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LIVERPOOL SUCKS! An Everton Journey

An Everton story. nothing more, nothing less.
Started on 6 October 2015 by C.J.Lippo
Latest Reply on 4 February 2016 by ninjaskill

One of the best stories i've read so far. Brilliant, amazing, excellent. Your form is rising too.
P.S- Can u just what price did chelsea snap up bernard. ??
Looks like a really good month. With hard matches, but some very important points, and going well in the FA Cup. Well done, an good luck for the next month.
Really good month there, CJ :)
Kingpin - Thanks mate, very kind of you. To answer your question, Chelsea paid 20.5M for Bernard

Murtagh & Jack - Yeah, it seems that we are starting to find some consistency which is satisfying. Thanks for your support. :)
Still looking good and yes ! Liverpool are still a head of you I'm happy with that.

Ganso is talented shame about his pace, hence why the wing isn't the best for him, maybe worth dropping him in cam when your sitting back or cm as that dlp for counter attacking, I've bought him for the xabi alonso role.
Nice Month Chris :D . Next month is relatively easy except my Newcastle. Hope Sissoko and his crews smash u B)
Too_Fortunate - Ganso's pace shouldn't really make a great difference as I just have him sitting in the hole ball-playing but nevertheless I am re-considering where & how to play him. Thanks for the advice though :)

Sooru - Well, Newcastle have a couple of chances, maybe they'll get lucky ;)

Also, while I'm here, apologies for the lack of updates recently. Have had connection probs at home & obviously this is a busy time of year for the Australian Liquor Industry.

I have however finished my first season, so once I get some free time I should be able to punch out a bit of a posting rush & catch up relatively quickly. :D
only couple of chances :( . I think magpies won 2-0 :P
A great read so far mate and I'm looking forward to more.
What brilliant writing on display here. Fantastic, keep it up.
Great writing man, and good results too.
Chris I will post my last post for at least a couple of months in this site. I hope that I have enough to read through when I come back :) . Goodbye Chris, my great friend :(

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