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The Pentagon Challenge: One Man - One Aim

The Pentagon Challenge: One Man - One Aim
Started on 22 July 2015 by Zed
Latest Reply on 24 August 2015 by TayBAFC
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What a month apart from those two defeats.

Season Three Episode Four: Continuing the Good Form

Seb Platter’s career started in the best possible way, as his team were topping the league, and had won seven of the first eight matches in the season. Away against Chiriquí, the 23-year-old manager was looking to extend the winning streak to seven. But despite controlling the match, the Reds had 61% of the ball, they failed to win, as Chiriqui won through a 72nd-minute goal. Numbers two also lost, so San Francisco held onto their three-point-lead.

The next match was a home match against Plaza Amador, a team San Francisco had already lost twice against in the season. Platter was itching to set the record straight, and win against their bogey team in a home game. Jonathan Bonilla was the big man this match, scoring a brace for the home team in the first half. Amador didn’t manage to come back from this two-goal deficit, but did manage to score a consolation goal in the 83rd minute, which made the final score 2-1 to San Fran.

Next was an away match against numbers last Chepo FC. The fans were expecting a win after the club’s great start to the league campaign, and they were already dreaming about winning the Opening Stage. San Fran didn’t have any trouble with out-of-shape Chepo, as they won 3-1. The first goal came straight from kick-off, and Platter’s men controlled the match for 90 minutes.

After the away match against Chepo, another away match was on the program. This time it was a match against Alianza FC, a team San Francisco had scored seven goals against in the past two matches. This game, however, was less of a success, and Platter’s players only managed to score once, against the three goals scored by Alianza. Luckily, numbers two Tauro FC also slipped up, as they drew against Chiriqui. The gap between Tauro and San Fran was still two points.

Following this disappointing loss, Platter knew it was very important to win the next match, because losing twice in a row could be the start of a long losing streak. The team played a home match against Árabe Unido, numbers three in the competition. Through a brace by McTaggart, the home team were up 2-0 after only 20 minutes, but after these two quick goals, the team got a bit complacent: Daniel Lopez scored the 2-1 after 36 minutes. However, San Fran quickly regained focus and eventually won 3-1.

On the 14th matchday of the season, San Francisco hosted CA Independiente in their local derby. In the away match of the opening stage, San Fran won 6-0 against Independiente, and they were hoping to win this edition of the La Chorrera-derby as well. After 75 minutes, there had been no goals. The match looked like finishing in a 0-0 draw, but through two late goals, Platter’s team managed to win this derby as well.

The match all of Panama was waiting for was next: Tauro FC in a home match against San Francisco FC. The clash between the hunter and the hunted. The clash between the runners-up and the league leaders. Despite all this build-up and tension before the game, the match itself failed to live up to the high expectations. It finished 0-0, and this was a fair results when looking at the stats.

In the home match against promoted team AFC Eurokickers, playmaker Milan, who had been injured for the past five weeks, made his long-awaited comeback. Platter’s men had to try and extend their unbeaten streak to four matches. And they did, through two goals from that very same Milan. The attacking midfielder was delighted to be back on the pitch after his spell on the sidelines, and was also delighted that his team managed to win upon his return.

Next was an away game against Chorrillo, who were fifth in the league before their home match against San Francisco. Just before half-time, another player returning from injury gave the away side the lead. In the 58th minute, Edinson Villalba equalised for the home team, and Platter wasn’t happy with how his team played. He encouraged them from the sideline, and that eventually led to McTaggart scoring the winning goal for San Fran. The manager was happy, but demanded more commitment from his complacent team.

The last match of the opening stage was one without any importance for San Fran. Because their chasers Tauro had slipped up quite a lot in the league, San Francisco’s lead was now seven points, so with one match left, they had already claimed the first place in the league, which meant they were one of four teams to participate in the play-offs: the number one played the number four twice, and the runners up faced the numbers three twice as well. The winners of both matches then played each other in a grand finale, which would decide who won the opening stage.

But before playing the play-offs, there was one more match, which, as said before, wasn’t an important one. Despite that, Platter still wanted his team to give their all, and that is exactly what his side did, in a home match against Chiriquí. Top scorer of the opening stage Eduardo McTaggart scored his 14th goal of the season in his 18th appearance in the 19th minute, which eventually turned out to be the only goal of the game. San Fran extended their unbeaten spell to six matches, and they went into the play-offs confident.

