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From Nothing To Something ~ My Life.

Started on 24 August 2015 by TayBAFC
Latest Reply on 19 September 2015 by Jack
2015-09-01 12:59#219484 tenthreeleader : Just a couple of things:

1) Harrowgate is a cool save. Good luck with it!

2) Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking some time to develop a character. You have a good, conversational writing style. Will be following!
Thanks mate, I'm really enjoying Harrogate, it's such a nice place and the team are pretty good to be fair to them! Good to see my writing is being praised too, I want to develop characters and make sure you know them, so clearing doing something right haha!

The Night Of My Life

"Oi, Taylor!" I heard someone shout from the other side of the street. "Wait there!" I turned around and noticed my friend Jasmine running across the street. Jasmine was a young lass, 20 in fact, with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, to be honest, she was beautiful. "As if you never told me you were managing Harrogate!" She said. "I thought you'd of told me first, guess I was wrong." I sighed, "Sorry.. I completely forgot, I mean I haven't told anyone.." She laughed and I was rather confused and she could obviously see. "Mhm I guess, I just came to ask you something," she smiled, "I was just wondering if you would come to dinner with me, then maybe come round my place?"

I was a bit smitten to be honest, I mean it's quite romantic this isn't it? "Yeah, of course I will," I told her,"I haven't got a training session tonight and I'm not doing anything so why not." She beamed at me, her white teeth gleaming in my face, "Ok, see you at 6 then, yeah?" I nodded, I was speechless, I mean she's my best friend and all that, but I had always quite liked her, she was gorgeous but I just never had the courage to ask her on a date and all that, plus I never thought she was interested in me, maybe I was wrong?

"I need to" I told myself, it was nearly time to set off and I had got myself dressed ready for dinner, "I need to ask her, I can't hide the fact I love her no more, I have to be honest and I have to ask her otherwise there's no chance I will be able to date her." The whole journey in the car to the restaurant was crazy, all that was in my head was what I was going to say to her, I was sweating so much and I hadn't even arrived, what was I going to be like when I was about to ask her?

Once I'd parked the car outside the restaurant, I walked inside and noticed Jasmine standing there waiting for me, she was wearing a red dress and matching shoes, she looked stunning. "Wow.." I said, stuttering, "You err.. look stunning." I managed to tell her. I'd never been like this around her, I was normally really comfortable around her, but today was really different and she had no idea why yet. "Ah thank you!" She told me, softly. We sat down at the table that was given to us and looked through the menu's and chose our meals. The waiter came over, dressed in an all black uniform and asked us what we would like, "I'd like the smoked salmon please," I told him. "I'll have the same please," Jasmine said, laughing at me quietly.

While we were waiting for our meals, I thought it would be the perfect time to tell Jasmine how I felt. She sat at the table, drinking her wine but she just seemed so.. I don't even know how to explain it, but it was amazing. "Jasmine.." I said weakly, "I have to tell you something," She looked at me, smiling, "Go ahead," she replied. "I love you, I love everything about you, your smile, your hair, your heart, your everything. You are an amazing friend and you are the prettiest girl I know, Jasmine, I would really like to date you because-" She cut me off and smiled at me, taking my hand, "Of course I will and to be honest, I feel the same about you." I smiled, I'd got the girl!

The rest of the night went perfectly, the meals were great and the service was fantastic too, but the best thing of being in the restaurant was being with Jasmine, she topped it off. We headed to her place, it was a beautiful building, with a large garden on the front and back of the house. Once we got inside she said, "I love you," with that her soft lips touched mine and was kissing me, it was one of the highlights of my life, soon after the night got even better, we headed up to the bedroom and she lay on the bed, "Stay here with me tonight," she said and obviously I accepted, you probably know what happened next..
Good personality development! Keep that on!
2015-09-02 16:35#219535 TaroMisaki : Good personality development! Keep that on!
Cheers mate I will try to!

An Insight Into Harrogate's New Man

Harrogate Town appointed 22 year old Taylor Nelson last week in what was a bizaare appointment, however have we all underestimated the Englishman? When Harrogate hosted Blackpool Under 21's, Town came out the victors in a 2-1 win. The rather eccentric Nelson has had no managerial experience before taking the reigns at Wetherby Road, however has 'transformed the club' says chairman Irving Weaver. "He (Nelson) has really transformed this club and is really pushing the players to greater things. He believes that the club can achieve promotion this year and has really made the players believe this too, morale is superb and as you witnessed last weekend he is a fantastic young manager with great ideas."

Nelson, who previously worked in a local business within the Harrogate town center, recently invited us to a training session where we saw how much he believes in his players and how much he is actually pushing them. He spoke to us saying, "I believe this is a dream come true," he said, "I can't believe this is happening, it seems like a dream, however the club really believes in me and I believe in the club if you understand, morale is brilliant within the camp and that is key, we want to achieve our goals this season and we need happy players to achieve that.

