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From Nothing To Something ~ My Life.

Started on 24 August 2015 by TayBAFC
Latest Reply on 19 September 2015 by Jack

Speaking Some Truth

After a strong finish to August, myself and the team were quite happy with the way we'd started. Once we finished training I thought it was a perfect time to talk to the defence and the strike force of Knowles, Speight and Beesley. I announced it to the players and once everyone left I said, "I have gathered you here for a reason," everyone looked at each other a bit worried about what I was going to say, the look you may give to your friend at school when a teacher is about to shout at you, "Don't worry, there's no need to be worried it's just a little talk about performances." Some of the players still looked rather worried, but so some of them should be..

I explained to them that the strike force had been brilliant, the amount of goals we had scored in the five games we had played was very impressive and we had scored the most goals, 14. However what had really let us down was the defence. We were extremely leaky and had yet to record a clean sheet, conceding 8 and one of the largest amounts of goals conceded at that. I then explained how poor the defence had been, I couldn't hold back, "The defence has been poor, very poor and you may know that we have one of the largest goals against goal difference and we cannot allow this, although mostly the strikers had combated this by scoring the goals, they may not be able to keep it up, it's impossible to be able to score 2 or 3 goals every game, I would love that, but realistically that won't happen, so I want you to tighten up otherwise I will have to look for replacement, understand?" The whole usual back-line who were kept behind nodded and agreed that their performances hadn't been upto standard.

This chat had been very usual for several reasons, it gave me a chance to talk to the players to help them improve, but it gave them a chance to speak to me about matters that could help them during games. "I know my decisions have been poor," said club captain Dave McGurk "and I really need to improve in that area. I think with some extra training with Jake, I could improve my decision making, if you wouldn't mind me staying after training a little bit and trying to improve? I smiled at him, he was a great lad, always getting behind everyone but it was a shame he hadn't had a great start. "Of course, why wouldn't I? If it helps you become a better player that's fantastic because better players mean better performances!" The others followed suit and that's why speaking the truth helps, it really does. I never knew football could teach you life decisions...
Lovely piece here Tay, at least there is a positive in the scoring goals, tightening up the defence is necessary though.
Quite a nice story and layout. I'm impressed, much like everyone else. Must be a lot of work, but it pays off in spades!
2015-09-10 18:33#219852 Jack : Lovely piece here Tay, at least there is a positive in the scoring goals, tightening up the defence is necessary though.
Thanks mate, hoping that I can sort that out!
2015-09-12 01:36#219898 squirmy420 : Quite a nice story and layout. I'm impressed, much like everyone else. Must be a lot of work, but it pays off in spades!
Thanks mate, it does take a lot of work but I enjoy it and I'm glad other people do too! :)

Life At Home

My life was going great in all aspects for once, it was a great feeling. I had a dream job and a dream girlfriend, I didn't care too much for money and all that stuff, I had a job I loved and a girl I loved, that was the only thing I cared about. It had been two months since me and Jasmine had started dating and I can tell you how much I've enjoyed these last two months, I loved being with her and when I drove home I knew that she'd be there waiting for me, cooking me a nice meal or sitting on the sofa with chocolate and glasses, that was amazing, she cared about me and I cared about her, perfect.

I was sat down watching T.V. and Jasmine was ironing in the kitchen, I could here her shouting for me in her soft voice, I paused the T.V. and walked into the kitchen, "Yeah? What's the matter?" I asked. "I have been thinking.." she said, "That's a bit lethal" I said laughing, she had a sense of humor luckily so I didn't have to worry about her getting all offended and touchy. "Ha ha, now I wanted to ask about your opinion on moving out, just I think this house is a bit small and I'd really like a garden, it would be nice," Jasmine said hinting for me to say yes, I could read her like a book, I could see the only option was to say yes, "I agree, but what about money? Who would pay for it because obviously I'm not loaded." Jasmine shook her head, "Pretty obvious, both of us, go 50/50 then we would be fine!"

