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Player personality

Started on 9 October 2009 by joannes3000
Latest Reply on 3 January 2010 by superdan1313
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Anyone ever seen a player with the personality type of Cluck Cluck??? Just saw it on a scouted player.

xxx believes xxx to be addicted to a certain brand of grilled chicken and peri peri chips. If xxx is not fed with this meal at least twice a day then 'The Rage' can quickly descend on his shoulders and nobody leaves the football pitch in one piece.

get a screenshot, but blur out the name on paint if u want to keep it out.
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Here's an image I found when I googled "cluck cluck football manager 2009". Turns out SI put this, and some other easter eggs into the game. Enter "faceinthegame" into the search box and you'll find a bunch.

Thread discussion here.


*use "imgw" tags when posting large pics* //red
hahaha never seen that before :P lol
I've had this one :4891-keith flannery.jpg
How do you find these? i tried typing faceinthegame, and it just gives me a list of normal looking newgen players. Does this only work early on? I'm in 2019 or something daft like that.

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