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Making a Name for Myself

Started on 16 February 2015 by Cappy13
Latest Reply on 16 June 2015 by Cappy13
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6 yearsEdited

Where it all began

Walking out of the restaurant there was a slight chill in the air under the shadow of the stadium even though it was mid-July. Looking around the car park I had a shiver run down my spine at the thought of what was happening around the club, How could it be happening to him? He's been brilliant for us yeah he's pushed the team for promotion but not made it. We have always been there or there about's for a while now, he just didn't have the backing of the board with the funds to bring in more players of better quality to help improve the squad. By the sounds of my budget neither do I have their full backing either but I should be okay. Hopefully.

Walking to my car, looking at the shine from the moon high up in the sky bounce off the roof, I was thinking about what I was going to do with the team? My team! My head was in overdrive, I knew the team needed 2 more full back's, 3 winger's and we could do with bringing in 1 more striker considering 2 of the 3 we have are injured until the New Year. I would have to look at the Free Transfer Market and the Loan Window. Only having 100k Transfer budget and then 10k available wages would make it difficult to bring in a minimum of 6 players. May have too look at the youth team's for a hidden gem or two. Would the club allow me to find a Parent club to loan players from for no cost? We would also get an annual fee as well which would increase our revenue. It would mean I would be able to bring in some young talent to add to my squad depth without affecting my budget.

I felt sorry for Karl though, I really did. He's done a lot for me since I arrived 4 years ago at the club to be an assistant coach at youth level and then after two years become head coach of the U12s and U13s. However now I'm being chucked into the deep end so to speak at the age of 25 would I be able to cope with the pressure? The board is taking a big gamble on me and my ideas, I have to repay their faith in me.
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6 yearsEdited

Time's been Moving Fast

It's been 2 weeks since that meeting and in that time I've been in charge of two matches a game against our reserve's behind closed doors to evaluate the players at the club. We trounced them 5-0 but the youth team was mainly made up of the U18's team and new trialist's. Of the few positives I saw from the game the one that stuck out for me was the Hidden Gem of a 16 year old I found in Giorgo Rasulo. He was a small technically gifted AMC who I am bringing into the first team. Yeah okay he is young but I believe and feel he will be brilliant for us.

Then two days ago we lost 4-0 to Middlesborough the score line does not do us credit we did better than it suggests, we played well then started to tire near the end of the game where Borough capitalized on this and swept us away with 4 quick goals before we could react. However a positive maybe that it signalled I need a new CB as I feel Anthony Kay does not cut it as a 3rd choice CB. Along with other roles I wanted to fill this was the reason I was sitting in the stands at St Georges Park watching the England Trialist games. I had with me my Assistant Simon Dwight (I did offer it to Karl but he declined and said he would take some time out the game) and my only scout at that point Steve Bennett (we where having interviews to bring some more scouts in to relieve some of the pressure from him)

As we got comfy to watch the 4 games that where about to take place I flicked through the team sheets. There where some names I recognised and some I did not but the two we had mainly come to see where on the same team which was good and what made it better is that they play down the left wing. As I read the rest of their team a name jumped out at me that I recognised.

11. M. Clayton

'Hey Simon ' I nudged him to get his attention as he was speaking to John Still from Luton.

Turning round Simon asked 'What's up Alex?'

Pointing at the paper 'Is that who I think it is? Is that Max Clayton?' I questioned him

'Yeah I think it is' He replied 'Hey look their he is!'

I turned round and saw Max run out onto pitch to start warming up. I turned to Simon and Steve 'I need to call Pete now!'

10 minutes later in our designated office in the depths of the training ground

'Hi Pete, It's Alex'

'Ahh Alex. How's it going over there? Any players of interest there?'

'Yeah yeah, the two who we wanted to see are on the same time so that's a good but that's not reason I called you. Look Max Clayton is here and he's available. I want him!'

'Now Alex hold on a minute. Why do you need him? We already have 3 striker's at the club?'

