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Rise To Fame

Started on 17 November 2014 by ryanchance11
Latest Reply on 18 November 2014 by ryanchance11
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First of all, thank you for checking out my story. I hope you guys enjoy it & I really appreciate any comments & feedback, as far as I'm concerned the more interaction the better! In this story, I will be starting off unemployed, with no coaching badges & a sunday league reputation. Basically rock bottom. I am going to take any job I can get and attempt to work my up the leagues and have as good a career in football management as I possibly can. Let's get started.

Game Setup

The leagues I will be loading are as follows: England (all divisions), Scotland (all divisions), Germany (all divisions) & Spain (all divisions). I will also be a 100% tactical manager in order to bump up my motivational skills.

[spoiler=Personal Information 2]

[spoiler=Managerial Style][/spoiler]

Time to start job hunting. Watch this space!

Well, these are the potential job opportunities at the start of the game. All of them are out of reach for a manager of my experience, except Montrose. The only problem is that the Montrose job is not available yet, their manager is just under pressure. All I can do is express an interest in the role, so that's what I will do.

[spoiler=Montrose Interest]

I've progressed a few weeks and we are now in the middle of July. Another manager is under pressure, this time at Queens Park, so I have declared an interest in them aswell. I have a feeling that I won't be offered a job until manager's actually start getting sacked, hopefully my patience will pay off in the end.

[spoiler=Queen's Park Interest][/spoiler]

I'm now into September & still nothing! Patience is definitely not my strong point & I'm desperate now to find a club and get to work. Still, I'm expecting a couple of sackings this month and people do say that good things come to those who wait.
Okay, so I'm now deep into September & I have declared an interest in two more jobs, one being MSV Duisburg in the German Third Division and the other being Stockport County in the Vanarama Conference North. Things are starting to heat up now, hopefully I'll be in a job soon!

Job Vacancy

Another update! A certain job has just become available which I very much fancy and I reckon I have a decent chance of getting this one. Fingers crossed!


I've now been offered an interview at the club I was referring to above. I'm definitely optimistic about my chances and hopefully I'll be in the dugout in no time!

Job Offer

My interview went brilliantly and I've been offered the job. My wait is finally over! I've accepted the contract offered to me by the chairman and very soon I will reveal the club that I will begin my managerial career with. Stay tuned!

So I'm now officially the new Stockport County manager & I'm very pleased with this move because I believe Stockport to be more than capable of promotion this season. Promotion isn't our immediate aim though because we are struggling near the bottom of the league and we need to make sure we find form quickly and pull away from the back end of the table.

This is a quick look at our squad. It's not perfect for this division by any means but I certainly think it's better than our league position. We lack a bit of depth but hopefully I can afford a loan signing or two to strengthen us a bit.


These are the tactics I'm going to use. I am a big believer in playing attractive, passing football with a focus on keeping possession of the ball and that is what I will attempt to implement here.]

[spoiler=League Table][/spoiler]

Oh dear, our current position was worse than I thought! We are rock bottom of the Vanarama Conference North. Quite literally the only way is up for us.
Good luck
2014-11-17 22:16#200223 captainbrickarms : Good luck

Thank you!
Good luck!
I've got experience with Stockport on a similar challenge on FM14. Unfortunately it ended in the sack. I hope you do a much better job; good luck.
My first game is tomorrow at home to Gloucester, who are 2nd in the league. I couldn't have gotten a much more difficult opening game to start my managerial career. This will certainly be a very good test to see just how far behind the likes of Gloucester we are in terms of ability. I'm looking forward to it!


These are my recent results & immediate fixtures. My first two games are against 2nd and 3rd in the league. Not exactly ideal for a squad completely devoid of confidence. My first task needs to be improving the squad's morale but the best way to do that is pick up some wins.

Soon I will post my first few results and give my views on the start I've made and my initial impressions of the squad.
2014-11-17 22:22#200226 Justice : Good luck!

Thanks Justice!
2014-11-17 22:28#200229 Jamesg237 : I've got experience with Stockport on a similar challenge on FM14. Unfortunately it ended in the sack. I hope you do a much better job; good luck.

Thank you, I hope so too! Being bottom of the league before I take over doesn't really fill me with confidence to be honest but hopefully we can win a few points & fast.

Well, not sure what to make of this start. Gloucester were second in the league and deservedly beat us. Oxford City were third and we deserved a point, we were expected to beat Witton and although we were great going forward, we looked shaky at the back and conceded 2, Leamington were 18th when we played them and we were bottom, they were winning until the 88th minute when Jamie Milligan, who had only been on the pitch for about 15 minutes, scored twice to turn the game around. Chester deserved to win but we only lost 1-0 and Chester are in the league above so 1-0 away from home is not a terrible result by any means.

I'm not overly impressed with my defence and my biggest concern is the form of my striker, Scott Spencer. He hasn't scored in any of the games I've been in charge of yet despite starting them all & he hadn't scored for a few games before I took over. He's very low in confidence and morale and despite my attempts to boost his confidence in a meeting, it doesn't seem to have worked. I think if Spencer started scoring we'd soon shoot up the league.

Anyway, our next game is against 2nd placed AFC Fylde so the games are not getting any easier and we have only moved one place in the table, over-taking Boston United who dropped to the foot of the league.

I'm actually quite pleased with these results actually. 3 wins out of 5 in the league is promising for a team struggling to survive. Chorley and AFC Fylde were too strong for us, but with AFC Fylde top of the league and Chorley currently in 6th perhaps that's understandable. I'm definitely not happy with the result at Chorley though. Losing 5-2 isn't acceptable and I was really glad when that game was over. Hopefully our next 5 games will be even better than these and we can continue our progression.

On a more positive note, my struggling lone striker, Scott Spencer, scored 4 goals in these 5 games so hopefully he can start scoring on a regular basis now.

This is how the league table looks after the 10 games I've been in charge. As you can see we have moved up to 20th in the league & we are within touching distance of moving out of the bottom three.

STOCKPORT COUNTY! My local team<3! Will be following this one!
Good luck! Superb team choice so I definitley will be following.

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