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Beside The Seaside: Blackpool FC

Started on 4 November 2015 by TayBAFC
Latest Reply on 5 November 2015 by InvertedWingbacks
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Welcome to my first FM16 story and my second story on the site! I'm extremely excited to be able to write this after my first story earned a nomination for the story of the month it really made me want to write this year. I did slack off and not write for a while due to several reasons and I apologise for that but this year, once these mock GSCE's are out the way (they start and end next week) I will be putting out a whole lot of updates, but I should be able to squeeze a few in over the next two weeks anyway. I wanted to start this now because I was simply too excited and I just couldn't wait to start writing because it's something I enjoy doing! I have really enjoyed reading all these stories too, Justice, Walter, InfraRed have put out some amazing stories so far which I'm really into so I thought I'd put a little notice here :P

The Team

So as you can see the team is Blackpool! Blackpool were relegated to League One last season after a torrid season where they started off with just eight players two weeks before the start of the Championship season and you could see how this season was going to one of struggle for the Seasiders. Over the course of the season there were plenty of 'Oyston Out' banners, riots and of course, controversy. Sadly Oyston still remains at Blackpool and that leads us onto why I picked Blackpool.

Why Blackpool?

I picked Blackpool purely down to the challenge of trying to tackle certain challenges. One of them being trying to remain in League One, the next being trying to gain promotion from League One and finally the last being to get to the Premier League and eventually making all the Blackpool fans wishes come true and getting Oyston out of the club! But also because the club are not too far away from me, in fact it's about an hour away but if the council made a bridge from the coast of Barrow to Morecambe, which is possible, it would only be around half an hour away so I suppose you can call them 'local.'

The Manager

The manager will be revealed over the course of the next few updates as it is all part of a little storyline which I plan to try and use over the entirety of the story, or close to anyway and you shall see who the man to take over is. Of course you may try and guess, but the whole point is for you not to be able to guess, otherwise what's the point? All good authors, for example J.K. Rowling and Anthony Horowitz, create suspense and tension for the reader and I plan to the same (No I'm not comparing myself to these two people by the way :P )

My Personal Aims

Some have already been covered briefly earlier on, however there are some other aims I plan on trying to achieve because I always like to challenge myself and overcome something. So I compiled a little list, here it is :
  • Get promoted to the Championship
    Get promoted to the Premier League
    Survive debut season in the Premier League
    Qualify for the Champions League
    Win the Premier League
    Win the Champions League
    Win a World Cup
    Win all competitions possible
    Go unbeaten for a whole season


Finally I have some people to thank and one of them is Justice and this is because he has helped me a lot to bring out this story by helping me build a wonderful tactic to use for the squad and that has really helped so thank you to him because this story wouldn't of been possible due to the fact I'd have been sacked after 10 games most probably. My other thank you goes to the people who supported my last story, people like Jack who commented frequently and really made me want to continue writing so with that said let the story begin!
Good luck!
AWWWW, you mentioned me! <3

Good luck! got high hopes for this one!

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