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Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds

The story of a young Georgian refugee, born through the chaos of the Abkhazia War to find his feet in the footballing world.
Started on 5 October 2015 by Jack
Latest Reply on 5 July 2019 by Justice
GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost bought a tear to my eye...
Brilliant I feel as though I have a personal connection to Adam due to your amazing updates, what a perfect way to get lee bowyer and Leeds back(:
InfraRed: WOO! :P

C.J.Lippo: Taught Leeds just who Adam is :P

the champi0n fm: Thanks man, I'm glad you're feeling that! And I most definitely agree ;)
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17 October 2004

The cheer when Adam got out of the car at Valley Parade was as loud as that which greeted any goal. The Bradford fans loved Adam more than any other player. Because he'd grown up and gone to school in the area, most of the fans either knew him or pretended they did.

And they loved the fact that he hadn't moved either; he still lived in the same house on the same estate that he'd grown up in. Even though soon he'd have enough money to buy a massive pad on the other side of town, Adam had agreed to stay at home with his mum and her boyfriend, Jeremy, and put his money into a special account that he could only access when he was twenty-one.

He'd seen with his injury last year how quickly the whole footballer dream could evaporate. Besides, this way he still got all his washing and ironing done!

Adam signed as many autographs as he could but, after ten minutes, he went into the players' entrance to get ready for the game. He knew that even if he stayed outside signing for the next two days, he still wouldn't get them all done.

As soon as Adam walked into the dressing room, he picked up the newspaper and scanned the back pages. Perhaps he should never have picked up the paper. Perhaps he should have just gone straight onto the pitch and started warming up. But Adam always read the newspaper before the game. It was as much a part of his pre-match ritual as putting on his boots.

But when he saw that day's headline, he stopped dead in his tracks.



Exclusive by Barry Digmore
Soccer star's dad reveals his heartbreak at being "dumped" by son

Adam Chabukiani, the young teenage star currently taking the English football leagues by storm, has not spoken to his own father for FIVE MONTHS, this newspaper can exclusively reveal. In a heart-wrenching interview, Chabukiani's father, Georgi, reveals his family hell for the first time.

-Adam ignores father's phone calls
-Adam has not given any money from his bumper new contract to his near penniless dad

"I can't believe the way he's turned his back on me," says Georgi, 38. "He was still just playing for his Sunday League team a few years ago. But I knew he had the talent and I believed in him."

"But now he's a top class English youngster, he doesn't want to know me. People are going on about what a great footballer he is but I think it's time that people knew the truth about him as a person."

DIGMORE'S DIG: Yet another example of a footballer getting too big for his boots! You should always remember who put you on top because they can bring you down just as quickly.

Are you related to a famous footballer? Got a story to tell? Email BARRY at [email protected] and earn yourself some cash!
Just got caught up, what a fucking amazing story!
That is a very nice media post. Good job.
I just caught up on that, and it's amazing. Keep up the good work.:)
I have already said my opinion about this story :D
Oh wow.. Bring the hammer down on him Jack, don't let him get away with it!
Just caught up to the last few post and wow the father is a dick going through the tabloids
joshleedsfan: Appreciated, mate! :)

tenthreeleader: Thanks man :)

Hellsdoom: Thanks for following mate!

SooruSooru: Certainly have, and a very kind opinion ;) Thanks for following, man.

smithy079: Adam's certainly angry at him ;)

MJK46: Very unprofessional isn't it :P
Bradford City 0 - 0 Sunderland | 24 minutes.

The match kicked off twenty minutes ago. One of the biggest matches of the whole season. And all Adam could think about was that stupid article in the newspaper. It just continued to swirl around his mind. He tried to stop it. He tried to calm the hurt and anger inside him, but it was too strong. It was consuming Adam.

Just a pack of lies! None of what he said is true! I never abandoned him, he's the one who abandoned me! And if I ever get my hands on that Barry fucking Digmore, I'll--


Adam had held onto the ball too long. Instead of picking a quick pass or motoring down the middle, he'd dallied in possession, giving the Sunderland centre-half - a hairy brute of a man - just enough time to nail Adam with a bone-crunching tackle. Adam lay on the ground for a second or two, half-heartedly appealing for a free-kick, but the referee had already waved play on. Adam slowly picked himself up off the turf. He was a million miles off the pace.

Bradford City 0 - 0 Sunderland | 65 minutes.

Andy Gray, Bradford's ultra-skilful playmaker, had used his trickery on the edge of the area to win Bradford a free-kick. It was perfectly positioned, twenty yards out, just to the right of centre. A great chance for Bradford to fire the opening goal. Adam had already scored two sumptuous free-kicks from this spot this season. One of them - which had smashed against the underside of the crossbar, hit the ground and then bounced up into the roof of the net - had even won goal of the week on Sky Sports News.

