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What do you want to see on FM16?

Write down your feature requests for Football Manager 2016. Share your FM2016 wishlist with us!
Started on 21 March 2015 by Stam
Latest Reply on 22 September 2015 by RVallant
These are not recommendations for fm 2016 as I appreciate that it's far to late in development for that but just suggestions for future fm titles.

I'd like to see an ability to be able to create a "past" for your manager at the start which would dictate what regions/leagues you are already familiar with. No manager goes into a job "cold", they always come into a job with an extensive scouting database and a shortlist of players they are familiar with. It would be good to have this same ability when you start as a manager in fm.

I've seen someone else mention this before but I'd also like to see possibly a challenge mode (which is a shorter game for people with time constraints) where you can play in a "classic" challenge using classic players and scenarios from the past. This could be an extra, smaller database of players in addition to the normal database of players for scenarios like "1990 world cup challenge" etc. This means players get to play in classic matches with classic players from the past legitimately rather than having to use other peoples edited databases with glitches etc.

I'd like to see the ability to take a player with a frame like a young Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale and put them on really intense weights program and it show the marked difference that this can bring and an ability when signing a young player to state that is what you intend to do with them as Everton did when they signed Deulofeu recently from Barcelona.

Finally, live streaming. Maybe a way to be able to see a small window in the corner of the screen with the manager you are playing against in it (Like a skype window) for online games where you are playing against someone else for real time reactions and banter etc (It would be similar to the 2 managers next to each other in the technical zones in a real match). Also you could use the webcam to film you during the game to put your reactions out onto social media etc. I design and develop this type of technology so if si do ever want to investigate this avenue then I can help them.
1. well i hope SI will make some spesific or original stadium for big clubs and i would like to heard original Audio Commentary.
2. what i like from fm15 is a improvement of a media and what i dislike, in my case too many injury problem i think.
3. overall i like fm15 specially attribute masking when scouting a player very realistic...
2015-07-11 23:54#216142 Kippax :
2015-06-18 20:04#214997 sixfo : I will like "PRIVATE LIFE" to be included in fm16... like marriage,giving birth and signing your kid to your team, and also buying luxury stuffs.... Thank you

2015-06-28 23:13#215589 Gold Tiger : be able to use Wage's for example:buy a car in game :D

Maybe you should look at a game called "The Sims" or something like that. This is a football simulation game, not a life simulation game.

I agree with this.

I'd very much like to see some kind of football RPG available (I think FIFA Be A Pro could have explored it a little). I'd be very interested in something like that, but it should definitely be kept out of Football Manager.
maybe a retire number feature? say a player has been at your club for x amount of years, has kept the same number for that whole time and is classed as a club legend you get an inbox from the owner/director asking if you want to retire that number when the player eventually retires?
1. Option to convince a player to application for naturalization and play for X country. Or if he has dual citizenship, have an option to talk about his reason to reject the call.

Some options to talk about this things.

2. Days to get nationality for staff and coaches.

Sorry for my english.
More usable leagues from USA. Leagues from Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Cyprus.
I know it doesn't matter to most people but I'd like to see more realistic away followings, for instance not having Leeds take just a couple hundred to Hillsbrough. Maybe even have chants in the sound effects?
I want improved player and board interaction, with an overhaul to the player responses. For example, I don't want to see a professional personality tell me in a snarky way "I didn't score for you" when I congratulate them on scoring their first international goal.

That, would be UNprofessional behaviour...

I'd like the responses to be written by a human being who can understand that the written text just 'reads' as if it is cold and harsh rather than humane and friendly/aggressive depending on the context. For example, the board should be generally accomodating to a successful manager, and qualify their rejections such as like this;

"We agree this is a matter of priority and will look to secure funding for this in the next few years. However, it is with regret we simply cannot fund this request this season."

That is much more friendlier and understanding than the current rejection replies which come off as confrontational.

I'd also like to see SI TEST this sort of aspect of the game more heavily, I don't think the stress testing works for the more personal/flavoursome elements of the game. :)

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