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Football Manager Chairman Game 2015

Started on 13 February 2015 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 3 April 2015 by Ziechael
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Footbal Manager Chairman Game 2015

Welcome to FM Chairman Game 2015. If you would like in, pc me or pm me and we will sort something out if we can.

To keep things fair, certain people who are regulars and will be able to play the Chairman Game are to be contacted asking if they wish to join. Each entrant will pick a number from 1 to 20 and each number will be a certain Premier League side. The team that they get is the team they will use. Only members who are active and trustworthy will be asked to join. This means that if you are not asked to join at the start of the game, you will not be in the game to begin.
However, you may ask to join the waiting list, which allows you to take over a team if the chairman drops out.

2. No co-chairmaning is allowed unless discussed with me beforehand.

Game Rules:

1. You may sack the Manager at any time. You will have to pay out £5m in compensation to the manager, making it an expensive and risky strategy.

2. At the start of the game you will have the manager set in the game, but if you dont like him you can fire the manager for free before the season starts in each season and you may pick your manager

3. you have upto 2m wage budget but if you are getting close to it I will let you know

4. Your manager will be given the remainder of your transfer and wage budgets to sign players that he so desires. This means that you will be able to rely on him to find a player to fill a gap in your squad rather than having to do it yourself. However, the manager may sell any one of your players to another team. Perfect reason, I think, to shell out £5m and give him the sack. you then may look to employ a new manager of your choice.

Posting Rules:

1. You do not have to do press releases or any kind of updates if you don't want to. However, if you do, please put effort into them to keep them neat and presentable in the same way that you would with a story.

2. You must be able to regularly check the thread for updates, read your PMs, and follow the rules of the game. Failure to be active or repeatedly violating the rules of the game will see you being removed from it.

Transfer rules:

1. To sign a player from another team in your league you must contact the Chairman of that team and agree a value with them via PM. (You can then calculate their wage using one of the rules below) Both Chairmen will then need to PM me. with the agreed transfer fee. You have a maximum of 4 domestic transfers so pick carefully (again that could change window to window).

2. You may sign a certain amount of players on a permanent transfer or loan from other English Premier League clubs which will be determined at the start of each window as detailed in rule 1 of transfer rules.

3. You may have 5 foreign transfers and 3 transfers from the lower leagues in England (this may change from season to season. To do this, you must name the player and his club in a PM. In this PM you must also post the transfer fee you wish to pay, which must be over the player's value (see below). You first offer will be final

For the transfer fees of foreign and lower league players:
Aslong as you bid atleast £3,000,000 over the value, then the highest bidder of that player takes it. Be careful though you only get 5 bids, so if someone beats you to all 5 you will make no foreign signings

4. You may release any players from their contract in any transfer window.

5. If you wish to sell players then you need to post them in the thread as available. Other Chairmen can then make offers for them if they wish.

Wage rules:

The wage for each signing will be given in game.

Training and Youth Upgrades:

This will be added soon.

Chairmans and Sides with Budgets

I have been generous with the transfer budgets, I expect a PM everytime a deal is made, you must include the side you have signed them from and the value of the transfer so I can keep a eye on the budgets to make sure your not overspending.

Lower League, Foreign Transfers and Freebies

You are allowed 5 foreign transfers, 5 lower league transfers and ONE freebie transfer (I will post a list of the top freebie transfers with 12 hours of the window to go. These will be on a first come, first serve basis). All offers must be £3m over the value of that said player.

You May put a press release up about buying the club at the start if you would like to and you may post about signings ONCE they have been confirmed at the end of the transfer window.

You may also change your manager for free at the start of the game. If more than one chairman wants the same manager, there will be a bidding war that would come out of your transfer budget.


You will get awards this Chairman game as follows (only the in season awards at the moment)

Player Of The Month, Young Player Of The Month and Manager Of The Month
Winner - 7m
Runner Up - 5m
Third - 3m

Goal Of The Month
Winner - 5m
Runner Up - 3m
Third - 1m

Any awards (World Player Of The Year and Balon D'Or)

Winner - 10m
Runner Up - 7m
Third - 5m

World Team Of The Year
2m per player that is in it

Happy Transfer Window

Window Opens 22:35 UK Time 13/02/15 and will close at midnight on 15/02/15

Have fun and happy Transfer Window
You may terminate or recall your loaned players that are in the premiership if you would like
SimichC takes LFC's spot
I got a message saying I was in charge of Aston villa??
that was before it was restarted again
I may have a surprise appointment ;)

Today, Crystal Palace have announced the loan signing of Andy Caroll, with Dwight Gayle heading to West Ham as the backup.

"We are delighted to announce this signing, thanks to the people who worked on this, they were a pleasure" Chairman Fickled has reportedly said.
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Football Manager Chairman Game 2015

Free Player List

It is first come first serve basis and I will take Victor Valdes

You may go for other free transfers if you would like aswell these are the top ones
Crystal Palace will sign Jonathan Zebina
Spurs shall have Reveillere. :D
Denis Stracqualursi for me!
Man U will take Lucas please

Update, Please put what manager you would like in the thread, if you do not then i will expect that you want the same manager thanks, they can not be in the premier league already thanks

I am going to go for Felipao
Due to interest from various parties Man U have listed Carrick and Rojo as being open to offers.

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