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Royal Antwerp.F.C. - The Great Old

Started on 11 November 2014 by Dylan
Latest Reply on 30 November 2014 by Papamje
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Royal Antwerp Football Club

  • History

  • R.Antwerp.F.C used to be a huge club in belgium.They were founded in 1880.
    They play in the legendary 'Bosuil' stadium. in 1993 they played the final of the European Cup 2 against parma, sadly, they lost.
    They are the last belgian team to play a european final. after that it went wrond for RAFC. they got in a shitload of debt.
    and this is their 11th year in 2nd division. they have a decent squad.but the infrastructure is awful.
    In england they are known for their amazing atmosphere. Birmingham & Notm. Forest fans will know this.

  • The Fans

  • I love this club, i always did. I want them back in their former glory. i will do my best, and i hope i can keep continuing this story.
    This is my first story since the shrews in 2012. wish me luck

  • Belgian Football

  • Alright, this i complicated, so stay with me.2nd division is divided in 3 periods, (10games, 12games, 12 games)
    the winners of these periods play in a play*off against the winner of the play-off in 1st division. The winner of the play-off promotes or stays in the 1st division)
    The winner of the whole competiton (34 games) also promotes to the 1st division.

    I will update every 6months

    July - December

    I only made 2 transfers, i loaned 2 players.
    from Man Utd (Absolute beast so far)
    decent, not amazing but decent
  • Squad

  • I'm pretty happy about the squad, idon't have much room to make transfers.
    I can be happy that I at least hve the players. only defence is a bit weak, but i think the goalkeeper will compensate this.

    Pereira, Guvenc and Di lallo are the best players on the squad. they will make the difference between promotion and no promotion.

  • Tactic

  • I will only use 1 tactic and it will be attacking, i don't have the defence to...defend.
    Joren dom will be a bit more defending, pereira will rotate with Guvenc.

  • Pre-season

  • well.. uhm.. how's the weather?
    This pre-season was absolutely AWFUL.
    i'm not going to tell you the scores, due to embarrsment. i will tell you that I won 1 game, and lost

  • Games

    the 1st game i played without Pereira and Lutula, after a couple of more games, i realised Pereire had been the missing link in the pre-season.
    Lutula played great the first couple of game, but now sort of is in a decline

  • 1st period

  • we did really good actually, i was hoping we would win this period, so there wouldn't be to much pressure for the rest of the season.
    we were on course of winning, but lost it, by 1 point, 1 F'ing point.

  • 2nd period

  • we were awful

    3rd period is our last hope on promotion this year WISH ME LUCK


  • 3rd period

  • the 3rd period, our last chance to promotion.
    The period started awful, and i already knew i would never win it. the playes were tired, injured.. we were nearing bankrupcy
    morale was low.
    OHL won the 3rd period, easily, i was dissapointed.

  • Promotion?

  • OHL also won the competition, this means, the team that ended 4th got the last play off spot (Aalst And WS brussels ended 2nd and 3rd and won the 1st and 2nd period)
    i had a huge batle with Dessel over 4th place, it took me until the last game to secure the 4th positon, by 1point, i won it. i suddenly got into the playoffs.

    so, here i was in the play off against Aalst, Westerlo and WS brussels.
    it would be a real war to win it. eventually, i did.
    Suddenly, we got promoted to 1st division.
    nice work getting promoted in the playoffs mate, sign those famed youngster in Belgium on loan if you can :D

    2015/2016 Pre-Season

    As you already know, we just barely got promoted. Normally if you go to 1st division, you get higher budgets.
    This season, in 1st division my wage budget dropped 10k (from 40k to 30k) 30k is less budget than the average team in 2nd division.
    So ptting together a decent squad for 1st division was nearly impossible.The board wants me to play decent in the 1st division.
    I just want to stay in it, that will be hard enough.

  • Transfers In

  • Corentin Kocur

    19 yo

    Filip Bednarek

    23 yo
    CA: (good for !2nd! Division)

    Gert-Jan Martens

    27 yo
    CA: (decent for 1st division)

    Yannick Euvrard

    29 yo
    CA: (good for !2nd! division)

    Valery Nahayo

    31 yo
    CA: (good for !2nd! division)

  • Squad

  • Tactics


    2015 - 2016

    Ahhh, for the first time, in eleven years, RAFC plays in the 1st division, where it belongs.
    The fans love it, they just can't get enough. it will be a difficult year though..
    for those who don't really know belgian football, here is a summary of the football system.

  • receivership

  • Financial ploblems, awesome, just what i needed. after a 2moths of football antwerp got receivership.
    Every few months or so there was a restructuring in payments, which every time led to the dissapearing of debt.
    At the end of the season Paul Bistiaux took over the club. (something that isn't even possible in real life)
    After the take-over our salarybudget went up to 80k and the transferbudget to 500k. Our finances where back to ok.

  • football

  • well, not much to tell you, we ended 14th and therefore we stay in the 1st division, with a team that was barely good enough for 2nd division

    I do know that this update is quite poor, this is due to the fact taht i NOW have a decent financial status and therefore, next season will be amazing.
    I'll be following this one closely :) I think Antwerp has one of the most loyal fans in Belgium and I would like to see them return to the 1st division as soon as possible in real life!

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