A Key to graphics - look to see what there is before making them ;)

Another solid month, although the two losses really need to be stamped out
Solid month!
Good month but how much rest did your players get?

Season Three Episode Five: The Semi-Finals of the Opening Stage

After the amazing opening stage San Francisco had played, where they won 14 of their 18 matches, it was now time for the play-offs in Panama. Which meant that the best four teams of the opening stage played against each other in a knock-out system. Platter’s San Francisco faced Plaza Amador in their semi-finals, with the other semi being a face-off between Tauro FC and Árabe Unido.

The Home Leg in the Semi-Finals

Platter had made the impossible possible: he led San Francisco FC to qualification for the opening stage finals. In the past three seasons, the team didn’t manage to qualify, and they certainly hadn’t qualified as winners of the league. The fans and board were very pleased with Platter’s work, and everyone hoped that the man from Ludlow could also lead San Francisco to glory in the finals. The players felt the nerves, but from experience, Platter knew his boys could perform under pressure.

The first leg of the semi-finals was a home match, and the manager was hoping to get a good result, so the away game would be only a formality. Unhappy midfielder Jonathan Guerra, who wanted to leave the club to play for a team playing in the North American Champions League, grabbed the first goal of the game in the 33rd minute, scoring a lobbed header after a beautiful cross by Jose Flores.

In the second half, San Francisco were ruthless with the chances they got. Again, it was Guerra who shone, as he bagged two more goals to complete his hat-trick. San Fran were leading by 3-0, and the away match against Plaza Amador was indeed starting to look like a formality at this point. To add to Amador’s misery, the home team were awarded a penalty in extra time, and who else than Eduardo McTaggart slotted the 4-0 home. An amazing result in the first leg for championship favourites San Francisco FC.

The Away Leg in the Semi-Finals

Because San Francisco had won the home leg by a staggering four goals to nil, Platter’s dream of the away leg being a formality had come true. He could now rest some players, as this second leg was only two days after the first leg of the semi-finals. Some players that normally didn’t get much playtime, were allowed to start from kick-off in this match. The 24-year-old manager told his players to relax, and play their own game. The lack of many spectators, they already knew their team would play a lost game beforehand, was also nice, as it relieved the tension for the players.

Despite playing with a weakened team, Plaza Amador were still not able to prevent San Fran winning this game. Man of the Match was midfielder Milan, who bagged a brace in the game. The away team eventually won 3-0, with the other goal being scored by centre-back Eric Vasquez. Plaza Amador were a broken team, after this heavy 7-0 loss on aggregate, meanwhile Platter’s men were getting ready for the grand finale.

But who would the team play in the final? It was Árabe Unido, who were through to the final after a less convincing set of results. In the first leg away against Tauro FC, Árabe won 1-0, and had got themselves in a strong position for the home match. The home match didn’t go so smoothly. After Tauro took the lead after three minutes, Árabe were in panic. But, they quickly regained their focus, and managed to score two goals, with Tauro also grabbing another. The match finished in a 2-2 draw, and Árabe were through to the final, to play Platter’s San Francisco.
I can't see his face -_-

Good result over two legs though :P
Two good games and a fantastic result.
Wonderful results mate!

Season Three Episode Six: The Grand Finale of the Opening Stage

LO: Hello everybody, my name is Luis Ortiz and welcome to the match we’ve all been waiting for the past weeks. The opening stage final, between numbers one in the regular competition San Francisco, and third placed Árabe Unido. Today, I will be your commentator during the match, but before this match kicks off, let’s go to our reporter, Carlos Valdes, who has interviewed both managers.

CV: So, Seb, how have you prepared your team for this important match, and what are you expecting to see from your opponent?

SP: Obviously, we’ve had quite some time to prepare for this one, and we’ve used most our time on relieving the pressure of a big final, and we’ve also been training on our tactics for the occasion. I think Árabe will be looking to defend, most prominently, because they’ve seen how we can ruthlessly finish a team when they think they’re better than us.

CV: All right, thank you Seb. Now I’m going to go over to Árabe Unido-manager Jesús Barrios. Jesús, how are you and your team going to combat the in-form San Francisco today?