'I know that but two are on loan and one of them is injured and will be of no use to me until March next year and I am tempted to send him back to Arsenal. The other is a striker who I was hoping we could loan him out for 6 months to give him 1st team experience. Plus Max can be seen as a long term investment! He's only 18!!!' I was pleading with Pete now Max has the potential to become one of the best strikers in the PL. I want us to be in the PL as well maybe we could help each other.

I could hear Pete exhale loudly and then said reluctantly 'Fine Alex you can offer him a contract but nothing more than 4k a week don't forget you want to add some other players as well'

Celebrating as quietly as possible I tried to act calm and replied 'Thanks Pete, I better get back to watch the games. See you tomorrow'

I slammed the phone down and half walked half ran back to the pitch to make sure I didn't miss the games.

6 hours later back in the office and 11 interviews down

'God! How many lads have we got left to see?' questioned Simon

'Just one' Steve replied 'It's Max'

'We need to make an impression on him and if he sounds game we offer him a contract here and now' I said we have already offered two guys we had spoken to contracts and they had accepted on the spot, ironically it was the two original players we had come to see. We had offered a contract to a tricky, little left winger by the name of Andrew Boulding. Even though he is only 16 I see a lot of potential in him and I look forward to working with him. The other player is a solid Full Back Luke Giverin. I signed him to add some much needed depth to my defence but I am still looking at another defender hopefully before the window closes,


'Come in!' Shouting across the room to the person behind the door. Nodding at Steve and Simon we prepared ourselves for a very important conversation we where about to have.
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6 yearsEdited

The Interview

The door creaked open.

'Ah Max! How are you?' I asked trying to sound as inviting as possible

'I'm fine, thank you for asking. Yourselves?' He replied to all of us, after a few more nicety's we got down to business.

'Where's Ricky? I thought he would be here too?' Asking Max about he agent I hadn't heard that Max had sacked him.

'I've sacked him to be blunt with you Alex. He's the reason I don't have a club at the moment he was asking for astronomical fee's for himself and every club who came in for me said no as soon as they heard his fee' He replied he didn't seem happy about it but I thought brilliant with Max the contract won't be as expensive as if Ricky was here.

'Ah I am sorry to hear about that.' I said, inside I was celebrating 'Right to business, I understand you have 2 offers on the table already and that we are the last team you are speaking too.' I had been cheeky and listened into two secretaries speaking about it before the meeting.

Max nodded in agreement and replied 'I have rejected the Notts Forest they wanted to loan me out or use me as a bit part player, I don't want the. The other offer from Peterborough I am considering and will give them my answer after this meeting with you.'

Crap there are one of our main rivals for promotion 'Okay so this season I am looking to take MK Dons to the Championship and I want you to help us do that. You will be given a main role within the team and you will either play as a striker or an attacking winger. Then no matter what happens you will be playing upfront next season as you will be our best striker in the team. I am looking to play 3 different formations the main formation will be a 4-2-3-1 with the other two being 4-3-1-2 and a 4-3-3.' Everything I was saying looked to be pleasing him but was that just a front? 'The main aim for the team is to win Promotion whether it be through automatic place or through the play off's this team should be doing better. I would like good runs in the FA Cup and Capital One Cup as well with us possibly getting to the Final of the JPT.' I was hoping this was all attracting his interest in signing for us.

Slowly Max replied 'I like your proposal and I am more than happy to be either playing Striker or Winger as long as I play. My main question is what about after this season what will be your aims be then?' The question threw me a little bit as I wasn't expecting it

I took a deep breath 'The following season I would be looking to consolidate our position in the Championship and aim for a mid-table to top half finish. Then the season after that look at promotion, I want us to be in the Premier League in 3 seasons. I believe this squad deserves it and I believe you deserve it. You are a top quality player and should be playing for top teams. I want us to get to the top together!' I replied to him brimming with confidence. 'Will you join us and make what I've just said a reality?' I questioned him.

