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Started on 3 July 2015 by TheAlex651
Latest Reply on 7 July 2015 by Louis O.
Name: Auckland City FC
Nickname: The Tui's
Shirt Colours: Home - Blue... Away - White... GK Home - White... GK Away - Yellow
Stadium Name: Eden Park
Youth Stadium: Mt Smart Stadium
Training Ground: Dave's Place
Stadium Capacity: 50,000
Name: Lallana-rama
Nickname: Lallana's in pyjamas
Shirt Colours: Home outfield: Blue. Home GK: White // Away outfield: White. Away GK: Yellow // Third outfield: Yellow. Third GK: Blue.
Stadium Name: Lallana-rena
Youth Stadium: lil' Lallana-rena
Training Ground: Potential Banana Skin Lane
Stadium Capacity: 48,000
City: Saint Albans.
RyanPayne31's avatar Group RyanPayne31
9 yearsEdited
Do you guys want to start now or wait for a few more teams. We currently have 13 teams
2015-07-05 20:30#215866 TheAlex651 : Do you guys want to start now or wait for a few more teams. We currently have 13 teams

3more I think
Name: White Rose United
Nickname: The Yorkshiremen
Shirt colours: White (home), Yellow (away), Black (GK home), Blue (GK away)
Stadium name: The White Rose Bowl
Youth stadium: Nippers Way
Stadium capacity: 38,000
Based in: Leeds
Name: Sleeping Giants
Nickname: The Giants
Shirt Colours: Tangerine (home) Black (away) and Yellow (GK Home) Pink ( GK Away)
Stadium Name: Old Old Trafford
Youth Stadium: Bloomfield Rd
Training Ground: Squires Gate
Stadium Capacity: 50'000
Based: Blackpool
I have an idea for the story. How about we all have one representative of our team, created by us?
Gunner4life599's avatar Group Gunner4life599
9 yearsEdited
Nickname:Banter Boys
Shirt Colours:Red(home)Green (away) GK home: orange GK away purple
Stadium name:The Fortress
Youth Stadium:Banterlona Training Complex
Training Ground:Banterlona Training Complex
Stadium Capacity:60 000
Based:North London
Btw when does the league start
Can we do our own badges?
Room for another entry?
PranavaD: Forgive me if it's obvious but I don't understand.

Gunner4life599: When I feel we have got enough teams.

SimichC: Not really because I don't know how to give a club a specific badge.

Louis O: Yes there is room
Now that we have enough people I think it is time that I told you about the draft phase. How I thought we could draft players would be to use the chat. However this means we need to figure out a time when we will all be on. Please post a good time for you in GMT and we will try and work around everybody's schedules. If you have a better suggestion please do say and we might do that instead
Can do any time after 5:30ish mate

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