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Zero To Hero

Started on 28 October 2015 by InvertedWingbacks
Latest Reply on 11 November 2015 by Justice
sniffing around 4th/5th atm; looking good for the play-offs

Boreham Wood Monthly Report


Our performance this month has been nothing short of magical, putting us into a great position ahead of May, which is set up to be one of the biggest months this club has ever seen. 6 Wins from 6 is an excellent springboard ahead of the Play-Offs, passage to which we guaranteed with our first win of this month against Chester.

Match Results:

HARRY CARDWELL 13', 34', 42'



LUKE GAMBIN 47', 79'
MAY 15TH, 2015

I couldn't believe it - a 91st minute goal from Mustafa Tiryaki had kept us in this tie 3 days ago in Grimsby, and after 105 minutes in the second leg, Jamie Wooton had fired home one of the finest efforts i've ever seen to give us a 1-0 win. Now, with only 15 minutes left of the Play-Off final, Luke Gambin's volley from 5 yards had us 1-0 up against Kidderminster

We've had an incredible season, truth be told - and the boys really have to take full credit for it; they've been phenomenal, and the support from the fans has also been incredible. Even now, they cranked the volume even higher, willing us on our way to League 2.

I couldn't believe it - a year ago, I was unemployed, depressed, and spectacularly without prospects. Now, I'm manager of a club on the verge of professional football. I made my final substitutions, with Conor Clifford taking a standing ovation form the fans for an imperious midfield performance this afternoon. We slowed the game right down - risky, but the reward was there - the referee blew for full-time, and we were officially a League 2 side!

MAY 22ND, 2015

7 days since our last trip, we were back at Wembley, this time running out against a Tranmere side which, realistically was much stronger than our own. But we had a plan - a plan which had worked well all season. We'd steadily become much more proficient at soaking up pressure, and hitting teams on the break.

It worked well, in theory - and in practice too. Scott Doe intercepted a lobbed pass just 6 minutes after kick-off, and laid it off to Billy Clifford in the centre circle. Clifford moved through the Tranmere half, before threading a neat ball into the path of Lisandro Semedo, who made absolutely no mistake in lifting the ball over the goalkeeper, and into the net. 1-0.

We held the pressure back, and held our shape, for the rest of the half, and the first 20 minutes or so of the second half, but we buckled under the pressure after 65 minutes, allowing Ollie Norburn to break free and fire home to bring Tranmere level.

Our breakaway tactics paid off though, with Jamie Wooton netting a quickfire double on the break to give us some breathing room, and help us run to a 3-1 victory

FA Trophy Champions, 2016!
JUNE 3RD, 2016

The light poured in the window, illuminating the clock on the wall - 10.23am. I sighed, and rolled over, burying my head back into my pillow, avoiding the outside world. Was another 10 minutes really so much to ask for? I mean, I was meant to be on -

"DAYTON LYNCH GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT." My mother's scream still struck fear deep into my heart. I shook my head, as I hauled my 28-year old ass out of bed. 28 years old, and still terrified of my mother.

As I trudged down the stairs, I could practically hear her rage build - more and more intense with every step in conquered. The overbearing smell of bacon was filling my nostrils, making me hungry and yet at the same time, making me want to unload last nights kebab all over the floor. I struggled for a moment, contemplating the dash to the bathroom. I decided I was fine, and made it to the bottom of the stairs, shivery and slightly sweaty.

My eyes met my mother's gaze, and I quivered. There was steel in her eyes which i'd seen before. I quickly scanned the room...."oh jesus" I groaned softly to myself...this wasn't going to end well

"You've got some explaining to do, young man" Came the deathly whisper.

But how does one explain 4 grown men spooning on your mother's Living Room floor? She turned and stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind her, and startling the 4 men on the floor.

"Guys...." I was hesitant, wanting to make sure my mother was out of earshot..."Guys...what the..." We burst out laughing simultaneously, and as the quartet picked themselves up of the floor, they each made their separate excuses and filed out of the door, tears streaming down their cheeks.

We had been out last night celebrating our promotion, and the FA Trophy win, before the guys headed off on holiday, and I suppose things had gotten a little out of hand...I shook my head, and made for the frying pan, where bacon - and salvation - awaited.
JUNE 6TH, 2016

I shuffled the papers on my desk around again, sifting through last season's stats to see ways in which we could improve. Last season, we scored 88 goals in the league - joint highest - but also conceded 54...a relatively low number, but we could really have used with bringing that down a bit more.

Stuart Moore, our loanee goalkeeper from Reading, had already apologised to me, and said he wouldn't be back this season, but I was keen to return to our parent club for at least 3 players again this season - Harry Cardwell, last season's Supporter's Player of the Year, had scored 18 goals in 25 games for us after his January loan switch, and the 20 year old Scot could do a real job for us in League 2 also. Alongside Cardwell, I was looking to re-sign Lisandro Semedo, the 20 year old Cape Verdan winger had been a god-send last year with 4 goals and 5 assists in 15 games and also Andy Rinomhota, who had brought real balance to our midfield last year, completing almost 80% of his passes.