'if I agree to signing for you I have 2 request?' Max said this cautiously as I think he didn't want to screw this up for him.

'What are they Max?' I replied, I was trying to calm him down and I was hoping I was doing it.

'I want a £3.5k weekly wage and I would like to wear the No.11 shirt' These where easy enough to do as the two players we had already signed that day only took up 1.5k worth of wages so we could accommodate Max's demands.

I asked Simon 'Is the No.11 shirt free Simon?'

He nodded back at me and I turned to Max with beaming smile 'Welcome to MK Dons Max'

We shook hands over and agreed to sort out the rest of the contract at a later date. While we where chatting away and laughing Simon asked Max what about the offer from Peterborough.

In his words exactly 'That's the wrong Ferguson to play for' We all laughed at his reply. My god even though this day was a long one we came out of it with 3 brand new players all free and being able to sign straight away.

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6 yearsEdited

What's going on at MK Dons?

That is the question on many a fans lips of the Hertfordshire club. There are rumours going around the club that manager Karl Robinson has been sacked and that a young youth coach has been appointed in his place. Not much else is known apart from this young manager by the name of Alex Capp was seen taking charge of the two opening games of pre-season for The Dons. He was also seen at the England Trailist day but not much else is known about Alex.

Source's close to the club say that Robinson has been sacked after numerous chance's of getting them promoted and failing. This was the Board final straw. With the club not having enough funds to pay compensation to bring in a new manager they have looked within themselves and promoted u12/u13's Youth Head Coach to become their new Manager.

We here at Sky Sports will bring you more as this story develops.
Very nice writing style! maybe jou should put some more picutures and different types of fonts. But I will try to follow this. Nice club to! ;)
2015-02-16 17:00#208193 jonathanmdp : Very nice writing style! maybe jou should put some more picutures and different types of fonts. But I will try to follow this. Nice club to! ;)

Yeah I know I have a few pictures saved and I am waiting for a banner to be created

Its always good to be The Dons ;)
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6 yearsEdited

End of Pre-Season

God it's been a busy pre-season with the lads and the Backroom staff. We have all worked extremely hard to get where we have got to. After the 4-0 loss to Middlesborough we had games against opponents more our level apart from Brighton who we did well to draw against them even though we did take the lead and lose it near the end of the game.

I completed my transfer business early as well identifying that we needed another defender and bringing in Liam O'Neil on loan unfortunately it was only on a 3 month loan deal and I will be looking to increase that if he impresses me. In regards to players leaving I tried to sell off some of the deadwood to free up my wage budget but no teams where interested in them so most players went out on loan and I hope they can improve and maybe catch my eye. I was looking at sending our 3rd choice striker out on loan but after he impressed me so much in pre-season I decided to keep him in the set upas he can also cover playing on the left wing.
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6 yearsEdited

Confirmed - Karl Robinson has left MK Dons

We have confirmed reports coming from the club that Karl Robinson has been dismissed from his managerial role with the club in a Press Conference earlier today made by Peter Winkelman. He also confirmed that reports about them having appointed Alex Capp as Manager are also true

Everyone at the club would like to thank Karl for the wonderful work he has done for us here at MK Dons. I have the uttermost respect for him but we all agreed it was time for a change as the board feels we should be playing in the Championship. The appointment of Alex is one of chance but he has the belief and ambition we, the board have as well for this club and we feel he is the man to take us in that direction.

Interesting for the club's chairman there. Will Alex live up to the expectation his first challenge is the visit of Preston North End.
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6 yearsEdited

My Few games in charge

So my first 3 games are out of the way and I am please to say we won all of them with some brilliant performance's by the lads.
1 - 0
Tom Flanagan 73' Mins
Tom Flanagan

Our first game in the league at home was against Preston North End. We expected a tough game and that is what we got the only difference between our two sides was the brilliance of Tom Flanagan. My first choice center back commanded the defense brilliantly and made some outstanding blocks and putting his body on the line for the team. He scored for us from a corner. He left his mark in his wake and smashed the low cross into the top corner of the goal.

