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Olympique Lyonnais - Ashes to Ashes / Dust to Dust

A somewhat grim tale through my french managing experience, with a twist - hoping not to offend anyone, as it is written with the best intention to please the audiances that read.
Started on 29 April 2015 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 31 May 2015 by Icarus
Great signing, great graphics, keep it up!
brilliant graphics and some great signings
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
7 yearsEdited

Chapter 3: The Draperies Fall

Today was the day of the funeral events that were going to be held for the fallen people in the accident that happened a few months ago, they wanted to make sure everything was in place before holding the ceremony and thus it had dragged on a a few dates before realizing it. There was no question, the place was dead silent and if a pin fell a block away from the Church, we would have surely heard it. The new team was present to pay their respect to the fallen, and I thought this would be a good chance to enhance their character and have them realize what it is they are playing, and who they are playing for - a sense of responsability that weighted heavily on them.

As the ceremony started and the cascets entered the building we all rose, prayed on our father and hail mary, though there was a bit of a language problem for most of the players as they didn't speak french - and some of the people in the Church seemed to find this offensive, to help them I also chanted the our father in english. Unfortunately some of them were still quite young, though age isn't necessary a means for maturity some of them began making a bit too much noise in the room; particularly the Brazilian Quartet composed of Xavier, Zè Rafael, Rodrigo & Gilberto. Their attitude was surely disappointing me, and would have to adress this issue afterwards the event was over.

Once it ended some of the local news reporters approached me and the team for a few questions so I made sure only the native french speakers like Umtiti and Benzia spoke to the press, we had to pass on a positive message to the country and supporters of Lyonnais; the resurrection of the club came through mature young talent, that knew what they were doing, and why. When we returned to the training ground I held a meeting, speaking generically about the noises that went on through the ceremony and how it was not acceptable, although it was obvious those who were making it the entire team was scolded.

Now the hardest part would come next, making sure the group would mold together throughout these summer friendlies, and make sure we were defiently ready for the Europa League qualifying matches - if we were to disappoint the fans this early on we would definetly be diving head first into a pool of trouble, and it was my job to sail these boys through the stormy waters that awaited ahead.

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Fantastic update. Hopefully the squad will mature over the course of the season
J.Skinna - Thanks mate, hope so too.

Cappy13 - Thanks thanks, I try my best.

RichardoKishnaLaura - Thanks, will do.

Walkinshaw - Yeah it's going to be a problem until they all learn french!

Empyjon - Haha I'm glad you're enjoying it bro.
Good update, why so many brazilians though?
2015-05-02 16:22#212436 IrishnukeXD : Good update, why so many brazilians though?

Why not? :P
Terrific writing all round! Keep it up.
AlexTheHornetsFanClub - Cheers. My. Pal.

Xander - I'll try my best! :)
Oh you didn't get what it spelt then :P
Omg you cheeky... Shush lol
2015-05-05 19:02#212617 Iconic : #SignEnzo

I don't think they're in my database, I didn't load liga Adelente :( I might tick it on and see if they pop up next season though.
Just read through this. One. Word. Brilliant!

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