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Started on 21 March 2015 by Stam
Latest Reply on 22 September 2015 by RVallant
one or two more usable african championship
National team manager-player interactions.

Currently the ability for manager-player interactions only happens at club level. I'd like to see this with National teams as well.

For now a manager can only praise/warn/criticise a player when a match takes place. But this is a team talk.

The only form of interaction you have with players outside of a match is when he gets injured or if he is from the club you manage.

It's a shame that I can't speak to Ross Barkley and praise him for the good form he's in during the group stages at the World Cup or warn Rooney for his shambolic performances.

This add-on will give a greater depth and realism to National team management.

What say you, my fellow managers?
I will like "PRIVATE LIFE" to be included in fm16... like marriage,giving birth and signing your kid to your team, and also buying luxury stuffs.... Thank you
The option to be play more than one game at a time (for example, I am playing a Pompey game, but have a Barca save and a S.African save, and am tempted to give Arsenal a go) but I can only do one at a time. I know this opens up the possibility of cheating - by opening the same game a number of times and saving the best result - but there must be a way around it.
be able to use Wage's for example:buy a car in game :D
To change the scouting options,rather than the scouts coming back with players you should look at which you know the club carnt afford is so frustrating.
IE You have only 10k to spend on players but the scouts come back saying should think about buying this and that player/only too well the club can not afford this player.
I really need to see that add more options with regard to the delegation of tasks to employees.
It would be nice to see an option, for example, decide to allow sporting director, as a rule, when you give permission to release players, that one of the slogans is "first team" and only accept those offers, and not those that are offered the player as rotation.

Another thing is that when you go on vacation (probably due to a string of easy games), it would be good to help manage more topics about the game. For example you make a decision on allowing give players more options regarding tactics and changes, for example if we use any young player to gain experience ..

The other would be to choosing the team, we need to want to lock certain players in certain positions. I think that's very necessary.

Another thing I would like is to improve the instant result. For example, with a custom tactic, not make substitutions.

More options to right click on the calendar, like going on vacation and not only arrange friendly match.

There are many things that I have to translate, I'm from Uruguay and if I can say to talk to send my suggestions would be great. Play many hours a day to FM since 2006: p

1- I think there needs to be more of a buzz around the international tournaments, maybe receive emails about players that have played well for their country and should be looked at. Remember Gyan for Ghana in the 2010 World Cup? he earned a move to the BPL based on a hand full of games for his country. Even Navas and Rodriguez got a move to Real Madrid for their performances in 2014.

2- foreign youth academies. Maybe we won't see this feature in fm16 but something along the lines of this like most top clubs have foreign talent at the academy so maybe some more of that in the under 18's instead of paying ridiculous amounts for a 16 year old talent.

3- more media hype around youngsters would be pretty good. Like they do in fifa career mode. say if a 16 year old is smashing goals in left right and center for his team it should be in the media and if its from a smaller team you should get emails about it. A bit like the media hyped Odeegard last year.

4- the transfer system needs a bit of a tweak. why do clubs ask for high amounts for fringe players? Cech has just signed for Arsenal for 10mill and he played a hand full of games last season. Just makes no sense when you try and buy Nani but the asking price is 30mill

5- Not many people have mentioned this but maybe pre season games like Man Utd v Real Madrid played in the USA like it was last year and I think Roma v Liverpool has been a regular fixture in the USA the past couple of years. Makes pre season a bit more enjoyable.

6- I think it should be harder to sign players. You should be able to talk to agents more and be sweating over some deals on deadline day.
The quality of regens needs to be seriously revised.

There's far, far too many world class regens relative to real life after just a few seasons.

If everyone's world class, then no one is....
it would be very realistic and addictive if you can use your money of your contracts you earn...what i mean!firstly to add a personal bank to watch there your overall money of your you can sign better contracts and you can make more realistic negotiations with the chairmen!!
after some years if you dont want to manage a team anymore as a manger you can retire and then you could manage a team as a chairman or a director of football or something can buy a bankrrupted team or a cheap team that its finances is insecure,you can buy new sponsors all of these with the money you have earnt in your managerial life.
i believe in that way the game would be more addictive and after 20 years with all the newgens players available it wouldnt be so boring
Scandals such as bribery and match fixing. Will make things unpredictable.
2015-06-18 20:04#214997 sixfo : I will like "PRIVATE LIFE" to be included in fm16... like marriage,giving birth and signing your kid to your team, and also buying luxury stuffs.... Thank you

2015-06-28 23:13#215589 Gold Tiger : be able to use Wage's for example:buy a car in game :D

Maybe you should look at a game called "The Sims" or something like that. This is a football simulation game, not a life simulation game.
1. A dynamic rivalry system - if my team is challenging the same team year in year out for honours then surely some sort of competetive rivalry should be able to be developed.

2. Variable player potential - not 100% on how this could be worked but atm player potential is far too linear for my liking. I am rarely surprised by how a player develops & thats a bit disappointing to me. Needs to be far more variables.

Also with Maximus, far too many world class regens after the first couple of seasons, combine that with number 2 & it just gets silly.
I would like to see the new competition reform that they have agreed with in Belgium in FM2016.

Competion refrom. Here can you find the explaination of it.
Definitely add the ability to play pre-season games at neutral venues, like the ICC, and also a revamp of the cups because atm it schedules all the games on consecutive days which is hardly realistic.

Also, maybe add post-season friendlies like they're doing atm

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