"I suppose so," I said, she had been going on about getting a new house for half an hour and I really just wanted to sit down and watch the rest of Coronation Street and talk about this another day, it's not like we have to move out, there were only two of us, two grown adults it's not like we needed to get a bigger house, we'd coped just fine for the two months together. I told her exactly what I thought, I had to end the conversation it was boring me now and I couldn't be bothered, I told her, "Thing is, we've coped 2 months together and we've been happy and fine all this time and the house is fine for us, I'd understand if we had a kid or something to cater for or something but-" she cut me off, "Well I have some news.." I gave her a look, I was a bit confused, "What news is this then?" I said in a confused tone, what was she on about? "I'm pregnant.." Jasmine said weakly.

"Oh my god," I said, "I don't know what to say! I'm happy obviously but shocked! I never thought you'd say this!" I told her. "I didn't really want to tell you because I wanted it to be a bigger surprise, you know, but I couldn't stop myself from telling you, I had to." I was so happy, I gave her a cuddle and kissed her, "We better get looking, we need to find the best house out there to make this baby happy!" Jasmine laughed, "I guess!" Life was getting even better, could it get even better, I don't think so but I'm not complaining.

September Results
Harrogate Town 3-1 Solihull Moors
Knowles, 15 (pen) Beesley, 22, 64 Knights. 86
Harrogate Town 1-0 AFC Fylde
Meynell, 49
Alferton Town 1-2 Harrogate Town
Speight, 18 Knowles, 41 Ironside 57
Stalybridge Celtic 1-3 Harrogate Town
Daniels, 2, 24, 78 (pen) Simm, 29
Harrogate Town 2-0 Boston United
Knowles, 45 Worsfold, 88
Harrogate Town 1-2 FC United Of Manchester
Greaves, 20, 40 Meynell 84

My Thoughts

A brilliant month where I captured Manager Of The Month after some brilliant preformances. You can see the defence had tightened up by the amount of goals we had conceded, only five and keeping two clean sheets in the process. The strikers, particularly Dominic Knowles had continued to fire the goals home as he had already scored seven goals this season. Hopefully we can continue the form of September into October where we play the likes of Stockport and Nuneaton, two of the best teams in this league.


I think it's great that you are taking the time to develop characters and situations outside of the game. I have always looked at this game as a way to indulge the imagination and taking that bit of extra time to bring people into your world is greatly appreciated.

Good stuff. Keep it up!
Your goalscoring record has been nothing short of impressive, well done.
2015-09-13 19:33#219937 tenthreeleader : I think it's great that you are taking the time to develop characters and situations outside of the game. I have always looked at this game as a way to indulge the imagination and taking that bit of extra time to bring people into your world is greatly appreciated.

Good stuff. Keep it up!
Wow, that means so much to me! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy this.
2015-09-14 18:52#219961 Justice : Your goalscoring record has been nothing short of impressive, well done.
Yeah, it's helped a lot, just need to keep that up as well as the defence!

Away Day Troubles

It had been a very successful first few months in charge of Harrogate and I was rather pleased with myself, I had a lot of doubts about how I would do, but I'd prove myself wrong and I'm sure I proved a lot of fans wrong. I had enjoyed everything about the whole journey, the atmosphere was the best of the lot though, everywhere I went, even to the smallest of clubs like Stalybridge had a whole lot of noise and that's what was the best feeling, the songs were brilliant because the Harrogate faithful, though so few would often try to overpower the home fans. However, nothing had ever happened, everyone had got along and nobody tried to start anything.

Myself and the squad had traveled to Tamworth ahead of a game at the weekend to them and they were going to be a difficult opposition obviously as they sat in fourth and were in good form heading into the game. We were in good spirits and so we should be, sitting top of the table in good form and it felt like we were on top of the world.

We arrived at the stadium, around the back end so people could see us getting off and what not however there was never a problem with that so there was no need to worry. I smiled at the Tamworth fans who watched us getting off but one clearly took my cheerful smile the wrong way, "What are you smiling at big man?" Exclaimed a small plump man with a hooked nose, "We'll f*cking trashed you today, then we'll see who's smiling!" I laughed and you could see the anger in his eyes, he looked like an angry bull once you looked at it, waiting to run at you and charge you down, "What are you laughing at hey! HEY?" He run towards me and attempted to punch me, luckily a policeman jumped in front of me, catching his hand and leading the aggressive man away.

