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The North American Challenge

A World Cup Quest.
Started on 9 May 2015 by mpejkrm
Latest Reply on 17 May 2015 by mpejkrm
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Hello everyone. Some of you might remember me from my World Cup Challenge that I worked on last year on FM14. School has hampered my FM time this year, but I am close to done, the workload has softened and I wanted to start another FM story. So in the theme of international management (which I much prefer to club teams), I have decided to start another World Cup Challenge. This time I will simply be trying to win the World Cup with every North American team. It is most likely impossible but I want to take a stab at it. I have already started and will be transferring over a couple of posts from another website. I hope you all enjoy. Please comment whenever with any suggestions or tips.

- Mitch (mpejkrm)
We begin our journey in...

The Dominican Republic

The DR is a baseball nation, we all know that. Can we break through and reach the World Cup one day?

Current World Ranking


Senior Squad

2014 Friendlies

Dominican Republic: 2014 International Period 1

Changes from the initial squad

Dropped: Carlos Martinez (head)
Recalled: Edu Marcel

Injuries suffered during international period

Edward Acevedo (knee) out, Kelvin Severino recalled

9.3.14: Dominican Republic 1 - 2 Guadeloupe
Faña 59' | Nabab 65', Valerius 74'

9.9.14: New Zealand 3 - 2 Dominican Republic
Smeltz 37, Boyd 73', Wood 92' | Martinez 15', Mariano 41'

Caribbean Cup 2nd Round Groups Drawn

Scheduled friendly with Canada on 10.8.14 has been cancelled due to the CC.
Dominican Republic: 2014 International Period 2 (Caribbean Cup 2nd Round)

Changes from last squad

Dropped: Edu Marcel, Kelvin Severino, Miguel Baez
Recalled: Carlos Martinez, Edward Acevedo, Francisco Morales

Injuries suffered during international period

Vinicio Espinal (hernia), Edu Marcel recalled
Hansley Martinez (wrist), Kevin Almosny Rossiter recalled
Cayetano Bonnin (groin), Ionel Navarro recalled

First three matches were Caribbean Cub matches played at neutral sites in Cuba.

10.8.14: Dominican Republic 3 - 1 Guyana
Faña 13', Martinez 21', Espinal 63' | Richardson 50'

10.10.14: Dominican Republic 2 - 0 Antigua & Barbuda
Edipo 52', Corporan 62' | None

10.12.14: Dominican Republic 0 - 4 Jamaica
None | Johnson 9', Robinson 12', Stephenson 41', Shelton 56'

10.14.14: Dominican Republic 3 - 2 Aruba
Edipo 7', Corporan 22', Santana 29' | Lampe 15', Bikker 84'

Caribbean Cup Groups

Second Round

Third Round

Dominican Republic: 2014 International Period 3 (Caribbean Cup 3rd Round)

Changes from last squad

Dropped: Ionel Navarro
Recalled: Cayetano Bonnin

All matches were Caribbean Cub matches played at neutral sites in Cuba.

11.8.14: Dominican Republic 2 - 0 Bermuda
Santana 21', Edipo 60' (pen) | None

11.11.14: Dominican Republic 4 - 3 Barbados
Faña 37', 39' (pen), Mariano 56', Edipo 61' | Mars 16', 36', Ifill 62'

11.14.14: Dominican Republic 1 - 3 Curacao
Santana 40' | Fecunda 34', Ignacio 63', 70'

Caribbean Cup Semifinals

Dominican Republic: 2014 International Period 3 (Caribbean Cup Knockout Rounds)


All matches were Caribbean Cub matches played at neutral sites in Cuba.

11.8.14: Dominican Republic 1 - 4 Jamaica
Marcel 53' | Dawkins 15', 64', Boyd 23', McCleary 27'

11.11.14: Dominican Republic 0 - 3 Curacao
None | Daal 5', Fecuna 60', Mulder 76' (pen), Martha 92'
Third Place Game

Pretty rough finish but a semifinal appearance was a great result.


Looking ahead

Friendlies likely for a while. We didn't qualify for the Gold Cup so mostly friendlies until WC Quals open (I think in 2016).
OK I am all caught up now. Continuing this today. :)
Dominican Republic: News


Victor Santiago (Aged 34) and Miguel Cabral (33) were both aging members of the squad who decided to call it quits. Luis Corporan (17) was a very promising midfielder who retired due to an inability to find a club. Kevin Almosny Rossiter and Mora Rodriguez were also in the same boat, but neither were key members of the squad.

To replace these five, Heinz Barmettler (CD, 27), Vinicio Espinal (MF, 32), Mariano (ST, 21), Cesar Ledesma (RB, 24), Wellington Agramonte (GK, 28), and Kerbi Rodriguez (AM, 25) were added to the squad.

