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World Masters League

May the odds be ever in your favor.
Started on 16 November 2014 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 18 November 2014 by TonkaWolves115
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Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
9 yearsEdited

credit to tallery for the logo.

Welcome, to a not so Parallel Universe...

The year is 2014, and the events that are about to take action are of the most sproportionate chain of events to date; the FIFA organization has sold over 100% of all stock ownerships to rich oil tycoon sheiks, who together have united to take into ownership of all football leagues and image rights on the face of the earth... That's right, they now have total control of every aspect of modern football from sunday league championships to the Barclays Premier League or La Liga TV rights.

Unfortunately this had meant that all said leagues had been erased from the calendar, Including the Champions League we all loved so much. And for what? to create a bigger, and more competitive union, the Masters League. There were 20 divisions in total, composed of most prestigious clubs in the world - Imagine a tier where Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Juventus, and other monstrous forces competed home and away in a 38 fixture clash to determine who the best really was.

The World Cup was also refurnished and rebranded, it would no longer be a 4 year event, the supply and demand grew too high and it was shfited... It was to be an annual event, with every Nation to participate in the first rounds of the competition, this meant that football players had an extended amount of matches to be played in a Football Seasons and could no longer look forward to those months of well deserved rest, injuries would surely grow much more common, yet everyone saw it coming in the end.

The games had begun, and the only thing that mattered - was money. TV rights were sold at propostrous amounts, billions of euros which meant that a tv package for a seasons pay-per-view costed well over 2,000 - 3,000 £ yearly, more than an actual season ticket, it was the end of the football we all loved and cherished for.

Some clubs were left shocked, yet to understand the magnitude of the situation, like Inter.

Inter had recently sacked their previous manager, Walter Mazzarri, and to prepare for the coming events they had looked for the best possible International Profile hireable to make sure they would come up competent for the upcoming Masters League they were practically "forced" to partake in.

It was none other than Roberto Mancini to take the hot seat of Inter yet again, social networks were going hay-wire with welcoming messagges and the Giuseppe Meazza had refound that forgotten enthusiasm that seemed missing in the past few years, it seemed like all was looking bright in the roads ahead.

It was a new begining, with old friends.
Why the subtitle? :( Also, interesting premise. It could happen irl relatively soon - UEFA only have a contract with the clubs until 2018 last time I checked...
What division will Inter will be starting in? :)
We're in the Premier along with all the other major clubs, not only Europes best - there's also Corinthians in the midst.
2014-11-16 15:06#200014 Icarus : We're in the Premier along with all the other major clubs, not only Europes best - there's also Corinthians in the midst.

I'm looking forward to it, when's the next update? :)
2014-11-16 15:11#200015 basham97 :
2014-11-16 15:06#200014 Icarus : We're in the Premier along with all the other major clubs, not only Europes best - there's also Corinthians in the midst.

I'm looking forward to it, when's the next update? :)

Haha soon mate, just gotta get the month of August over with so I can post transfers in and out etc. I've got a big signing coming through in the next one aswell ;)
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9 yearsEdited

database will be released soon! stay tuned.

Let the Games begin.

Let's have a look at the teams that will be participating in the Premier League of the Masters Championship Categories.

The Portoguese and Brazilian teams look favorites for relegations at first look, I'd say. As for the rest, world class... It's going to be quite a tough season, I'm going to have to reinforce myself with a world class signing in both transfer window if I want to finish in a "Respectable Position", as I promised my own team.

And this is a quick look at how the new World Cup system now works, the annual competition that's held before - and during the summer transfer window.

As you can see, in the preliminary rounds every single nation eligible for the FIFA world cup takes part, and they make their way to the finals. The matches aren't really spread out, they're all quite smushed into each other, so turn-over is really important for them - I'd say that having a team full of important International players might even be a negative con for the top clubs in the Master Leagues...

Inters Transfers: In & Out

I've manage to sell and release one or two players, the transfer budget was of £17m initially (untouched), I begged for higher wages from the board and managed to get it up to £32m as I needed as much money as possible to get my top-player in time for the seasons first fixture.

Sold off Campagnaro for his actual value, just a little under £1m and I regain alot of wage - this turns out to be quite crucial for my budget.

Loaning off Mbaye allows me to have one less youngster begging me for senior team time, and I still manage to see him grow - I believe Sporting are either in the Championship, or League 1.