It's not just the club who believe in the 22 year old, fans do too and several of them took questions from us. David Pilkington, 54, told us, "Yes, I believe in the new manager, he has fresh ideas and a great work ethic and the game at the weekend was one of the best I've seen for some time. I can't wait to see what we get to see in the league!" Linda Thomas, 67 said, "Oh yes, I think it's great that we have a young manager in who knows a lot about the club because he knows what us (the fans) want for the club and he can really put that to the test."

Harrogate start the season at home to newly promoted side, Corby Town and Nelson said this, "It will be a tough start to the season for sure, a new face into the league, fresh of the back of promotion and keen to push even more this season to show why they deserve to be here. We've had some tough games against Corby in the past and I think that will be another tough one, however I strongly believe in the players as I said earlier and the fans will really want a winning start to the season, so hopefully we can give that to them."
Some very good writing here. Could be an early contender for September's Story Of The Month!
I really like your approach on how to develop this story, it has loads of potential!
2015-09-03 11:15#219578 Justice : Some very good writing here. Could be an early contender for September's Story Of The Month!
Thanks mate, would be amazing to be even nominated for that award.
2015-09-03 17:29#219595 TaroMisaki : I really like your approach on how to develop this story, it has loads of potential!
Thanks mate, means a lot.

An Emotional Story

It was time for training and the sun looked down on us, for once it was hot and everyone was feeling the heat throughout the session. The session went smoothly as usual and everyone was pushed, the squad had a lot of potential and I really want to help them fulfill that so I don't let people 'slack.' Everyone left the pitch and headed off home, it was 4:30, the usual time we finish up. "Boss, can we have a chat?" I heard a familiar voice say, it was Dominic Rowe, "It's quite important, if that's ok?" I smiled and at him and laughed a little, "Of course it is, why wouldn't it be? C'mon, we'll discuss this inside." We headed inside and I wondered what this was going to be about, it was rather sudden.

"Thanks boss, I just wanted to talk about the upcoming season-" I stopped him, "This better not be about going for promotion or anything like that, I'd talked about this." Rowe shook his head and looked at me, "No it's about a possible loan move because I don't feel I can compete with the other players in the squad," he said. I thought to myself about it because over the last couple of days I was thinking about Dominic's future at the club as there were stronger players in his position, however he has bags of potential so with game time he could become a star at the club. I came to my decision and honestly told him, "In fact, I was thinking about you," he looked at me, a little confused, "Yeah, about what you just told me, I thought you would really benefit from a loan because I don't want to sell you, you have a lot of potential and I strongly believe you could become a key man in the future." "Thanks," he said, "I'm glad you believe it me.." he said in a rather upset manner, "Nobody else has believed in me much, not even my family! He told me.

We must have been inside for several hours, he was telling me all about how his family have no interest in him and how growing up was quite difficult for him. "I'd always dreamed of playing Football, but my family don't like it and therefore had never had interest in me for playing it, I don't know why but it did hurt me a bit and my confidence faded a lot for a while, but since you've come in you've really made me believe in my ability as a footballer and that's amazing and I have a lot of respect for you boss, thank you." I was almost in tears for him, I was not much of an emotional person, but this had really struck me, "It's fine Dominic, I believe in everyone who plays for me and I really wish you the best while you're here." I shook his hand and we smiled at each other before we headed out and into our cars, I really liked Dominic, what a story he had.

Jon Stewart - Goalkeeper - 26 - Free Agent

Navid Nasseri - Central Midfielder - 19 - Free Agent

Nathan Luscombe - Left Winger - 25 - Free Agent

Dominic Rowe - Left Winger - 22 - Loaned to Ilkeston
Incredible update about Rowe mate. The amount of quality you can put into an update about such a small thing is brilliant! Also liking them signings :D
2015-09-05 13:51#219675 Jack : Incredible update about Rowe mate. The amount of quality you can put into an update about such a small thing is brilliant! Also liking them signings :D
Thanks mate, I'm glad you liked it means a lot! :)

Pre-Season Results

Going into pre-season I felt quite nervous, however as you can see the results were pretty good! I was very pleased with myself and most importantly the team who adapted brilliantly to my tactics and managed to pull out some great results against stronger teams (Blackpool Under 21's and Guiseley) I can see some players who are going to be able to pull some magical things out for sure and hopefully they live up to my expectation.
Harrogate Town 3-1 Harrogate Under 21's
Milligan, (pen) 12 Thadani, 64 Turner, 81 Knowles, 85
Harrogate Town 2-1 Blackpool Under 21's
Knowles, 8 Gregory, 56 Beesley, 84
Harrogate Town 1-1 Harrogate Railway
Balsdon, 45 Killock, 52
Guiseley A.F.C. 1-1 Harrogate Town
Speight, 60 Lockwood, 80
Harrogate Town 0-2 Bradford City
Knott, 12 Davies, 49
nice one! great graphics and some excellent results to boot!

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