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Dennis Bergkamp - A Magician on the pitch! A magician on the bench?

Started on 29 November 2014 by TaroMisaki
Latest Reply on 16 December 2014 by TaroMisaki
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9 yearsEdited

Dennis Bergkamp makes announcement

Former Ajax Amsterdam and Arsenal London player Dennis Bergkamp invited the media to a press-conference earlier this Morning.
He claimed to reveal something that he was looking forward to!

Bergkamp at the Press-Conference

Dennis Bergkamp told the Media that he is right now in contract negotiations with a few clubs to make his first steps into his managerial career.
It won't be a high profil club from one of the Top5 leagues in Europe and it won't be one of his former clubs, such as Ajax Amsterdam or Arsenal London!
He now has to held some job interviews in order to keep a foot into the business.
Bergkamp also said, that he don't want to have his playing career be a catalyzer for his managerial career.

Some Bergkamp goals

That was all he had to say and he didn't answered a question from the attending media.
The only thing he said, was that he would step in front of them, as soon as new information needs to be released to the press.

The Questions will be...
...which Club will he manage?
...will he be another one of the former players who enters the managerial business and fails?
...and will he gaining a managerial reputation like he did as a player?

Bergkamp seen in the Netherlands.

Dennis Bergkamp, who recently announced the start of his managerial career, was seen at the Eindhoven main Station.
It would be a hugh surprise, if Bergkamp would take over PSV, as he is one of the best Players their bitter Rivals Ajax Amsterdam ever had on their team!

Current Ajax Manager Frank de Boer twittert according to the rumors: "It would be amazing to see Dennis again and see what he would be capable of, but I would love to see it at the Joong Ajax!"
Netherlands assistant Manager Patrick Kluivert brought something else into the media, as he wants to see Dennis take over the Netherlands u21 or u19 squad!
"Dennis know how to deal with young talents, he was a hugh help for a lot of the youth players, when he was at the final days in his playing career and he is an Idol who the young talents looking up to!"

Bergkamp was very quite about his plans for the next few years, the only thing he said to the media is, that he won't take over one of the Top teams in the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Liga BBVA or Ligue 1. He also said, that he won't take over Ajax, but he didn't say nothing about PSV or Feynoord!
He also said nothing about taking over a youth national team.

We have to wait and see, what his next steps will be!

Does Bergkamp move to Portugal?

FC Porto and Benfica board members both had been seen in Heerenveen, where Dennis Bergkamp wants to see, which options he has to start in his managerial career!
Both teams are hugh teams, even if they don't play in the league of teams like Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United!
Bergkamps announcement to step into the managerial business was a hugh earthquake, as many teams now consider their recent managers and wanted to see, if Bergkamp is a update to them.

Both teams line up to a few teams now, who wants to sign Bergkamp! Frank de Boer wants Bergkamp to take over Jong Ajax and Netherlands officials are about to offer Bergkamp a role as the under21 Manager.
Now we got Portugese giants Porto and Benfica, who are considering signing Bergkamp.
Portos Chairman said something very suspicous, "we're very close in signing a former Netherlands and Ajax player."
Of course that could be a few player, but with Bergkamps announcement a few days ago, it could be possible, that he is about to take over at Porto!

Bergkamp also was seen in Eindhoven and PSV doesn't make a big mystery about their interest in signing Bergkamp!
This summer could see hugh movement in the Manager spots all around Europe!
Good luck :)
Johno, thanks mate!

Rasenballsport Leipzig interested in Bergkamp!

Dennis Bergkamp has various options to choose from, but the newest one would be a hugh surprise!
2.Bundesliga team RB Leipzig are considering the signing of Dennis Bergkamp. The RB Leipzig fans wanted to sign a Manager, who would represent something big, as they want to become one of the biggest teams in Germany, alongside Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and others.

Leipzig are one of the most promising teams in Germany and are on their way trough all the lower leagues into the Bundesliga. Leipzig recently signed promising players like Joshua Kimmich or Massimo Bruno!
It's only a matter of time until they reach the Bundesliga and experts say, that they would claim promotion this year!