Adam gathered in a huddle with three other Bradford players to discuss what they were going to do with the set-piece. They covered their mouths so that the defenders couldn't hear what they were planning. But all the while, Adam's mind was drifting somewhere else...

It was going back to all the nights that Adam had spent, wishing, hoping that his dad would come back home, that they could all be just like a normal family again. Where was his dad when he really needed him? Did his dad say everything was going to be OK and that he would be right behind Adam, no matter what? No his dad disapp-

"What do you think, Adam?" Andy Gray was asking him. He was speaking out of the side of his mouth like a ventriloquist.

"Er... Yeah, mate..." said Adam, vacantly. There was no way he could tell them that he had missed the entire conversation about what they were going to do. So it came as a something of a relief to Adam when Andy Gray himself took three steps back, deliberately marking out his run up to take the free-kick.

Good, Adam thought. They've decided to let Andy take it. I don't feel like taking this one anyway. Adam watched Gray sprint up to the ball. Go around the wall! There's a gap to the side of the wall! Adam urged his teammate.

Andy Gray arched his body and drew his foot back and then he dragged the ball backwards, towards Adam. That was it. The plan wasn't for Gray to take on the shot, it was for him to fake the shot, fool the keeper and for Adam to have a go from a different angle. Now all eyes were on him as he raced towards the ball. He had to get there before the defenders, who had already broken out from the wall to charge down the shot.

Adam got there first. Just. He swiped his boot at the ball with all the power in his body. But no accuracy. He didn't even look at the ball properly as he unleashed his strike. He was in such a rush to get his shot in that he had forgotten completely about his free-kick technique.

Adam wasn't in touch with his body or his mind. His foot slashed wildly at the ball. The contact was awful. His toe only poked the side of the ball, sending it not curling handsomely towards the top corner but spinning crazily along the ground... to the touchline.

In the end, Adam's shot went out for a throw-in to Sunderland. A throw-in! He hadn't even managed to get the ball to go as far as the goal! How pathetic! Adam could not have been more disgusted with himself.

As the fans of both sides jeered his effort, Adam put his head in his hands and, for a moment, dropped to his knees. If he could, he would have dug a hole in the ground and disappeared.

Bradford City 0 - 2 Sunderland | Full-Time.
20 January 2005

It wasn't long before everyone began to notice. Adam was not the same player. He'd lost something from his game. It wasn't as simple as pace, or his control, or even his skill. It was something else that had disappeared. And it was impossible for Adam to try get it back because he didn't quite understand what is was... what he'd actually lost.

But it was obvious that defenders were simply no longer scared of facing him. The reputation that he had previously - The unstoppable Adam Chabukiani - the midfielder with the sprinting speed of an Olympic champion - the midfielder with magic feet - had gone.

Now defenders were told to "get tight". To "put Chabukiani under pressure". "He'll crack... his confidence has gone." Some of them had even started winding him up during games.

"You're not the real Adam Chabukiani," one defender had said. "You can't be - you're rubbish!" It became the norm for Bryan Robson to substitute Adam after sixty-five minutes, and pretty quickly, Adam wasn't even that upset to see the subs board going up. In fact, he was relieved. He knew he was not showing the real Adam Chabukiani out there. He was not doing himself justice.

The worst point came when, against Barnet in the Cup, the Bradford fans actually cheered when Adam was substituted. That killed Adam. This was the club he loved. The whole aim of his life was to play for either Bradford clubs and to be a hero with their fans. For them to cheer him going off - for them to want to get rid of him - cut him like a knife. But even then... Even at that horrible moment, Adam still had no idea what was coming next for him.

Adam poured himself some cereal and turned on the TV as soon as he got in from training. As usual, nobody was around. His mum and Jeremy were spending a lot of time in Scotland these days. It was where Jeremy's dad lived and he was seriously ill at the moment.

Adam was watching Sky Sports News. He wanted to check the league table. Bradford had dropped points recently, and he was more to blame than most. Although they were still sixth, they were now seven points off automatic promotion. Adam was analysing the goal difference because, at the end of the season, it could be worth an extra point.

He turned the sound on mute so he could just concentrate fully on the figures. It was hard as a maths test at school! And that was why it took a second for Adam's eyes to flick to the breaking news at the bottom of the screen.


Adam spat his entire mouthful of cereal halfway across the room.
Dude.. that got me right in the feels... Surely Robson can't replace Adam ::(((((((((((
2015-11-18 11:06#221863 smithy079 : Dude.. that got me right in the feels... Surely Robson can't replace Adam ::(((((((((((
You will have to wait and see ;)

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