone else's tactic don't cry i wont hide it I will probably tell you all to use it if its good. If you feel like you know a tactic that will work better please comment.

Now I work during the week days so it wont be unusual if I cant regularly upload game time but I will be on here seeing your comments and taking your notes and putting them into practise.

Come on NFA ( North Ferriby Army)

Ps how do I get rid of the poll

I missed the vote but NF would have been my vote anyway (my local team growing up and massive over achievers :) ).

Best of luck with the story, i'll be following it. Also I don't think you can get rid of the poll, might be worth starting the story in a new thread completely ;)

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