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Liverpool: Winning With Kids

Disaster strikes at Anfield, and an old face steps in to restore balance to the dressing room
Started on 27 May 2015 by InvertedWingbacks
Latest Reply on 5 June 2015 by InvertedWingbacks

Liverpool Sanctioned for Irregular Payments
Accusations of Irregular payments surrounding Suarez' move to Anfield have brought the club crashing to it's knees

When a new season comes around, fans should be proclaiming loudly about how many expensive, talented players their club are going to sign - how this year is their year, how, although nothing is really different, their side are going to be champions by the end of the season. Not at Anfield.

Reports emerging from Merseyside are suggesting that Liverpool have been sanctioned by FIFA, following an investigation into reports of irregular payments to the agents of Luis Suarez, who has recently departed the club to play for Barcelona, and Mario Balotelli, the man signed to be his replacement. It has been alleged that, while trying to close both of these deals, negotiating parties from the Anfield club made payments directly to the agents, which FIFA have ruled to be bribes, and charged the Reds with bringing the game into disrepute.

The sanctions facing Liverpool now are huge, with many describing them as "some of the toughest ever". But what exactly does that mean?

  • Liverpool are to be relegated to the Conference North, with Immediate Effect
  • A transfer embargo is placed upon the club, with no incoming or outgoing activity permitted until the club has regained it's status in England's Fourth Tier (League Two)
  • The contracts of all senior players at the club are to be terminated with immediate effect.

So what does this mean for Liverpool?
Well, the definition of Senior Player was interesting; "players who have, or could reasonably be in contention for, a regular (10+ games per season) first team place, including those players who are regular substitutes, or train regularly as a first-team squad player"

Essentially, Liverpool have been left with little more than a youth team to restore their reputation; but the ramifications of this decision do not end there - the wider English League system is affected, as outlined below.

  • Derby County are promoted to the Premier League
  • Leyton Orient are promoted to the Championship
  • Burton Albion are promoted to League 1
  • Gateshead are promoted to League 2
  • Guiesely are promoted to the Conference Premier
  • Everton shall take Liverpool's Place in the Champions League
  • By virtue of Fair Play, West Ham United are allocated Everton's place in the Europa League

We await further news surrounding Liverpool's reaction to these sanctions, and will bring you more news on this, as it happens
This looks interesting! I'll be following
Interesting beginning! But will you be able to keep the Liverpool youngsters when playing in such a low league?

Good luck mate, cant wait sure ill be following this
It's back! This will become one of the most read stories again, good luck TaTs :D
This will be a lot of fun to read. Great idea, InfraRed.
Good Luck TaT and I was obviously glad to help :)
After Liverpool were relegated to the bottom tier of English football, Rodgers has handed in his resignation

As Liverpool recover from the FIFA ruling last week, manager Brendan Rodgers has today handed in his resignation as manager of the Anfield club, stating "irreconcilable differences with the board" as his predominant reason. It had been rumoured that Rodgers had known nothing of the payments at the centre of the scandal, and this was confirmed by Rodgers today:

"I am heartbroken to be leaving, but there could be no question of me staying after the events of this summer; I cannot find it within myself to work at a club where the trust has been broken in such a manner - where the board have gone behind the manager's back in such a way, there can be no continuing.

"I wish the boys all the best in the future, and I know in my heart that Liverpool can return to the very top of the game, but it will take time, and hard work, and will probably need a complete change in manager/board relations...Whoever follows me in this job has a massive task on their hands, but I cannot find it within myself to wish the players or the fans ill.

"It is a shame that my time has had to end like this, but, as I've said, there was no way I could continue as manager of this football club in the circumstances. I can only reiterate my stance on this matter so many times, and so I think this is all I have, or need, to say."

Speculation is already mounting as to Rodgers' replacement at Anfield, but early indications suggest the board will seek to bring in a figure who has strong ties to the club, rather than bringing in an outsider.
Nice start, my bet is on Gerrard to take over. :)
Liverpool captain Gerrard is in two minds about his future at Liverpool

As Liverpool recover from the crushing blow of relegation to the depths of English football, former captain and club Icon Steven Gerrard has been talking to the press today about the club's situation, stating that he is in two minds over how to respond.

"Obviously, It's horrible to see the club in this position, and in an ideal world I would be staying to help this club and its supporters return to the very top of the game, but i've got a contractual obligation to move to Los Angeles next year, and I wouldn't want to be in a position where I am only with the club for one year before departing.

"On the other had, being out of football for a year is far from ideal, and if there is a way to keep myself in the game for the coming months, then it's certainly an avenue I would be willing to explore.

"I want to make it clear, however, that no approach has been made by the club, and until that point comes, then this is all speculation, and something that I personally have to consider."

With the rumour mill continually churning, Gerrard is not the only name in the mix, with legends such as Jamie Carragher, Kenny Dalglish and even Robbie Fowler being touted as the next manager of the club

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