"It would be a good task to build a team and form it into a Team, which can find their way into the European Competitions!" said Leipzigs Director of Football Ralf Ragnick.

Bergkamps tweet shook up the Medias World

Dennis Bergkamp made his first tweet, after claiming that he wants to become a manager at the start of the Season.
He tweetet some pics of the Leipziger, Benfica and Eindhoven football stadiums!
What did he want to say to us, with this tweet?
An Source said us, that Bergkamp will choose one of this teams in his Press-Conference he announced for Tomorrow!

Bergkamp Live Press-Conference

Everyone was waiting for this Press-Conference and in only a few Minutes it is going to happen.
Dennis Bergkamp will announce something and it might be the confirmation of his new club. Porto, Benfica, PSV or RB Leipzig could be his possible new clubs.
Another options might be to take over one of the Netherlands youth squads.
So lets head straight into the Press-Conference, which is about to start in a few seconds.

Bergkamp at the Press-Conference

Bergkamp: Hello everyone, I'd like to welcome you to this occasion. I know a lot of rumors had been spread around and I want to take this moment to response to these rumors and that's why I invited all of you over!
First of all, I don't have a contract signed at a club right know, as I only made my announcement a few days ago and I need more time to speak with club authorities and see what kind of options I have.
Second of all, I want to say to all of my AJAX fans, that I would never ever consider signing at another club than Ajax in the Eredevisie and I don't want to sign at another club, than Arsenal in the Premier League!
The only way this could be changed is, if I would move into one of these Leagues with another club.
That was the things I have on my heart and now I would gladly hear your Questions.

Reporter: Are these Rumors about Benfica and Porto in Portugal or Leipzig in Germany true? Did someone of these Teams called you?

A little bit of that is true! A little bit is not! Rasenballsport Leipzig did call me and I had a long talk with Ralf Ragnick, we talked about the way we see football and how it should be played. We didn't talk about a possible move, only about the way Football should be celebrated. It was a good talk, probably about 5-6 hours I would say. The call was 2 days ago and we didn't heard anything of eachother by now.
Benfica and Porto maybe showed some signs of interest in me, but neither one of the clubs had contactet me or my manager.

Patrick Kluivert, a former teammate of yours, said that he would love to see you take over a Netherlands youth team. What are your thoughts of that?

That would be a lovely task. What would be better, then training and developing young players and help them achieve great things? It also would be a good start into my managering career. That's all I say about that by now.

Did you set yourself a Deadline, by when you want to have a contract at a team? The transfer window opened now and it won't be open that long. It would be hard to form your squad and bring some people in.

I don't care about that. The team I hopefully will take over, will be a team I can give my full trust to achieve great things, a Team which I want to help achieve great things.
And if I would need some players, every team has a youth department and has some players in their. I would let them play, if needed. This players also need some playing time, which would help their development and would lead to it, that they would get some experience. That is all to far into the future to talk about what would happen if...Let me first take over a team and then you'll see, what I have in my mind.

Dennis, do you prefere a nation to train in, a country you always wanted to work in? Is there a dream destination for you? You already said, that you don't want to take over a big team, that you want to help a team to raise their reputation and develop a team into a big team!

I would love to work in Spain, I like the way they play football, also I loved the passion the English fans had for the game. The English fans where so enthusiastic and cheered for every single tackle you made or any good move you made on the pitch.
I can also imagine to work in Belgium, there are some teams, which are really underrated and they have a hugh pool of talents.
I can tell you, that I don't want to work in another continent than Europe, I would hate it to fly over there! (laughter in the room)

Did you talk with some of your former Managers about your new adventure?

Yes! Arsene was really amazed about my plans and offered me to become one of his assistant Managers and I was honored that he wanted me to join him. I even would consider taking over as an assistant Manager, as I need to learn a lot.
van Gaal also called me and gave me the advice to start with a youth team, to gain some experience and he said, that a youth team is the best way to learn as a Manager.
A youth Manager is not only a coach and a role model, for a few players he is becoming a father figure and that forms you as a Manager. This all where good advices and I will call them once in a while to ask for their advice.

