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Kehl's Path to Perfection

Sebastian Kehl embarks on his managerial career after his retirement from playing.
Started on 27 June 2015 by Iconic
Latest Reply on 3 July 2015 by Iconic
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Freiburg Relegated

Five year association with Germany's top flight ends as SCF open talks for new Head Coach

By Mathias Neumann

The 2014/15 Bundesliga season threw up a thrilling relegation battle with clubs from Borussia Dortmund (my team) to SC Paderborn. It was certainly one of the most topsy turvy relegation battles in recent German footballing history. For clubs like Borussia Dortmund, they managed to turn their season around with a brilliant 2nd half, other weren't so lucky. Take Hannover 96 for example, after 17 Matchdays there were in a comfortable 8th position but then failed to win a game from Matchday 16 up until their Matchday 33 victory over Augsburg.

Frieburg occupied 18th place in the table when the winter break came but looked to have escaped when they placed 14th with 4 games to play. A late win over champions Bayern in the penultimate game of the season was enough to drag them up to 14th again but after claimed their 2nd victory of 2015 on the last day of the season SC Freiburg were relegated.

The departure of Christian Streich as Head Coach has left several big names in the hat for the job.

The favourites for the job are;

Recently resigned Schalke04 manager Roberto Di Matteo. 3/1

Former Stuttgart manager Huub Stevens. 5/1

And another former Schalke manager Jens Keller. 8/1

Outsiders for the job are;

Roberto Martinez 15/1

Jurgen Klopp (20/1)

Michael Laudrup 25/1

Sebastian Kehl 50/1

Author's Note

I've been contemplating doing this story for a while now and I decided that I would do it, now that my exams are finished I won't have much homework to do so I feel I can do this story. I can't promise the updates will come fast but I believe this will turn out to be a good read for you all.
i will follow obv good luck :) great start btw
great start bro - good luck
Good luck, did a Freiburg save when FM15 first came out, they're a fun team to manage. If it's as good as your Dortmund story then I can't wait
No1VillaFan- Thank you! I hope this is as engaging as my Dortmund stories! :)

InfraRed- Thanks! Like I said to Jason I hope this is as good as my Dortmund stories! :)

MooSnuckle- I think this story will be enjoyable whilst also being a challenge, gald that you're enjoying the stories! :)

Kehl becomes Freiburg manager

By Mathias Neumann

Just a fortnight ago, Sebastian Kehl was waving a tearful goodbye to Borussia Dortmund and the Signal Iduna Park. Today he sits smiling for the cameras after the announcement that he will become Head Coach of Freiburg.

'It's an honour to be here as the manager of this club, when they approached me I wondered if it was a joke. I'm so glad it's not I feel honoured and humbled at this opportunity.'

At 35 years of age 'Kehli' is the youngest manager in Bundesliga 2. history and could be the youngest in Bundesliga history if Freiburg gain promotion, but the former playing hero states the need for SCF to keep their feet on the ground.

'We wen't to be as good as can be, and the only way you can do that is by being ambitious. But we can't think we're already promoted, or that we have a divine right to be in the Bundesliga. That would be disastrous.'

Given the quality of the Freiburg squad, and the exciting youth prospects that hey withhold Freiburg should really come back up at the first time of asking.

There was a wave of support and good luck messages for Kehl from his former teammates at Borussia Dortmund just to name a few.


Brilliant to see Kehli managing Freiburg. Good luck bro! :D


Great news that @bastifuenf is the new coach of Freiburg. Good luck my friend!


Wishing all the best to @bastifuenf at Freiburg. A great mentor and friend, I can't wait to see how you'll do. :)

Kehl can certainly talk a good game, and it is hoped he can do just as well when the time comes for Freiburg to begin their Bundeliga 2. campaign.

Interview with Sebastian Kehl

An exclusive interview with Freiburg's new manager

By Mathias Neumann

Sebastian Kehl. A Dortmund legend, and Freiburg favourite. Now in his second spell at the latter 'Kehli' attempts to guide SCF straight back to the big time after their relegation on the last day of the 2014/15 season.

The 35 year old greets me with a smile and warmth that not too many people in his profession give off. It's quite a relaxed environment in his home, he even makes me a drink. It was an honour to interview Sebastian Kehl, he seemed a real gentleman and was happy to talk about Borussia Dortmund as well as Freiburg.

When did you know Freiburg wanted you to take over?

'There wasn't any signs that I was going to be approached for it, in fact I was going to to study my badges and become a coach at Dortmund. Then I got a call and I decided I wanted to try it, I wanted to stay in football and right now Freiburg is a perfect place to learn.'

In the possibility that you stay in management, would ever consider managing at Borussia Dortmund?

'If the chance became available and I was asked, I would without question. I'm very pleased Freiburg entrusted me with this position and I want to stay here right now. I have faith that Thomas (Tuchel) (pictured) will do a brilliant job there and I wish everyone at Dortmund the best.'

Just how far are you aiming to go with Freiburg?

'As far as we can! Of course the aim in the short term is get back into the Bundesliga within the next 2 seasons, then establish ourselves and then to start to break into European places. I want to a part of as much of this as I can and bring the fans success.'

Are you looking to utilise Freiburg's clearly fantastic academy?

'Absolutely! I believe it's extremely important to have Freiburg lads playing for Freiburg. It makes those derby matches and the big games better and I feel you can perform better as there are players who have been at the club for years and know what it means to the fans.'

Do you feel slightly intimidated at all, being the 'baby' in your profession?

Not really, it's only natural to feel the pressures when it's your first time in a new profession. After all there are managers with years of experience in the game. That where doing this kind of thing before I was even born, like Arsene Wenger (pictured). But I've worked in football long enough to know what's needed of me.

Finally, do think you can become a managerial great like Jurgen Klopp, (pictured) Pep Guardiola or the late Udo Lattek?

I'd like to think so. Maybe I'll be a failure, maybe I'll be a success. I'm not sure, but I'll give it my best shot.

Thanks for the interview Sebastian, good luck with Freiburg!

Thanks mate!
I like Sebastian Kehl, I signed him to one of my MLS teams one time, so I'll wish him luck. I'd like to know how you're starting in 2015/16, and hopefully Freiburg do well, but the 2.Bundesliga is a pressure cooker.
2015-06-30 16:11#215650 shylax : I like Sebastian Kehl, I signed him to one of my MLS teams one time, so I'll wish him luck. I'd like to know how you're starting in 2015/16, and hopefully Freiburg do well, but the 2.Bundesliga is a pressure cooker.

Don't we all? ;) Bundesliga 2. is definitely a hard league, I'm having it from the 2015/16 POV but it's in 2014/25 in my save. I have tried without success to get the transfer DB update into the game though. So Roman Burki will be staying...for now. Thanks for the comment pal! :)
I've managed Freiburg as well, in FM 14. Fun club for sure. Good luck with this!
2015-06-30 19:33#215658 tenthreeleader : I've managed Freiburg as well, in FM 14. Fun club for sure. Good luck with this!

Thanks mate, I've never used Freiburg in FM, so I hope this is a good save! :)

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