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Olympique Lyonnais - Ashes to Ashes / Dust to Dust

A somewhat grim tale through my french managing experience, with a twist - hoping not to offend anyone, as it is written with the best intention to please the audiances that read.
Started on 29 April 2015 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 31 May 2015 by Icarus
fekin grunts
LFC: Thanks glad you're enjoying it, I'm- enjoying your story just as much ;)

Pompey: lol!

Motivated1: You won't have to wait too long ;)

Bashy: thanks m9, will have it up in a jiffy.

Pauker: ikrr
Very well written, Loving it. "I write tragedies, not sins" I love that quote.
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
5 yearsEdited

Chapter 7: I am Zidane

On that evening I helped the wife pack her luggage, full of heavy and useless obejcts as always. She would argue about how the nail cleaning silver tip was an essential tool for her, and I would give up half way through the discussion and let her win, because I loved her... As there is no pride in love, just selfless compassion and understanding. But over the years I suppose a sixth sense grows on you, and mine was telling me that something was off - how could it be so calm after that potentially threatening call? I had gone and completely blew them off, played the game on our own account; and now what was most precious to me was being sent off for her own protection, but was I the only one aware of this?

I had decided it was best for me to drive her to the airport myself, make sure she'd get there safe and be on the look-out for any suspicious activity on her flights attendance. On our way to the airport, I notice a black pick-up truck speeding past us, and in it four man wearing black suit & ties with black sunglasses - if that wasn't suspicious enough. Fortunately when we arrive at the parking lot their pick-up was nowhere in sight, but I decide to take the second entrance just incase.

"Come on Vèronique, walk a bit faster" I said to her, making haste towards the elevator.

"What's the hurry Zizou? I thought everything was safe here..." As she said that the elevator door opened up, and the four man in suit & tie walk out. I grab Vèronique and put her behind me to protect her, and one of them, the tallest one removes his sunglasses as he walks up.

"We miscalculated your presence here today mister Zinedine. We were hoping for this to be much more simpler, you see." He said as he looked back at the other grunts smiling.

They all had the same hair style, grasy gelled hair in the 1950s style, clean shaven, wearing what seemed expensive Italian suits.

"All of you better stay back!" I exclamated, despite being outnumbered.

"Now now, maybe you should just come back quietly with us? and we can sort aaaall of this out with our Boss. We promise the pretty lady there won't get hurt, pinky promise even if you'd like". He said smirking.

I lunged forward, there was no way I was going to let them take me anywhere, especially not away from my Vèronique.

I shove the tall one aside to the floor as hard as I can, to try and cut the numbers momentarily; on the right the heaviest looking one, I kicked the back of his legs in order to make his weight shift frontally and fall on the floor, and on the left I headbutt the smaller guy in the chest... That one definetly took me back a few years. At this point the security notice the commotion and start running in our directions, and the grunts decide to leave and get in their pick-up truck.

"This won't be the last you've seen of us, Mister Zidane!, Au revoir Madmoiselle!" He said as he turned the engine on and drove off. When the security guards arrived it was too late, we explained the situation and they made sure my wife was placed on the plane safely - with my supervision of course, I had taken enough chances as it was that night. But thankfully everything ended as planned, and now I didn't have to worry over my loved ones safety any longer - Now it was best for me to get back to my work, as I had important matches coming up, and nothing or no one would get in the way of the Lyonnais success; we were going to show them what we are made of.

Previous Update:Chapther 6: Contortion, Corruption... And Abduction
Next Updated: Chapter 8: We reap what we Sow
Ooh tense! Had me gripped to what was going to happen next! I'm excited for the next update now! o/
Another great update, will be interesting to see how the team does when the football starts. :D
Crumble: I'm glad you enjoyed it, it's nice being able to take the story wherever you please sometimes.

Adam: Lol, I've yet to finish August fixtures ffs!
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
5 yearsEdited

Chapter 8: We reap what we Sow.

Those close to me that knew what I had been going through in the past few days would think the team could have resented a bit in their upcoming performances, but I made sure they were well kept out of all of the non-football related endavour. I wanted them to stay sharp and concentrated on the main objectives, as our first big game against Elfsborg was coming up; and at stake the Europa League competition which would showcase our new talents to the world, and more importantly let these youngsters taste some international competition and gain true football experience for the years to come.

We were ready for this qualifier...

We started off with a flyer as ball-playing defender Denis Linsmayer gave Olympique Lyonnais the lead with a well timed finish from close range in the 38th minute. An error from Elfsborg's Kevin Stuhr Ellegaard allowed winger Nabil Fèkir to score a well executed finish. Mechele scored with a close range range finish which was timed impeccably in the 53rd minute to extend the lead further.

With Elfsborg staring at defeat, there was controversy as experienced full-back Eduardo de Moraes then had a penalty shout turned down. Despite a comfortable lead, Olympique Lyonnais will be unhappy that Mechele was sent off for persistent fouling on 88 minutes.