Thanks for all the Attending Media, I hope to answer all of your Questions in a proper way and I again want you to be patient with my desicion, as it is a hard one to make.
Good Night, to all of you!

Receiving a surprise call!

I was having a BBQ in my garden with my Neighbours, having a good time and don't waste a thought about football.
Hours have gone and the BBQ was about to coming to an end!
I went inside my house and saw on my smartphone, that I had 36 missed calls from an unknown Person.
Who was it? Did something happen? When does he call again?
Loads of questions run through my mind and I was about to call everyone I could think of, but where should I start?
My guests left and I didn't even made notice of this and their goodbyes.

It was frustrating to wait for the next call and it felt like hours have gone by, but only a couple of minutes had been gone.
I called my wife to me, as I was really nervous, about whom was going to call me and what kind of news I'm going to get.
She talked to me and tried to calm me down, but that wasn't possible at all.
"Maybe it was Ralf Ragnick, he said that he wanted to call you back!" she said to me, but why should he be shown as a unknown caller?

I was about to dial Ralfs number, when my phone rang again!
"Hello, who is it? Is everything alright?" where the first words to came out of my mouth. The caller didn't even had time to say his name.
"Dennis I have something to offer to you! Take your time and think about it, My clubs Board don't want an answer from you right now. They are considering you to take over our club.
Everything's alright. We want to achieve hugh thinks and a person like you, will help us to claim all our goals. I'm totally confident in your abilities, as I know you good enough I would say."

I know that voice, but right now I wouldn't even recognize my mothers voice. Therefore I asked again "Who is there?"
"Don't make fun of me, I totally have no clue, who's talking to me!

"You can't be serious? It's me Thierry! Take over as the New York Red Bulls Manager and win one last Championship with me!

A Meeting with Ralf Ragnick!

Today I'm going to meet Ralf Ragnick to discuss some things after we already had a long call.
We already discussed a lot of thinks and I'm wondering, why he wanted to see me.
He was the only person who contacted me up to now and I really should consider his offer to become the Rasenballsport Manager.
Now I really need to go to the Meeting, as I don't want to be late for that!

Hello Ralf, I'm glad you called and wanted to see me!

Hi Dennis, thanks for coming. After our talk a couple of days ago, I talked to some board members and with one of our players, I guess you now who.
We really want to see, how you train, handle man managment and of course, how you want to achieve and develop your style of Total Football!
We therefore would love to see you take over Red Bull New York, as the Manager!
If everythink is going, as we hope, than you would become the Rasenballsport Leipzig or Red Bull Salzburg Manager, very soon!

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to become Red Bull New Yorks Manager. I want to think about that a few days and of course I want to talk to my wife about this.
We both hoped that you would offer me the spot of the Leipzig Manager, as it is not that far away.

You have a few days to think about my offer and we would like to have your desicion until the weekend, as we want to plan for the next Season and we don't contacted anyone else!
A friend of yours joined me and wants to talk to you.

(Thierry Henry enters the Room)

Dennis, how are you mate?

Titi, amazing to see you! What brought you over here?

Ralf thought you would be happy to see me and I don't want to miss that chance! Dennis, what do you think? The two of us, one more time? It would be so amazing and I know you hoped for a shot in Leipzig or Salzburg, but you are young and this would help you define, what kind of a manager you want to become!

And what do you do, when you end your career, after that Season? What do you think of becoming my assistant and become a Duo again?

Join New York and we'll see what happens, after the Season!

That is interessting! I'll think about that and then we'll see!

Red Bull New York in Germany and a hugh surprise!

For their Pre-Season Trainings Camp, New York Red Bull traveld all the way to Germany. They spend 2 weeks in saxony and have some friendly games, against the likes of VFL Wolfsburg or TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.
The most important thing, what everyone is waiting for, is the desicion if Bergkamp takes over Red Bull as the Manager or not!