Even with those three though, there was still something missing. Lewis Aird and Jamie Wooton, two signings from before my arrival at the club, were staying which was a massive bonus. Wooton was valuable backup for Cardwell, Morias and Tiryaki, and had scored 9 goals for the club last season. at 22 he had a couple of extra years experience which really told on the field. Lewis was a left-back, and although now behind new man Gedeon Okito, was strong backup for that position.

Gedeon was the first player I brought into the club when I arrived. He made 44 appearances for us last season, chipping in with 2 goals and 5 assists, and at just 19, the former MK Dons man looks like having a bright future.

A fair few players were not going to be continuing with the club, including Matty Wichelow and Bafode Carvalho, who have moved on to trialling for other clubs. Overall, the squad looks promising, but I really need to find a goalkeeper, or two, to keep us competitive for next season.
Like I said in the chat, amazing to see you have got Boreham Wood promoted and I look forward to how you do in League Two, will be interesting! Good read this.
Thanks man, and welcome to the site!
Talk about a dramatic end to the season, claiming two trophies in the final two days (Yes, the play-off trophy does count in my eyes seeing as it is a single leg knockout tie) ! Hopefully next season will produce just as many good memories!
2015-11-05 21:59#221104 Justice : Talk about a dramatic end to the season, claiming two trophies in the final two days (Yes, the play-off trophy does count in my eyes seeing as it is a single leg knockout tie) ! Hopefully next season will produce just as many good memories!

It was pretty intense! Hopefully we can kick on in League 2 and make some real strides!
JULY 1ST, 2016

"I don't know, Luke....I don't like the thought of these guys being Cannon fodder for teams like that..."

"Trust me, Dayton, they'll do us proud"

I signed, nodding my approval of Luke's plan - setting up massive friendlies with teams much, much larger than ourselves...It was risky, but I knew it was a chance to see the boys in action without any real pressure, and also a chance to bring in some real cash for the club.

"Okay" I said, shaking my head, "You set them up Luke, and you can manage the boys during them too - there's no time like the present for you to get some experience; and the guys respect you already."

"Cheers boss!" The former club captain scurried up to his office, as I headed out to the training ground, where the squad were already gathered and warming up.

"Gentlemen!" I boomed, striding over to them, "Welcome to League Two!"

A massive cheer went up, and as I looked around, I saw the stars of last year smiling, clapping each other on the back, and generally glowing with their happiness.

"Now, you may have noticed we've got a slightly smaller squad than last year - As we improve, I refuse to carry dead weights - the players we've brought in will drive the quality of this side even higher. I'd like you all to welcome back our loanees from last year: Harry, Lisandro and Andy have all joined us for another season from Reading! As well as them, Luke Gambin is joining us permanently after last season's loan"

I paused, watching the joy build on the whole team's faces, as players who had been incredible for us just seemed to keep on coming.

"I'd also like to welcome three new faces - Sam Hart joins us in the left-back position, from Liverpool; Scott Davies joins from Tranmere as our new first-team goalkeeper, and Carlos Pifarré joins from Oxford United on the left wing...I want you all to make these guys welcome - and let's go for a great season!"

The team were absolutely bouncing all through practice...sure, we'd lost 12 players at the end of last season, but very few were first-team quality, and we'd done more than enough to replace them

Luke reappeared at my shoulder; "What we aiming for this season, boss?"

I looked at my Assistant Manager, a glint forming in my eye..."Officially? To avoid the drop...realistically? Top 10"
Oooh Top 10, ambitious :)
2015-11-07 12:14#221201 Feliks : Oooh Top 10, ambitious :)

only ever the best for my boys <3

"Ok boys, i'm sure you don't need me to tell you, our form recently has been nothing short of diabolical- we've won 3 of our last 10 games, and it's honestly, not good enough - i'm expecting to see much better performances out there today. I've given some of you the opportunity to really show what you can do, too - because clearly the team i've been putting my faith in aren't good enough."

My gaze met that of Kiye Martin - a free transfer last season who had previously come through the youth ranks at Crystal Palace. Kiye had spent some time on loan at Bishop's Strotford last season, but now, I was ready to put full faith in the kid in the centre of our midfield, Andy Rimonhota would be moving forward to play at attacking midfield, and Kiye had the chance to show me what he was capable of. He knew it, too, nodding back at me with steel in his eyes.

"Go out there, and show these fans what they're paying good money to come and see!"