2 - 1
Will Grigg 88'Mins , Tom Flanagan 102' Mins - Kris Bright 18' Mins
Dele Alli

This was a much more difficult game than we where expecting we conceded from a quick counter from Plymouth and then they set up shop to defend and they did it well. It took a moment of brilliance from Will Grigg to level the tie taking the ball on from the half way line playing a neat 1-2 with Clayton who put him through and he deftly chipped their keeper. With this momentum we took it into extra time and our confidence from that goal increased and Tom popped up with another close ranged effort from a free kick this time. The MoM was Alli and he deserved it his running was vital for us to keep hold of the game some top teams are looking at him but I am hoping to keep hold of him for the long run.

3 - 2
Ben Reeves 63&80' mins, Samir Carruthers 85' mins - Paul Ifill 5&9' mins
Ben Reeves

I rested a few players for this game as I thought we would win comfortably but god was I wrong. Bradford scored two early goals and put us on the back foot and needed a change. I brought on Grigg, Reeves and Carruthers on and these three lads changed the game for us with Reeves being the star performer setting up Carruthers goal and scoring two brilliant goals himself

Manager's Note
I am happy with our first games and I feel the lads a fitting in to my regime well. I don't feel we need too add to the squad any further. Once Powell and Bowditch come back from their respective injuries we can look at our promotion challenge better and whether we need any more additions.

We here at Sky Sports have been able to get an interview with the new manager of MK Dons after the game with Bradford City.

Interviewer: Hi Alex. Thanks for meeting with us today.

Alex: That's fine it's good to be able to have my first interview since I was appointed manager.

Interviewer: That's good but it sounds like from that you where forced not to have interviews or press conference's? Why is that may we ask?

Alex: Yes that's fine. It is only because with Karl leaving and there being a lot of legal issue's surrounding his dismissal, I wasn't allowed to speak to the press about the team until it was sorted and both parties where agreed on compensation.

Interviewer: Ah we understand. Now on to you team! So how does it feel to be managing MK Dons?

Alex: It feels brilliant. I am thoroughly enjoying my time and would like to spend as much time as possible managing MK Dons. As everyone knows I was the Head Coach for the U12&U13's youth teams here so I do know the set up, but the backroom staff who I have completely kept from Karl's regime have also helped me massively with the transition.

Interviewer: That's always good to hear. Regarding the game today where you worried at any point of your team losing to Bradford today?

Alex: No I was not. I thought that Bradford played a brilliant first 45 minutes but in the second half we where able to turn it round albeit the goalscorers came from the bench. I will not knock any of my players today they all showed their true commitment and determination for the team

Interviewer: You definately sound confident in your players and yourself. What about the other games you played this season? Where you ever nervous about the Plymouth game? Considering they are a lead below you?

Alex: In the Cup competition's what league your in does not make a difference I mean look at Bradford City? They got all the way to the Final of the Capital One Cup! And I thought Plymouth showcased the talent that League 2 has

Interviewer: Yes you are right there are some good talents in League 2. Based on you performances so far this season do you think you will gain promotion?

Alex: That was the aim from the beginning and I thoroughly believe we can do just that! Yes it is early days but I think we can do it. We showed our grit and determination for the task at hand. Now if you don't mind I need to go and celebrate the victory with our players

Interviewer: Thank you for your time Alex

And that people is the end of the interview thank you for watching and good night
Very nice start to the league!
2015-02-20 15:59#208573 Tallery : Very nice start to the league!

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6 yearsEdited

Sitting in my office looking over the youth training grounds I gave a big sigh of happiness I couldn't believe I was the Manager of a professional football team. I can't quite believe it I would never of thought my dream actually coming true. Along with all of the changes of the club I had made another one was the position of my office within the complex, I had moved my office moved from looking at the first team and reserve team pitches to the youth team pitches. I knew the the senior players as I coach them it was the youth teams I wanted to look at I always watched their training sessions when I could to see if we had anymore players like Giorgo.


