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Liverpool F.C - You'll Never Walk Alone!

Started on 2 January 2015 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 9 January 2015 by OMGItsToddzy
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Reds Boss Quits Following Cagey Discussions

After the misery of Liverpool's end to the 2013/14 season, we like many others would have expected Brendan Rodgers to push on and have a second crack at winning the title with his team in the campaign to follow.

The chances of this happening now though, is at an extremely low 0% as he has decided to resign from his post as the Reds boss. The question on everyone's lips...Why? Well although you may be thinking it, no it's not because he can't cope without genius Luis Suarez who left only a few weeks ago for Barcelona. And no, it's not because he doesn't feel he can go one step further next season and win the title.

The real reason is because of a small bust up during a meeting with Liverpool's board of directors. Apparently he, Werner and John Henry had come to a disagreement regarding the time he'd be given to mold the team back into it's exotic, attacking ways of last season.

Rodgers was supposedly angry with the fact he'd only be given a certain number of years to actually win the Premier League title. How many years he was given...We unfortunately cannot disclose.

The now former Liverpool manager released a statement this morning to Sky Sports. Here is what the Northern Irish man had to say.

Rodgers: I've had two brilliant years here at Anfield. To be able to work with the likes of Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez, and Raheem Sterling has been a delight. I have also had the pleasure of speaking with many former players considered legends at the club. Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness to name a few.

Sadly, the two brilliant years I have had will be my only here as I will be resigning from my post as manager. I can only feel disappointed with myself for leaving the club the way I am, but without the full support of the board I am afraid I just cannot do what I set out to in the first place. That is something I know you brilliant supporters will understand.

Lastly, I would like to thank you, the players and the staff for making my time here so special. It has been a wonderful experience, this is a fantastic club, and city. With your support this team can go so far. Keep the faith, and give your full backing to the new manager.

Not a great day for Liverpool supporters. This could have a horrific effect on Liverpool's 2014/15 season if they do not get the right man in. And whoever does come in, will have a very hard job on their hands.

Bookies favorite for the hot seat is unsurprisingly Rafael Benitez, manager of Napoli. Reports suggest that FSG could be looking into bringing the Spaniard back to the club for a second spell in charge. Other favorites include Michael Laudrup and oddly...Kop favorite Jamie Carragher.
Good luck!
Good luck, rooting for a Carragher story!
Graeme Souness is a legendary twat
I told you how excited I was when I've seen the Dortmund story but it didn't reach where it should've. Hope you can do as good as you've done with Liverpool's story in FM14, I've got my hopes set very high for this one. Lovely first update, by the way. :)
Yey! Liverpool Story, Good Luck mate.
To All: Thanks for the early support guys, Oz, I hope this meets your expectations ;) and Adam, well said haha!
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron
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Carra To Be Rodgers Successor?

It's not even been one day since former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers left the club and already it looks as though the board have found the right man to be his successor. With little time gone since he Northern Irishman's departure, supporters have rightly questioned the board's decisions by claiming that deciding on a new manager already could be the result of a big panic. Fans have stated that they should take more time in deciding on a new man, although the new boss might not get as much time with the players before the competitive season, it'd be a wiser move.

Who is Liverpool's potential new manager though? Well, to the surprise of anyone connected to Liverpool and probably the Premier League...Jamie Carragher. Yes, the Kop favorite has been in talks with the club and could potentially end up as manager.

Without a doubt Jamie Carragher probably knows the club better than anyone currently there, setting current skipper Steven Gerrard aside. Because of this, we think he'd be perfect for the job but most fans still remain adamant that he shouldn't have a free pass into the job because of his success as a player.

Wanting a bigger insight, we spoke to Phil Thompson a few hours ago to get a former professional's view on the situation regarding Carragher and his former club.

Thompson: He was a great player. Still probably is. I wouldn't say I was that surprised when I first heard the news really. It was only a matter of time before the board started considering former players in my opinion. Knowing Carragher though, I expect him to reject the offer.

He's never been one to look into management for any team, even Liverpool. Maybe that's just because he's never spoken about it but he has a contract with Sky as a pundit, and I fully expect to see him carry that through till the end of it. If I was to predict the next coming days I'd tell ya he'd reject the offer and Liverpool would see themselves looking elsewhere.

Stranger things have happened, but we'll look at potential managers if Carragher is to reject the offer.

First up is Rafa Benitez. The current Napoli manager held out for six years in his first and only spell with the Reds ranging from 2004 to 2010 when he was replaced with flop Roy Hodgson. He's been the only manager for the last ten years to really be given time to set his mark on the club and boy did he do that. In his time, he brought back the FA Cup in 2006 after an inspirational comeback against West Ham brought on by the one and only Steven Gerrard. He also won the Community shield after a 2-1 win over Chelsea at Wembley, he also motivated his side to a 2nd place finish in his second last season narrowly missing out to rivals Manchester United.

