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The Roses Of Lancashire: Chorley F.C.

Started on 29 July 2015 by Welshy
Latest Reply on 4 August 2015 by Tallery
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Let's Try This Again..

Hello boys and girls and welcome to my new story! After the failure that was Pescara, I didn't want to stop writing, so I decided to start a new save and try once more. It was safe to say I wouldn't be returning to Italy anytime soon either, the memories would be too much for me I think, anyway I want to thank you for all the support and hopefully you will enjoy this story, hopefully it'll be a lot more successful. :P So who will I be managing? Well, no prizes for guessing as the club are in the title of this story, that club is Chorley Football Club.

So Who Are Chorley?

So who are Chorley exactly? Well the club play in the Vanarama North, or the now named Vanarama National North League. The club were promoted to the league for last season and in their debut year in the league, they finished 4th, obtaining a play-off spot. Chorley beat Boston United in the semi's and then were to play Guiseley in the final. The Magpies led 2-0 in the final, however lost 3-2 after a major slip-up in the second half. Chorley have very little history, they'd never reached a league as high as they currently play in and the club take pride in two FA Cup 2nd round appearances. Chorley play at Victory Park, a ground that can hold just under 3,500 people and they have played their since 1920. The stadium has 900 seats, the rest are standing areas and the average attendance from last season was a brilliant 1,327, the 3rd best in the league behind AFC Fylde and Barrow AFC.

Why Chorley?

So why did I choose Chorley? There are several reasons, the first being the fact a lot of my family live in Chorley and I have actually attended several games while they were in the Northern Premier League (the league below the Vanarama National North League,) the others being the fact the club have no history and I like managing teams with little history and creating it with them, I find it fun and entertaining and finally, the club play in a very 'Football' community, Liverpool, Wigan, Bolton, Blackburn etc. play near Chorley and I'd like to make them the best in that area!

The Manager

So who's the new manager of Chorley? Surprisingly it's Simon Gross, or more commonly known as 'Showbiz Simon.' Simon appeared on Big Brother and has grown very popular on the Internet after he repeatedly shouted 'Showbiz!' Simon has decided to take a new career in Football Management after a 40 year career in the world of 'Showbiz.' Chorley have said that they will allow 'Mr Showbiz' to take coaching badges while he takes charge of the club and they have also said that Simon has their full backing.
WHY not Hayes, disappointed ;). Good luck!
One of my local teams, will definitely be following! Hopefully last longer than your Pescara story :)
Interesting combination of team and manager there mate ;)
Should be fun, with a showpiece manager to boot! Good luck!
Best of luck, you'll need it ;)
Corey : Because they're **** ;)

Robert : It better last longer :P

Jack :
That's the way I roll, I like to interest :P

Tenthreeleader : Thanks mate, everyone likes Showbiz!

Jer(Pauker ;) ) : I will :P


"I'm Here To Put On A Show!" Says 'Showbiz Simon."

The new Chorley boss, 'Showbiz Simon' has vowed to 'put on a show' ahead of the upcoming campaign. The 46 year old took charge last week and has already become a popular figure around Chorley, as fans continue to shout 'Showbiz,' and Simon said at a press conference, "I'm here to put on a show on the pitch. I want the players to play their very best and give the fans something to cheer about, something to entertain them. People may of thought I shouldn't be here and they may think it's a stupid decision, but I want to prove them wrong. I am here to put on a show and get the club to new heights, that's my goal."

When asked about how he plans on making the club progress, 'Mr Showbiz' said, "We'll take it one step at a time. I want the players to play their best, but I want them to feel comfortable with my tactics, if I played a tactic and the players were struggling with it, what's good about that? It'll just create losses, therefore I plan on playing a tactic the players feel comfortable with and go from there, I can't really say anything else."

Chorley striker Adam Roscoe also took questions from fans at a Q&A and when asked about the manager he said, "He's a great man and a great laugh. He expects a lot of us in training, which is brilliant as he pushes us, but not so we feel uncomfortable. I think people really underestimate him because of his past and all that, but I think he'll shock the league when it comes around." Adam later joined in with fans and shouted, "SHOWBIZZZZZ!"
Bloody hell I'd love to see a Showbiz Simon training session... :))

Chorley's Pre-season

Our Thoughts

Personally it was a solid pre-season from Chorley and we tip them to be fighting for the play-off's once again this season. The defending has been rather solid, the same goes for the attack and I can't see why they can't compete for the play-off's again at all. I think the manager has shocked a lot of us with the results against Preston and Sheffield United U21's especially.

Showbiz Simon's Thoughts

"Showbiz! An amazing pre-season personally, I'm very happy with the team as we had a very challenging pre-season, a mix of quality obviously with games against Preston and then Lancaster and that's something I think helped the team, I feel with a mix of teams you can make sure the team aren't overconfident against smaller sides, but are up for a fight against bigger teams and my plan worked brilliantly I think. The team really adapted to the tactics well and everyone looked happy on the field, a very successful pre-season in my opinion."
That's a quality result against Preston! Showbiz!
Jack : Don't we all :P
Jer/Pauker : Showbiz!
Interesting team idea, hopefully nothing happens to screw up your save this time ;)

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