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I need someone to create these leagues for me
Started on 12 January 2015 by BBclem12
Latest Reply on 23 February 2015 by Zeusman6
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I have a great idea to add The Northern Mariana Islands and Sri Lanka's premier leagues. But, the big thing is that I have no idea how to use the editor. I tried before but its too difficult for me. So, what I am asking is could someone (Who knows how to use the editor proficiently) create these leagues for me, if you have the spare time. Not every single rule, player, and everything like that has to 100% accurate but just making it playable would be great!

Thanks BBclem12

Here are links to the leagues on Wikipedia so you know information about the leagues-*League_Division_1
I can't guarantee that this is accurate because I have never been there but here is a basic, I guess shell, for Northern Mariana that works (tested by myself and two others) but it has two divisions and a national cup. On a large database it will have 8,000 or so players.

This is my first time trying it this way but as far as I know this link should let you download the file, then just move it into your editor data folder (create it if it is not already there)


If something goes wrong like it keeps crashing or you want me to change something to make it a little more realistic just let me know and I am perfectly happy to help.

I will try to get around to editing in Sri Lanka eventually.

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