"You get them, you always do," another policeman told me, "I don't know why but every game one of them seems to kick off at an opposition fan, but in your case the opposition manager," he sighed. "Really? Everywhere I have been this season everyone has been fine, no fights or anything like that?" The Policeman nodded at me, "Well it's different here.. If I'm honest Tamworth are know for this - they're troublemakers and I think it's time something is done, the club need to separate the opposition fans and team from the home team somehow." I was a bit disappointed really, it shouldn't have to be this way, everyone should be friendly and welcome one another, it's stupid and I was a bit annoyed if anything from the actions of the man from before.

I got the earlier events out of my head and was now ready to get going, it was going to be an exciting game I knew that and I just needed to focus on the game, one thing I couldn't get out of my head though was what the policemen had said, "Tamworth were known for this - they're troublemakers" I couldn't believe someone at this level started trouble with anyone let alone every single team that came here, it was the sad truth but it was time to get down to business again and get the way against Tamworth.
2015-09-10 17:27#219850 TayBAFC :

THATS NEXT TO MY GYM! #StirlingMasterRace
2015-09-15 20:27#219994 InfraRed :
2015-09-10 17:27#219850 TayBAFC :

THATS NEXT TO MY GYM! #StirlingMasterRace
Is it? Never knew that :P


It had been a great journey so far, I'm not sure how many times I've mentioned that but I was just being honest, the whole thing had been a blur and I still couldn't believe I was here. I was to attend an interview for the Harrogate Town YouTube channel where a few fans would ask me questions for them to answer, it was a nice little thing arranged by the club and I was looking forward to it. I loved interacting with the fans because I was one of them just a couple month ago, I still like to consider myself one of them.

The interview was to be conducted in a rather lare room within the community center hall around the corner from Wetherby Road, there were about ten people sat down beside the chairmen all waiting eagerly for me to walk into the room. "Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have some questions for me to answer because I can't wait to answer them! I told them excitedly, I was like a little child at Christmas opening their gifts, to me this was a one of the most exciting moments for me, I loved things like this.

It was 1:00 and time for the question and answer session to start, as I looked through the line of people, I saw a few older men around their sixties and seventies and some younger people around twelve to eighteen, it was a nice mixture because they would obviously have different views to the club and that's a good thing usually. The chairman indicted for one man to start talking, the man then stood up and said, "I've been a supporter for nearly all my life - I'm now 66 and we've never been above the league we're currently in, do you think we can reach the Conference?" I smiled at him and replied, "The thing is we have to take one thing a step at a time. I do believe we can reach the Conference one day, maybe this year, maybe not but I'm sure we can, we have a good squad as you know and everyone, you'll be happy to here has a lot of confidence we can go up this season, that's a big positive."

The questions continued and the question and answer was a success, it was great to interact with everyone and once it had finished I signed some things and took pictures with the people that requested, though it was a small thing things like this can bring a community and a football club together. I was finishing the last signature on a boy's shirt as the chairman came over, "A great success," he told me, "A great success indeed, today was a lovely day for fans and manager to interact and for the fans to have a say in things." I finished signing the shirt and turned towards him, "It was, wasn't it! I was looking forward to today for that exact reason, I love things like this," I told him. With that we all left and I prepared myself for a training session with the boys, this was going to be a good season, I could tell.

A Little Note

I have been thinking of doing another story alongside this - I'm not entirely sure if this will happen yet but I thought I would make you all aware. The story would be with Zenit in Russia and this would be like a fun save to close out FM15, of course this story would still continue but I thought it would be a nice finish to FM15. I am planning out my ideas for FM16 also, at first I was thinking of APOEL Nicosia, however that idea has been changed multiple times but within the same idea of a small European team, I will not reveal anything else but hopefully you'll enjoy that! But up the Harrogate boys for now!

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