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Ryan Giggs - Next Special One

Started on 3 May 2015 by MisterLister
Latest Reply on 9 May 2015 by MisterLister
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Ryan Giggs: I'm ready to work independently!

After a couple of years being Interim Head Coach in Manchester United and after that being assistant to Louis Van Gaal, Ryan Giggs has decided to start his managerial career. While he was a Interim Head Coach, he lead them for four matches, two wins, one draw and one loss.

"I think I'm ready and that I grabbed enough experience with Louis, and thanks to his knowledge, I'm prepared to work alone. I don't know where I'm going to go, but surely I'm going to be loyal to that club."

Ryan Giggs will have to study for coaching licence. Because of that he can only be manager in teams from lower leagues. He will have to get Continental Pro Licence before getting to top flight. He said also that it will be a tough ride for him until he gets that licence but has full confidence that he is prepared for what is in front of him.

Many critics believe that he will do just fine and could become one of top managers in future. We asked mister Van Gaal for his opinion.

"I always believed that he will be a great manager and wanted him to take over from me in United but if he wants to start alone at this moment, I'm not going to keep him in club and I wish him luck finding job."

Everything is ready for Ryan Giggs and where will he get job, you could find out very soon. So, stay tuned with us.
Ryan Giggs huh? Interesting. I'm going to follow this one. Impress me :) Anyway good luck mate!
wow, this looks really interesting. I will definatly keep reading this! Keep up the good work
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A.F.C. Sunderland interested in Giggs

Unconfirmed news says that Ryan Giggs could start his managerial career as Sunderland manager. It is still unknown is this just a gossip or a real thing, but as we say if there is a smoke, somewhere must be fire.

But, that is something unrealistic at the moment as Ryan Giggs has no coaching licence and will need to study before getting to top flight. Our Spokesperson said that Sunderland will have to look elsewhere as FA won't permit him as manager in Premier League.

Our spokesperson also said that he doesn't believe that Giggs will start with Premier League club because it's really big risk to hire new manager in strong league, and as he said, he believes that Giggs will more likely go to some lower leagues of England and work on his career.

As current manager of Sunderland, Dick Advocaat, will definitely leave club this season, we will have to wait and see what will next happen in case called Ryan Giggs - Independent guy.

Stay tuned for more sport news!
RicardoKishnaajacied - I will impress you and thanks. :)

ToppTobbe - Thanks for commenting. Cheers
Nice story!
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Ryan's Blog: Chapter #1

Hello guys, It's me, Ryan. First of all I want to thank all of you guys who are following me and will follow in future as this will be the place where I will inform you about my managerial moves and about my results when I eventually get job.

Couple of days ago I read that Sunderland is interested in me!? I can only say one BIG NO! No way that I'm going to be new Sunderland manager as that team brings me many bad memories, such as own goal vs them and my first lost game as Interim Head Coach was vs Sunderland. So, I could never be their manager.

I currently don't have any offers from club and if I get offered for a job from a club out of England I won't hesitate and will accept that offer because I don't wan't to especially work in England. I am nearly sure that I will begin my career in lower leagues but as every manager that was I need to go through thorns to reach the stars. It will be a bumpy ride, but with your support I believe that I will become one of top in this job.

That's all for now from me, keep with this and comment.

2015-05-04 14:02#212520 jonathanmdp : Nice story!

Thanks mate, hope you follow it :)

Ryan Giggs ready for A.C. Milan?

Today we bring you one bombastic news. There are many gossips that Ryan Giggs has attended A.C. Milan interview for job as manager to replace Inzaghi. As board has lost confidence for Pippo Inzaghi, it is well known that someone else will be sitting on A.C. Milan bench next season.

Maybe this is another unrealistic gossip, but it's more realistic than Sunderland as Giggs already told that he has no interest in joining them. Although Cesare Prandelli is first candidate to become new manager, Giggs might replace England with Italy.

As our colleagues from England said, Giggs has no coaching licence and there is only minor chance that he become next Milan manager. Also, they said, that he might start with some lower league European clubs to build his career.

We tried to contact both Giggs and Berlusconi, but we were not able to get their answers. Only thing that is for is to wait and see what will happen next in this drama.

Follow us and comment!

Ryan Giggs: Enough with speculations!

After a number of speculations regarding future of Ryan Giggs, he decided to give announcement to all British medias:

"Stop with this unconfirmed speculations!", he said full of anger,"If I get job offer I won't hide and as a matter of fact I do have offer from lower league of England but as you got me pissed off I won't tell you who offered me job.", he said furiously.

I don't care about A.C. Milan or Sunderland or any other club from top flight! I only want to build a career, but with all this I can't! So I beg you to stop writing these nonsense and start writing about many important things!, he finished after he lost temper.

We want to officially apologize to Ryan Giggs if we offended him and beg him to accept our apology as we are never going to write any unconfirmed sport gossip about him.

Now, our job is to find out which club from lower leagues really want to appoint Giggs as manager so stay with us to find out and don't forget to comment.
awesome start and will def follow this
This is looking very nice - good luck! :D
I wonder where you'll end up, its seems surprisingly difficult for Giggs to get a lower league job :P
No1VillaFan - Thanks mate for commenting and following :)

AlexTHFC - Thanks for support :)

IrishnukeXD - LOL, It is really tough, as he is unknown :P Joking, he (I) will end up somewhere eventually. Thanks for commenting mate :)

Tomorrow will be next update so if someone want to comment before that, please do.

Great start, don't sleep with the Chairman's wife though. You've done that enough Giggsy! ;)

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