CONCACAF 2018 World Cup Qualifiers Preliminary Round Drawn

The preliminary round of the 2018 WCQ for the North American region (CONCACAF) have been drawn. Each of these teams advances into the first round, another two-legged tie.

Dominican Republic: 2015 International Period 1

Changes from last squad

Dropped: Mariano (virus)

No need to add anyone since we already deep at striker and it's just a friendly. Mariano will be back in the next squad.

3.27.15: Dominican Republic 2 - 3 Canada
Faña 27', Bonnin 58' | Ferguson

Heartbreaking result as we fall on a free kick following a foul in the 75th minute. Cayeton Bonnin scored his first goal for the senior squad.

CONCACAF 2018 World Cup Qualifiers Preliminary Round Results

1st Round Draw

We get a very difficult draw with Curacao, possibly the best team to come out of the preliminary round. The first leg is scheduled for September 5 in Curacao with the return trip at home on September 9.

We are back in action in June with two home friendlies: St. Kitts and Nevis and Guatemala.
Dominican Republic: News

2015 Gold Cup Draw

To my surprise, we were included in the draw for the 2015 Gold Cup. Maybe I am not fully understanding of how the field selection works, but we are in. The DR has never qualified for the Gold Cup before, so this is a huge step forward in our international stature. Here are the groups:

We have a very difficult group. The goal here is just to stay competitive. If we win, great, if we lose, it's alright. We are playing mainly for pride here.

Group stage matches begin July 9.
Santo Domingoooooo I thought I'd never see the day :D

I believe you do have a few youths in the RM cantera, you can do it, vamos!
2015-05-17 05:14#213138 Icarus : Santo Domingoooooo I thought I'd never see the day :D

I believe you do have a few youths in the RM cantera, you can do it, vamos!

Thanks mate. This will be a challenge but we are off to a nice start already.
Dominican Republic: 2015 International Period 2

Changes from last squad

Added: Mariano, Hansley Martinez, Juan Rene Santos

6.10.15: Dominican Republic 3 - 2 St. Kitts & Nevis
Martinez 23', Mariano 57', Faña 75' | Hanley 30', Williams 76'

6.16.15: Dominican Republic 0 - 2 Guatemala
None | Acevedo o.g. 40', Marquez 62', Herrarte 68'

We got a nice result against St. Kitts & Nevis, although I do think we should have beaten them by more. However the result against Guatemala was disappointing, they aren't really that much better of a side than us and to get shut out at home is bad.

Next up is the Gold Cup next month.
Dominican Republic: News

Dominican Republic Gold Cup Squad Announced

Dominican Republic boss Mitch Collins has announced his 22 man squad for the 2015 Gold Cup in the United States next week. There are no major surprises. However, Collins has elected to use a 22 man squad due to a number of injuries. "We don't feel any of the U20s are quite yet ready to contribute at the senior level. We are comfortable in depth that we feel we can roll with 22 men."


Wellington Agramonte ( San Cristobal, Age 28, 13 caps)
Rafael Diaz (No club, 23, 13)
Francisco Morales (No club, 37, 4)


Edward Acevedo ( Sloga, 29, 14)
Heinz Barmettler ( Al-Jaish, 27, 19)
Cayetano Bonnin ( Levante, 24, 12)
Edu Marcel (No club, 24, 13)
Cesar Garcia ( Jarabacoa, 22, 29)
Cesar Ledesma ( Munsignen, 25, 18)
Carlos Martinez ( Villareal, 21, 10)


Anderson Acosta (No club, 22, 13)
Edipo ( CD Numancia, 22, 17)
Vinicio Espinal ( Unione Venezia, 32, 9)
Hansley Martinez ( San Cristobal, 24, 23)


Elpys Jose Espinal ( Pro Vercelli, 32, 12)
Jonathan Faña (No club, 28, 40)
Bryan Jimenez ( Ceares, 20, 1)
Mariano ( Real Sociedad, 21, 9)
Domingo Peralta ( Violette, 28, 26)
Kerbi Rodriguez ( Barcelona Athletico, 26, 28)
Javier Santana ( FC Winterthur, 26, 11)
Juan Rene Santos ( FK Tonsberg, 31, 5)
Dominican Republic: Gold Cup Match 1

Live Text Commentary: Canada v Dominican Republic

10 of the 12 nations participating in this year's Gold Cup have already played their first match of the tournament. The first set of matches concludes here at Ford Field in Detroit as Canada take on the Dominican Republic under the lights. The Canadians are playing in their ninth consecutive Gold Cup and are looking for their third title, with the last coming in 2000 and the other in 1985. This is the first Gold Cup for the Dominicans, and the first Gold Cup for young boss Mitch Collins.