JB: Well, we’ve seen the games against Plaza Amador, and we’ve seen how you shouldn’t combat San Fran, so based on what we saw, we’ve created a gameplan here. It is a more defensive approach than normal, but I think we’re also going to get our chances with it. And if it doesn’t work, we can always switch to our normal approach.

CV: Thank you Jesús. That’s all here, back to you Luis.

LO: All right, that was an insightful look as to how this match will probably start. San Fran will take the initiate, and Árabe will try to counter. The players are now coming onto the pitch, you can feel the tension amongst the 900 people in the stadium.

LO: The national anthem of Panama is about to be played by the orchestra in the stadium, the players on the pitch have a mix of tension and excitement on their faces. You can feel this match is different than others.

LO 1st minute: We’ve kicked off here in the Rommel Fernández Stadium, in Panama City. A total of 900 supporters are in the 45.000-seater, but the atmosphere here still is amazing. Both sets of supporters have made huge banners for their hero’s on the pitch, and some fans are also lighting flares now.

LO 7th minute: A long hoof forward by Árabe Unido’s keeper, towards Valderrama. The midfielder gives a great through ball to Pérez, and he shoots! San Francisco’s goalie has no trouble with the effort though, as he parries it away from the goal.

LO 11th minute: A beautiful team attack in the making here by San Francisco. They’ve put their opponents off by playing such a quick passing game. Palacios has the ball, and he shoots! Good save by the keeper!

LO 42nd minute: This is exquisite football by San Francisco here. McTaggart shoots! Brilliant save by the keeper! But Palacios is still there, he shoots and – GOAL! GOAL FOR SAN FRANCISCO! Another brilliant play by the team in red, as they pass their way through Árabe’s defence. What a brilliant attack this is!

LO 45th minute: The referee blows the whistle and it’s half-time here in Panama City. The score is 1-0 to the winners of the regular competition, and it’s a deserved lead for the team.

LO 46th minute: We’re back underway. Árabe Unido will have to improve a lot if they want to have any chance of winning this match against favourites San Francisco. Platter’s team are in great shape, and they don’t look like giving up their lead at the moment.

LO 52nd minute: San Francisco are passing the ball around calmly at the moment. Here’s McTaggart, takes the ball into the box. He passes to Palacios. Palacios, and… a foul! Penalty for San Francisco! An ideal opportunity to extend their lead. Jose Flores claims the penalty, and… HE SCORES! 2-0 to San Francisco! The match looks all wrapped up now, Árabe never looked like scoring, and now they’ll have to score twice!

LO 90th minute: The referee blows the whistle, the fans and players of San Francisco go mad! Their team has just won the opening stage of the Panamese League! This is Seb Platter’s first piece of silverware! The Árabe players on the other hand, collapse on the pitch. They couldn’t cope with the stress of a big final, and have wasted a great opportunity to win this competition. Let’s go to our reporter on the sidelines, Carlos Valdes, again.

CV: Hello, Luis. I’ve got Seb Platter here, who has just experienced the magic of winning a trophy! This was the first time for you, right?

SP: Yes, indeed! This is the first time I’ve celebrated with a trophy in my hand, and it feels amazing, I must say. I’ve seen my favourite team Shrewsbury get promoted many times, but when you’re actually the manager, and you’ve contributed towards winning the trophy, it’s a completely different feeling. A much better feeling, I can add.

CV: Now that you’ve won this trophy, do you think your team can also win the closing stage?

SP: I think that we can also win that competition, yes. In the first half of the season we’ve showed we’re a class above the rest of the teams, by gathering ten points more than the runners up. If we continue playing like we have in the opening stage, I don’t see why we can’t win the closing stage as well.

CV: Thank you very much for your time. Congratulations from me and Luis Ortiz, and good luck in the closing stage!
big win man! well done!

Season Three Episode Seven: The Closing Stage Part One

After the amazing opening stage, the fans were expecting a win in the closing stage as well. But the start wasn’t convincing at all. In the first ten matches, Platter’s side only managed to win three matches. This meant they were 8th in the league after having played more than half the matches. The play-off spots were still well within reach: only three points away. But to qualify, the team would really have to improve their results in the remaining eight matches.
The GFX <3
your graphics <3

amazing progress man, keep it up!
Wow wow wow! Your graphics and writing are flawless, you're story is a brilliant read and I'm really enjoying it! :)

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