An error from Olympique Lyonnais' Samuel Umtiti allowed advanced playmaker Rafael Soeiro to score a close range finish which was timed impeccably.

Things did not get off to a good start for Racing Club de Lens as winger Yassine Benzia seized on an error by Ahmed Kantari to score an accurate finish from inside the penalty area. Mexico Under 20s captain Jonathan Espericueta doubled Olympique Lyonnais' lead with a 19 yard free kick on the 27th minute.

Kerim Koyunlu scored with an incisive finish from 12 yards in the 41st minute to extend the lead further. An error from Racing Club de Lens' Ahmed Kantari allowed enthusiastic midfielder Jordan Veretout to score an audacious lob. When Xavier gave away a penalty, Valdivia confidently stepped up to score from the spot. An error from Racing Club de Lens' Jèrome Le Moigne allowed Benzia to score a nice effort from 14 yards, his second of the game.

As the 2nd leg begun, winger Clifford Aboagye gave Olympique Lyonnais the lead with a good finish from close range in the 24th minute. Winger Nabil Fèkir doubled Olympique Lyonnais' lead with a placed shot in the 43rd minute.

Aboagye added to his 2nd goal of the game with a well timed close range finish on 53 minutes. An error from Elfsborg's Lasse Nilsson allowed central defender Gèrman Pezzella to score a well timed finish from close range. Aboagye had no trouble in scoring from the spot when Roger conceeded a penalty, allowing him the hat-trick. An error from Elfsborg's Henning Hauger allowed deep-lying playmaker Sanjin Prcic to score a tidy finish from 15 yards. An error from Elfsborg's Emir Ekelundh allowed Aboagye to score his 4th goal, a well timed finish from close range. Advanced playmaker
Rafael Soeiro pulled one back for Elfsborg after 87 minutes with a well timed range finish.

Winger Clifford Aboagye got Olympique Lyonnais off to a flyer by scoring a long range effort on the 6th minute. FC Metz were nearly gifted a goal on 32 minutes through Denis Linsmayer's lapse in concentration but they failed to capitalise on the opportunity presented to them.

Central defender Jèremy Choplin then equalised for FC Metz in the 32nd minute with a good header from just inside the six-yard box through a set piece. Mexico Under 20s captain Jonathan Espericueta then put Olympique Lyonnais back in front after 33 minutes with a 20 yard free kick, a specialty of his.

Choplin equalised for FC Metz after 54 minutes with a thumping header. Unfortunately, Olympique Lyonnais' Pezzella was forced off by inury on the 78th minute.

OL handed tough Europa League Group Draw

As we gain Europa League qualification against Elfsborg on a 2-10 aggregate score our group becomes revealed to us; APOEL, Everton, and Rostov - not exactly a walk in the park. The lads didn't look frightened at all, they seem to relish the challenge against these teams, and that made me very proud; my fearless mentality was being assimiliated little by little...

Previous Update:Chapther 7: I am Zidane.
Next Updated: Chapter 9: Call of Duty
Great results, apart from Metz really, saying that they're a tough team to play against! The group looks rather difficult, APOEL are a tricky team to play sometimes!
excellent month, nice to see some football as well as some great story
Easy progression on the cards here. But away trips may be tough
Group stage should be no problem for you. EL title landing in Lyon!
Crumble: Agreed, might not be so easy to go through.

Adam: You'll be seeing a bit more footy here on out ;)

Motivated1: Away trips are always tough, especially if the team has new players that have to settle in.

Kippax: I disagree, it'll be quite tough haha.

Chapter 9: Call of Duty

The International break approached, and Zinedine spoke in a press conference summerizing how the first month had been very succesfull. The defeats had been minimal, they held a good position in the League and they managed to Qualify for the Europa League Group Stages, which was nothing to be understimated seeing the circumstances he had joined back in a few months ago. Now he is happy with the overall work done from his boys, they were starting to mold together and proved to link up well together - especially up front where the goals had been coming at an impressive rate, but he did not want to take the merit for that, he said these kids were hungry for success and they wanted to show the world what they were capable of.

Though he knew after all that had happened in the past days it wasn't all pretty flowers and unicorns. There was some sort of French betting mafia after him, trying to corrupt the new O.L. club that was trying to rise from the ashes of the demise and dead. Fortunately for him he was a man of virtue, he believed in doing the right thing - even if it meant defying these obscure people that rotated around the football world. But at least now he could have a few weeks to rest his mind as the International duty would begin shortly, and some of his players were participating in; hopefully no unsuspected injuries would rise from these games, not something he would particularly appreciate with the difficult games up ahead.

Previous Update:Chapther 8: We reap what we Sow.
Next Updated: Coming Soon
I love this story

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