Shouting across the room 'Come in!'

'Ah Simon how are you?' We had just finished our afternoon training session and Simon said some players wanted to speak to us

'I'm fine thanks, yourself?' Simon replied

'Yeah I'm good thanks, the lads looked good today. Now which lads are looking to speak to me?' I asked him

'Ben and Mark, both want to speak about their contracts' Simon replied 'They're outside waiting'

'Let's bring them in.' I sighed I was hoping they didn't want to leave

Simon brought in Ben and Mark in and they sat across from the table of us both smiling and saying hi.

I started the conversation with the lads and thought I can only have one leave and I would rather have Ben stay on rather than Mark as Ben is going to be a first team player and Mark needs some much needed experience. 'Right lads, Simon here has said that you would like to discuss your contracts with us. What would you like to discuss?' I asked them praying to god they didn't want to leave.

Ben spoke first 'I've come to speak to you really as you know my contract runs out at the end of the season and I was wondering whether you would be selling me now or renewing my contract? I don't want this though lingering over my head and affect my performance on the pitch and in training.' I wasn't expecting this I did know about Ben's contract and I was looking at extending it.

Then Mark piped up as well 'Hi Boss, I have a different view regarding my contract and I was wondering if we could come to an agreement to terminate my contract so I could go out and find a club? Instead of me being on the fringes of the team, I do know that you have been trying to find a club for me to go on loan but I think I will have a better chance if I go out and find a club myself.' I kind of was expecting why Mark was here, he was right on the fringes and about to fall off in my eyes.

I breathed slowly then started to reply 'Ben do you mind if I sort our Mark's contract first?' Ben nodded happily 'Right Mark if this is truly what you want I will happily go along with your wishes and I can only say good luck to you in the future.' He seemed to relax massively after I had finished speaking

'Thanks boss, Thank you so much I will be off now if you don't mind, I need to speak to my agent.' Mark replied happily and I was glad he was happy. Mark walked out the door closing it behind him.

'Right Ben, I know your contract situation. I would love to give you an extension and a pay rise but I can only give you the extension not the pay rise.' I hoped I wasn't making him upset by this 'If you would like to sign the contract now we can put a clause in your contract for a pay rise at the end of the Season? Would this be ok with you?' I asked tongue in cheek hoping he would accept

'Of course that will be fine, I don't want to leave this club they have given me my chance to prove myself' Ben replied with a huge smile 'I will get hold of my agent and we can make it official.'

Ben walked out of the room saying thank you one more time and left

'That was easier than I though' Simon said chuckling from his spot by the window

Author's Note

Thank you to Lucas for the Banner

First 2 Months on the Job

So my first two months on the job was brilliant even though we did start off slow in September but we started to pick up wins in October and we start to improve and gel as a team. The draws against Chesterfield, Crawley Town and Port Vale where uncalled and could have easily been avoided if we had kept on concentrating and it cost us they are all teas we should beaten and beaten well but we didn'. We also lost to Bristol City who are our promotion rivals and that did set us back we didn't deserve to lose the game but we did they just beat us and didn't stop piling on the pressure I was missing 3 starting players all defenders which did not help so we had to make do with what I had at my disposal. The midfield partnership of Carruthers and Alli is proving vital for us and when they are on the same wave length and playing well the whole team plays well. Another partnership blooming is Ben and Will and they are ticking well together with the inclusion of Max coming in off the left wing to support in attack we are becoming a real force upfront but due to our defensive frailties I am having to concentrate on that area of the team the most. I don't think we need more experience in the defence I think they need to gel together and to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses so we all can improve and reach our goals together.

There are some interesting games coming up in the next couple of months and I would like to keep this good run of form going. If we can get that then going into the business end of the season we can look at promotion to the Championship.
Some great results there!

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