Red Bull officials Ralf Ragnick and Gerard Houllier announced that Dennis Bergkamp made a decision.
Dennis Bergkamp will NOT take over as the Red Bull Manager, as he and his family wanted to stay in Europe and Bergkamp got offered a Job as a Manager of a Top Club in Europe, a Club which is a permanent UEFA Champions League participant and this team is full of talents, which can become one of the best Teams in Europe.

Gerard Houllier and Ralf Ragnick said, that "we are disappointed with the decision, as we really wanted to start something special with Dennis! We can understand that Bergkamp and his family whished to stay in Europe, but we just couldn't give him what he wanted. We are wishing him all of luck, at his new club, which he is announcing shortly!

Where will Bergkamp end up? All of the previously mentioned clubs have hired a Manager and there are only a few Teams where the Manager is under fire. Teams like Zenit St. Petersburg, Celtic Glasgow or Sporting Lisboa!

Bergkamp made a decision!

Dennis Bergkamp released a short note for the press. He wants to invite everyone, as he wants to announce his first team and signs the contract with a board member of the respective club!

Bergkamp added to his press note, that he finally wants to head to the training groung and build a dynasty with the new team and their players.
Rumors say, that it will be Celtic Glasgow and that Teams like Zenit St. Petersburg and others might be out of contemption!

Contract Signing!

This is the Contract signing for my first steps into the business of football managing! A lot of teams where interested in my services. Teams like Red Bull New York, PSV Eindhoven or Benfica Lisboa.
I was really surprised by the response of the clubs, but none of this teams where the challenge I was looking for.

I'm honored to sign at a Champions League Participant and want to achieve hugh success with this team!
It is a team full of young talents and I want to build on that and I want to develop this talent into a big team in Europe. Hopefully the board will be patient enough on the young players.

The club owner called me a few days ago and I was interested spot on. It is a club with a long history, as it was founded back in 1908 and is now 106 years old.
In this 106 years the team won 33 League titles and is the Leagues record winner!
In addition to that the club won the UEFA Cup (now known as the Europe League) once and the UEFA Supercup twice.

RSC Anderlecht - The belgium Giant!

The team is full of young, belgium prospects, like...

...Chancel Mbemba Mangulu, a 19 year old central defender. He was a first team regular in the last Season already and played in 35 matches and scored an incredible 5 goals, as a defender!

...Youri Tielemans, a 17 year old central midfielder. Tielemans was a first team regular last Season, just like Mbemba Mangulu. Tielemans is rumored to be one of Europes best talents right now, besides Munir el Hadaddi (FC Barcelon), Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United) or Martin Odegaard (Stromsgodset IF). Tielemans played 29 games last Season and scored 1 goal.

The Goal for this Season will be to qualify for the Champions League and to be a contender for the League title. Also we want to advance trough the Champions League qualifying round and reach the Group Phase.
My private goal is to bring in loads of young players into the first eleven and play football every fan is proud of, regardles of the result of the matches.
It is our duty to entertain the fans in every Minute of the Match!
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9 yearsEdited

Start of the first Season!

We started Pre-Season with 5 games and a training camp in the Netherlands. I needed every single training session to see, which players deserve to be on the squad and which players I need to get rid of.
A few players had been promoted from the under 21 and under 18 squad, to show what they are capable of and if they have more to offer than the older and more experienced players!

Our results haven't been the best, but that is not what we were looking at. We tried a few things out in our tactical approach and looked to get used to the new style of play. The belgium Supercup is right in front of us and we want to win this trophy against Sporting Lokeren.

We still have to work on the defensive movements and the defensive set-pieces. We conceeded to many goals in the Pre-Season!
A few players really dissapointed in the Pre-Season and I want to get rid of them and hope to get good money from players like Matias Suarez, Sacha Klijestan or Cyriac Gohi Bi.
The two strikers dissapointed me in a hugh way and Alexander Mitrovic and Aaron Leya Iseka looked better on the pitch and espacially on the training ground!

