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The FM Scout Draft League: Draft

Started on 6 July 2015 by TheAlex651
Latest Reply on 14 July 2015 by J_Skinna_39
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The Draft Rules

1) Read the rules
2) Wait for your turn
3) Be patient. People won't instantly see there up next
4) You must draft three goalies
5) Know when it's your turn. It keeps things moving faster

The order for Round 1(out of 23)

1) Carver Isbae FC
2) FC Red Dragons
3) Racing Wonder
4) Jeffrey FC
5) Banterlona
6) Cabella United
7) Lallana-Rama
8) Azerbaijani Pirates
9) Atletico Amigos
10) Auckland City FC
11) Last Place United FC
12) Inazuma Eleven
13) White Rose United
14) Rapid United FC
15) O'Neill's Green Army
16) Sleeping Giants
17) Beast FC
18) Eagles FC

If you want to put in a last minute entry sign up before the first round ends and I'll add you at the bottom of the list. Over to you guys
When does the draft actually start
2015-07-07 06:44#215933 Gunner4life599 : When does the draft actually start

My bad I should have explained it better. Basically the first person drafts his player of choice and then second, third and so on. There is no specific timeframe it is just when you come and see this and see that your next you have your turn. Unfortunately it will take a long time but it's easier than trying to have all 16 players in the chat at the same time
oh ok
Just before my turn, is this going to last a number of seasons or just one?
We can choose any player we want?
Is the draft in chat or over here?
yeah this is the draft chat
Whose chance is it right now?
what do you mean
I meant that who has to draft the next player?
no one has picked yet
and it says at the top
Is this actually going to happen or not?
Shame this isn't going ahead by the looks of things...

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