I don't know if this was a good move, I had to pay to release him but it did allow me to increase the wage budget.

And now, finally the moment we've all been waiting for... The top-signing for Inter in their Master Leagues debut comes from Championship-side Zenit:

Hulk has officially signed for Inter, I've regarded him as our 4th Striker due to having 2 prone injury forwards, though he can always be played on the right side thus giving me variety and quality at the same time. He did cost me the entire budget, and destroyed my wage cap - but I think he'll be worth it, and at least I can start the season with optimism as before I had serious issues of keeping positivity regarding staying up this season with the team I had in hand...
Looks promising, but PSG first, fuck. Good luck with that! :)
Great signing in Hulk - good luck with this - will be following!!
Forza Milan... AC Milan!!!
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
9 yearsEdited

August, Debut & Enthusiasm

Here are the first fixtures played by Mancinis boys, including the unlucky friendlies, not that I thought too much of them, we even lost against our own reserves:

Delgado is actually a decent prospect, his technique and dribbling goes up quite high.

Anyway here are the fixtures played, one by one:

We start with a 4-1 victory against the turks, who are probably playing down in the 18th or 17th World Division... But a good victory that I used to raise up morale and get a good streak of form going. As you can see, we picked up right where we left off from by coming back against Paris Saint Germain, as they had 2 penalties - One of which they obviously missed. Then, the third consecutive victory against Corinthians... And then Dortmund happened... This game was so insane, first Juan Jesus gets a straight red for a normal tackle that I thought was no more than a yellow (which the FA granted him another 2 matches ban), then Jakub Błaszczykowski (Yes, I googled that) blasts a shot from 30 yards and somehow Handanovic - one of the best GKs I've ever had on FM manages to slip it in *cough* scripted *cough* anyway, we get the draw as you can see, at the 90th, so I'm not beat on it. The Arsenal game could have gone either way really, I was up 2-1 though, they tied up on the 80th.

So the League looks like this:

Barca in first, Chelsea and Bayern follow... And theres us! the underdogs, I'm hoping to keep that position if not better it by a margin. Also, if Napoli relegate I'll be happy, one Gonzalo Higuain less to deal with (or to sign... Considering he'd want to keep playing in the Premier huehue).

August Player of the Month!

Guarin! He's been banging them in for me, 4 goals, one from a free kick and 2 in one game against Arsenal I believe. I think the partnership with Hulk has really brought out the Jaguar in him :)
Losing to your reserves not the best way to start :))
But to recover and beat PSG in the opening game of the season is more than enough to repay the fans ;) Nice start!
2014-11-18 05:57#200281 Walter : Losing to your reserves not the best way to start :))
But to recover and beat PSG in the opening game of the season is more than enough to repay the fans ;) Nice start!

Haha what most people don't know is that half the team that played the reserve game were gray name regens because the rest of the team was playing in the "annual" world cup event....

And yeah, the PSG victory was a relief, we can definetly finish on the top half in this first Season.
Great start! Also, Hulk is a great signing imo :)
Good luck this season!

Septembers Faultless Victories

Here's my little masterpiece. September, the month I was born in, always brings me luck on FM for some reason.

The players were tired from International duty, so for Flamengo I had to play a midst of first team and reserves, but I managed to pull through. Liverpool was a clash of nerves, I really thought I would lose the game... Balotelli had a goal disallowed in offsides, but before I saw the "disallowed goal" bit I was raging furious, mainly because hes so shit and he always scores on me. After that, two easy cup games really, nothing to note about them (Just Icardi ramming through them like), and then... Manchester City. This game was big, it was goin to make me or break me, the first half ended 1-1 it was rather even, and then I just started banging them in one after the other, the man of the match was Guarin he had an excellent game! (Too bad He can't play like that in real life).

So the League, with one game less than some other teams, looks like this at the moment:

Only six games in but wow, really happy with the position on the board, can't really say anything bad about it. Take a note that Liverpool might relegate to Championship... And PSG is bottom table dwellers haha, every team that faces me crumbles on the table and in morale, I'm the spirit crusher.

Just a quick update on the CoC, strange how Liverpool suck in the league but havn't lost in the Cup yet.

And last but not least, Septembers Player of the Month Award goes too...

Icardi! For being really in-form, especially in the first part of the month against the lower teams banging in plenty of goals. Guarin also had a good spell during the end of the month, but he had a spot light earlier in August so I thought I'd give just desserts to Icardi ;)

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