Both Canada and the Dominican Republic are looking for a win to take the lead in Group C after Costa Rica and Honduras fought to a 2 - 2 draw earlier today. Upwards of 13,000 fans are expected to be attendance today at Ford Field, which can hold 20,000 spectators for football matches. Tonight's referee is Harrison Potts. The American will be refereeing his first match of the season.

Sky Bet have finalized tonight's betting lines. Canada are listed as favorites at 4-6 odds, while the Dominican Republic are underdogs at 7-2 odds. A draw is favored at 9-4 odds.

Both Canada and the Dominican Republic have confirmed their lineups for tonight's match 30 minutes prior to kickoff.

CANADA (4-4-2): Borjan, Hainault, Henry, Gasparotto, Straith, Finlay, Piette, Ledgerwood, Tiebert, Ricketts, Kajgo

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (4-1-2-2-1): Diaz, Acevedo, Bonnin, Barmettier, Ledesma, Martinez, Acosta, Espinal, Edipo, Faña, Mariano

First Half

20:00 KICKOFF Canada 0 - 0 Dominican Republic
And we're off from Detroit! Canada take the ball first to open the match.

20:07 CHANCE Canada 0 - 0 Dominican Republic
Oh so close for Canada! Teibert's cross connects with the head of Ricketts but his header hits the crossbar and bounces out! Heinz Barmettler clears past the touchline and the Dominicans catch a lucky break.

20:16 BOOKING Canada 0 - 0 Dominican Republic
Acosta 16'

Potts hands out his first yellow card of the match as he books Acosta following a hard tackle from behind on Piette.

20:36 GOAL Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
Finlay 36'

The Canadians strike first! Teibert's free kick is picked up by Kajgo just outside of the six-yard box, but it is deflected by Bonnin right into the leg of Ethan Finlay who easily slots it home in the bottom left corner for his first international goal.

20:43 CHANCE Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
The Dominicans nearly strike back! Martinez's long ball connects with Mariano and he goes one-on-one with the keeper, but his shot is saved after a diving stop! Acevedo attempted a cross following a rebound but the Canadians thwart the attack.

20:45 INJURY Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
Faña 45'

Just before halftime the Dominicans see one of their most crucial players go down. Jonathan Faña takes a hard hit to legs and is forced to come off. Edu Marcel comes on to replace him.

20:45 HALF TIME Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
Halftime from Detroit, where Canada holds a 1 - 0 advantage over the Dominican Republic after Ethan Finlay's close range shot in the 36th minute. The Dominicans have just seen one of their top players, Jonathan Faña, leave to injury. Can they overcome it and dominate the second half?

Second Half

21:00 KICK OFF Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
We are back underway from Ford Field as Canada holds a 1 - 0 lead over the Dominican Republic.

21:00 BOOKING Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
Ledesma 46'

And just out of halftime Harrison Potts hands out his second yellow card of the match. This time it will be on Cesar Ledesma who tackled Teibert hard and brought him down near the touchline.

21:01 BOOKING Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
Ledgerwood 47'

Not even a minute later, Potts hands out another card, but this time it's to the other side! Edu Marcel is tripped by Ledgerwood trying to dribble through the defense and it taken down hard. Canada gets their first booking of the match.

21:12 SUBSTITUTION Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
Canada will bring some fresh legs on to try and add another goal to their tally. Lucas Cavallini and Will Johnson come on, replacing goalscorer Ethan Finlay and Tosaint Ricketts.

21:15 CHANCE Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
Another close chance for the Dominicans! Ledesma's cross is played perfectly into the foot of Espinal but his close range shot is saved easily by Borjan.

21:19 SUBSTITUTION Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
Canada use their final substitution as Randy Edwini-Bonsu replaces Bojan Kajgo.

21:22 SENDING OFF Canada 1 - 0 Dominican Republic
Ledemsa 66'

Just 20 minutes after his first booking, Cesar Ledesma is sent off! His hard tackle from behind on Cavallini was not tolerated and Harrison Potts had no issue sending the Dominicans down to ten men! It will be a challenge for Mitch Collins' side now!

21:31 GOAL Canada 1 - 1 Dominican Republic
Bonnin 74'

The Dominicans have done the unthinkable! With ten men they have come back to tie the match! Marcel's free kick is saved by Borjan as he dives to his right, but Bonnin picks up on the rebound and fires it across the net before Borjan has a chance to get up off his knees!

21:36 GOAL Canada 1 - 2 Dominican Republic
Edipo 79'

Scenes at Ford Field! Mariano's perfectly placed pass to Edipo who was just onside in the box and he shoots it past the keeper into the upper left corner and the Dominicans take the lead!

21:45 FULL TIME Canada 1 - 2 Dominican Republic
Harrison Potts blows the whistle for full time and the Dominicans have picked up a HUGE win here in Detroit! They take the three points to move the top of Group C!

Match Stats

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