Mitrovic in action

We try to play an attacking football which will hopefully become a big spectacle for our fans!
As a former Ajax player the art of total football is something which I want to bring into this team.


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9 yearsEdited

Having a look at the Team

The Pre-Season wasn't that great, but we had some good and intense training sessions in our training camp.
A few player espacially behaved very disappointing and therefore are transfer listed by me.
The first Player already found a new Team, as Sacha Kljestan leaves Anderlecht to join French side OGC Nice for a fee of 1.2 mio. €, but it could be raised to 2 mio.

The money he brought the club where directly reinvented into a player with a hugh name!
Lukaku joins Anderlecht! Well of course I'm not talking about Romelu, I'm talking about his brother Jordan. He is a former Anderlecht talent, who wanted to be back. Lukaku was a real bargain, as he only cost 700k €.

Other players had been transfer listed and we hope to sell or loan them out in this transfer window. Players like Matias Suarez, Cyriac Gohi Bi, Nathan Kabasele or Mulopo Kudimbala.
All 4 of them didn't showed enough effort in training and the Pre-Season matches and with the belgium Supercup up to come, we don't need players like them.

I therefore need to strenghten our winger positions and I'm really interested in signing Zakaria Bakkali. I'm affraid, that I have to wait 6 months until I'm able to sign him on a pre-contract, but I'm already praising him everywhere I can, so his interest will rise and rise.
Other players, who would be upgrades for our team would be Julien de Sart, a 20 year old central midfielder from Standart or Siebe Schrijvers, a 18 year old striker from Genk.
These two players are my first option for new signings.

New wingers are 17 year old Andy Kawaya, a young belgian striker or left winger from our under19 squad and Dodi Ngandoli another player from our under19 squad, who got promoted directly into our first team, as they really impressed me in the training camp.
Ngandoli is also a left winger and he seems to be a real option for a place in the starting eleven and that as a only 16 year old belgian teenager!

Team Overview


1 Silvio Proto / 31years old / 12 caps / 3.7 mio € value
33 Davy Roef / 20 / 0 / 0.1 mio


2 Fabrice N'Sakala / 24 / 1(U21) / 2 mio
3 Olivier Deschacht / 33 / 20 / 0.1 mio
5 Jordan Lukaku / 19 / 6(u21) ( 0.5 mio
7 Andy Najar / 21 / 20 / 2 mio
12 Maxime Colin / 22 / 0 / 0.7 mio
14 Bram Nuytinck / 24 / 19(u21) / 2.1 mio
22 Chancel Mbemba Mangulu / 19 / 3 / 2.1 mio
24 Michael Heylen / 20 / 1(u21) / 0.3 mio
37 Herve Mathijs / 18 / 0 / 0.05 mio


10 Dennis Praet / 20 / 6(u21) / 2.1 mio
13 Andreas Luckermans / 22 / 0 / 0.03 mio
16 Steven Defour / 26 / 44 / 12.5 mio
17 Alper Ademoglü / 16 / 0 / 0.05 mio
31 Youri Tielemans / 17 / 3(u21) / 1.7 mio
40 Wigor Alan do Nascimento / 19 / 0 / 0.02 mio

Winger & Striker

18 Frank Acheampong / 20 / 2 / 0.9 mio
20 Ibrahima Conte / 23 / 8 / 1.8 mio
28 Medhi Tarfi / 21 / 1(u21) / 0.02 mio
35 Aaron Leya Iseka / 17 / 0 / 0.4 mio
36 Oswal Alvarez / 19 / 0 / 0.3 mio
38 Andy Kawaya / 17 / 0 / 0.2 mio
45 Alexander Mitrovic / 19 / 6 / 7 mio

A few players had been promoted: The players are Herve Mathijs, Alper Ademoglü, Andy Kawaya and Aaron Leya Iseka.
hopefully u can turn praet into a legend!

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