It didn't take them long to show what they could do. Luke Howell's 9th minute throw was picked up by Kiye Martin, just outside the area. The 19 year old played a smart ball back outside to Howell, who's cross was cleared from the 6 yard line by Parrish, but only as far as Conor Clifford, who turned it back towards Martin about 30 yards from goal. Kiye looked up, and shaped to shoot - my hands went to my face, the kid couldn't hit a barn door from 30 yards - but instead he sold the defender a neat dummy, and slipped the through ball to Andy Rinomhota, just on the edge of the D. He flicked a neat ball up and over the defence to empty space, which was promptly filled by an onrushing Lisandro Semedo. The Cape Verdean winger made no mistake, lashing a powerful volley into the net to give us a 1-0 lead after just 10 minutes.

We were dominant from then on, and doubled our lead on the half hour - Kiye Martin again picking the ball up just inside the Morecambe half, and brought it forward, beating a defender with a beautiful dummy before knocking the ball to Rinomhota, who again made a chipped pass look easy, finding Harry Cardwell on the edge of the box. The Scot turned on a sixpence and stroked the ball into the back of the net for 2-0.

Our 3rd goal came just before half time. Morecambe lined up a free kick just inside our half, and the long ball came into the box, but was met by the calm head of Fridjonsson, who cleared well, with Rinomhota, who was flourishing at attacking midfielder, collecting the ball. The younster carried the ball almost the length of the pitch, beating two Morecambe defenders who had stayed back at the free kick, before squaring the ball. The cross beat everyone in the box, but was collected on the other side by Pifarre, but he lost control, and McGowan cleared for Morecambe. Scott Doe intercepted on the half way line, and pumped the ball back towards their box, where it found only the feet of Devitt, who lost out to Rinomhota. The ball came forwards again, with Kiye Martin picking out Luke Howell on the wing, and when Semedo flicked the cross on for Rinomhota, the midfielder collected his reward for an incredible performance, with a backheeled shot for 3-0.

The second half was an exercise in passing, mainly, as neither side threatened to score, until the 88th minute, when Lisandro Semedo played a great cross from a free-kick, which was met, unbelievably, by the head of a diving Kiye Martin, for his first ever goal for the club. He sprinted the length of the pitch, and headed straight for me, screaming his thanks the whole time. My heart was bursting with pride - I was realising very quickly that here was a player who would give his blood, sweat and tears for our club, as he picked me up in a hug a grizzly bear would be proud of.

Full Time came, and we were 4-0 winners - a perfect set up for the next 5 months of the season.

The changing room was silent. Every single eye was on me, as we geared up to kick off a match which could, depending on other factors, see us move into an automatic promotion slot.

"Guys, don't focus on the promotion slot - there's a lot of football still to be played this season; I just want you to concentrate on the next 90 minutes - there's some new faces for the fans to get excited about, so they'll be pumped up for this one - focus on getting the 3 points - if we play our game, we'll win, I'm sure of it."

We started slowly, and when Sammi picked up a knock just 25 minutes in, I was concerned, but he was adamant he wanted to keep going. Barnet were coming at us with all they had, and they were dishing out some tough tackles. There was no real action in the first 45 minutes, but when Harry Cardwell went down with a dead leg right on the half time whistle, I knew we had to do something.

The injury to Sammi was my main concern - "Joe, you're moving to Centre-Half..." I stopped...our only other Right back was out injured. shit.

"Boss..." I looked up, it was new signing David Syers. "I...I'm no expert, but I could slot in at right-back if that helps?" I looked him up and down - at 29 years of age, he'd certainly been around longer than most of our players...he was pretty quick, smart in the tackle...

"Ok" I sighed, taking stock of the situation "Ok, David you're at right back - Sammi, you're coming off, you too Harry" The two injured players started to object "Sam, you can't see, Harry, you've got a dead leg. I'm not entertaining a debate over this. Junior, you're up, take the game to them. Alessandro, you'll play where David was in the first half"

My other new man, Alessandro Cannataro, was a 21 year old Italian, who'd learnt the game at Inter Milan - he had the pedigree, it was just a case of getting his head down and playing the game; I was quietly confident about him.

"Ok boys - get out there and show Barnet they can't kick you off the pitch!"

Barnet though, clearly thought they could; tackles were flying left, right and centre, and my guys were starting to lose their cool..."keep it calm guys!" Luke Garrard's shout took me by surprise, but the guys who were here last season were hearing their old captain's voice. I swapped Kiye Martin for Billy Clifford, and pushed Andy Rinomhota forward slightly, hoping for some creative spark. We had 25 minutes to grab a win here.

It wasn't to be - Barnet had kicked lumps out of us, and earned one of the worst draws i'd ever seen in the process. I was stopped by a reporter on my way down the tunnel, who asked what I thought of Barnet's play

"Frankly, its a fucking disgrace" I wasn't mincing words "They set out to harm our players, we've picked up two, possibly more injuries, and they've got off scott-free. The FA need to look at this; i'm disappointed in the referee, to be honest."
Sounds like a typical rough and tumble side do Barnet, shame you couldn't get more than a draw, considering their league position.

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