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Idea for improvement

Started on 13 November 2009 by jonlanghoff
Latest Reply on 27 November 2009 by jonlanghoff
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It would be nice, when searching for players/staff, to have the option to select "filter out unrealistic targets" and then select the club in question from a dropdown!

As it is now, you have to export a shortlist with all the players whom your assistant manager find realistic within FM and then open it with Genie, but shouldn't this be possible to incorporate into Genie itself?? Would save a lot of time plus it could be more accurate... I mean, if the assistant manager is wrong... (can he be or is he always omniscient in this case?)

Also, it is not possible to add staff to a shortlist in FM, so you can't export a list with staff and then open it in Genie to find out which realistic coach/scout/whatever is the best available to you.

Anyone with thoughts on this??
i think you can kinda "filter out unrealistic targets". if you use reputation when searching.

for an example if your teams reputation is 6000 then you might want to search for players with max 6300 in reputation or something.

that probably will work nearly as good.
Oh, is it really that simple..

Coolbeans! I'll try that.
I think that "filter out unrealistic targets" would be great but i don't know if it can be done.
You can always export the players in a shortlist, import that in FM and ask your actual assistant to filter out unrealistic targets. That's what I do at least.
Stam I do the opposite. Search in FM, filter by Ass Man, save shortlist, and then import to Genie :)
mischievous : Stam I do the opposite. Search in FM, filter by Ass Man, save shortlist, and then import to Genie :)

How can you make it happen?
If I follow your instruction I can see all players in Genie not only the filtered ones.
My way
1) Search for interested players in FM.
2) Add all these to your shortlist.
3) Go into the shortlist and export it.
4) Open the shortlist in Genie.

Stam's way
1) Search for suitable players in Genie.
2) Add all of these to a shorlist.
3) Save the shortlist.
4) Open the shortlist in FM.
Thanks for the FM scout. I'm using this great tool edit "Gambrinus Liga" in FM and to export data to my Pro Evolution Soccer editor [csv format] look here if you want. With those exported data I can create also Gambrinus liga really fast into the ProEvo. Converted stats are far better than the original one in the game, but for better calculations I need player's height and weight. Any chance to have those values included in next version of FM scout export? ... In advance thanks
First, I want to thank you guys for a nice website and Eugene for the greatest scout ever.

I think the scout could be even better:
- if it was possible to filter out unrealistic targets
- more correct sale value
- add a rating for which role is most suited for every player (defend, support or attack? trequatrista, poacher etc?)
New idea! :)

It would be nice to know for how much your players could be sold. 'Current actual sale value', so to speak. It would be helpful when offering players to other clubs or when negotiating a sale.

Don't know if it's possible... I suppose it would mean that every club should be checked if they're at all interested in the given player and then how much they can/will pay to land him.

What do you say? Usable? Possible?

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