His most notable success at the club though is undoubtedly their Champions League triumph over A.C. Milan in 2005. 3-0 down at half time, goals from Steven Gerrard, Vlad Smicer, and Xabi Alonso would see them level at full time. Extra time and penalties brought a heroics from Dudek as well as what some fans call 'the hand of god' when Dudek managed to pound out a shot from Shevchenko which came from only a yard away from the goal line. Two years later, in Athens - Liverpool were pitted up against Milan again, only this time they lost the game 2-1 and were left with only five Champions League trophies.

Benitez definitely a manager that Scouser's would welcome to the club.

Laudrup is also another favorite for the job. A fantastic player, and manager. He won four trophies in his first job in management with Brondby. The Danish Supercup, The Danish Cup twice and one league title. His only other trophy cam in his latest job with Swansea which was the Capital One Cup which was won in the final over Bradford City. Certainly one that over time would probably earn the fans' trust, but it would have to be earned.
I want the Fat Spanish Waiter to be boss again
carrager m888888
Carra as manager and Stevie G as his player/assistant manager. The dream team back again

Carragher - "Not The Right Time"

With reports linking Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher to the position of manager at the club, the Scouser has followed up by telling the public he has not received any offer from his former team, and although they were considering handing him the job, he has told them his answer will be a no.
Here is what Carragher told Sky Sports earlier on this morning.

Jamie Carragher: It's a very hard subject for me to discuss really because obviously many fans will most likely be expecting me to sign for the club if they come knocking, but that isn't the case. For now anyway. I can say that no offer has been made, and I've got no decision to make at this point in time.

They've made it clear that at one point they did want me to take Brendan's place and that they were going to offer me a contract, put I told them that any answer they'd receive would be in the form of a no.

Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to manage Liverpool but this is coming at a time where I am still very young and I have a contract with Sky which I do intend to see out fully until offered a new one. If I am offered a new one that is.

I would never take the Liverpool job until I felt fully confident of my abilities as a manger. So that means I'd only take it if I'd already managed a another club, or if I have coached at another club. Only then would I know what it's really like to manage a football club.

I feel like if I took the job then I'd be letting more than just one group of people down. I feel I wouldn't do the job expected of me, which would then mean I'd let the board, and the fans down. I'd also be letting Sky down too in a way because I've signed a contract with them. I'd rather avoid upsetting people if I can.

Give it time and if things don't work out for new managers I may consider it but not now. The time just isn't right. I'm sure that soon enough Liverpool will find a new manager and a good one at that. One that will take them back to the top. Just not me.
Ohhh Carraegeh isn't joining plot twist
Very nice story so far, really like your style of writing. I don't expect Benitez to join either, maybe Laudrup will... but we'll just have to wait and see won't we :)
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8 yearsEdited

The King - Back Upon The Throne

Following the ruling out of a return to Liverpool from Jamie Carragher as manager, many news stations have been looking on to find more potential managers for the Reds. Two of the most likely being Ex Swansea boss Michael Laudrup, and current Napoli manager Rafa Benitex who'd be coming in for a second stint at the club.

Despite these rumors being beaten about, Liverpool have shocked the football World by hiring a very well known former player and manager. Bringing him in means he'll be taking over the club for the third time in his career.

This man has scored an incredible 118 goals for the Reds, and 112 for Celtic. Overall, 45 major competitions have been won by Liverpool's new man who goes by the nickname of 'King Kenny'.
That's right ladies and gentlemen, the King is back and the King means business.

Words of John Henry
We can confirm that Kenny Dalglish, ambassador and Liverpool legend will be our new manager for the coming season and preferably many more to come. You may be shocked by our decision to hire him again, but I, the rest of the board and Kenneth have come to an agreement that in his last tenure at the club he was not given the time he needed to turn our fortunes around.

We would like to thank Kenny for accepting our offer and accepting our deepest of apologies for letting him go before. We look forward to working with him again and would like to mention that he has our full support. What ever he needs, we will do the best we can to make sure he gets it.

The board of directors at Liverpool are also fully aware that we have not done everything at the best interests of the club, meaning we have run this as a business too much and tried to implement our own philosophy in a higher capacity than normal.

We are saying this now because we learned a lot of things from Brendan. If you want a successful team you must let the manager do his job, meaning making his own transfers without the say so of a transfer committee. So this means we will be handing full control over Kenny in the transfer market.

Words are yet to be exchanged between Dalglish and any form of media, so keep an eye out for anything on that as we can confirm that he'll have a press meeting within the next 24 hours.

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