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Santiago Muñez: The Revival, Return, and Uprising

Started on 9 April 2015 by pompeyblue
Latest Reply on 28 August 2015 by Ta31_a
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
9 yearsEdited
Hell yeah! Great to see you back writing stories Joshie, even better with it being based around Santiago! I hope he manages FULL HAM. xD
Good luck!
Good luck Pompey, this is going to be really interesting :)
Good luck mate
Good luck! Very interesting premise. If it's better than the 3rd film, I'll be happy!
Good Luck and I just want to say that I think we all want to see Gavin Harris as assistant!!
Josh: As ever, I am grateful of your massive support towards my stories. Santiago's pronounciation of Fulham is literally one of the greatest parts of the movie, just brilliant xD.

Seni, Glenn and Tallery: Cheers lads!

RyanPayne31: Anything is better than the 3rd movie. Let's be honest, that was truely awful... lol.

Zap: Don't you worry, Gavin Harris is likely to make an appearance and have a role in this story, at some point...
Ooooh, this is a new idea, I like it pompey, good luck! :D
Interesting, I hope Roz makes an appearance or so. ;)
A great simplistic start to the story that is very interesting to read. Keep it up!
Will Gavin Harris be your assistant? Oh, and if you see him, tell him he's shite! ;)
Walter: Thank you, Walt!

Josh: Perhaps... ;)

Jamesg237: Cheers mate.

RyanPayne31: Haha! That Gavin Harris really is shite... xD.
Damnnnn Santiago, YOU ARE HIM. Anyway, really good update man, I'm hoping the man on the opposite end of the phone works for FULLHAM.
Josh: Thanks bud! Btw, are you going to mention FULLHAM in every comment? xD.

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