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Genie Scout donation and key file

Started on 21 November 2015 by Stam
Latest Reply on 30 May 2024 by xadrian92
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After donating to Eugene, you should receive 2 emails.

The 1st one will include a download link to the latest version of Genie Scout's 'g' edition.

The 2nd will have the key file as an attachment. This might go into your spam folder because the file attached has an unknown type (.g15, .g16, etc) for most email readers.

Error: The key file is not found...

The key file is essential for your 'g' edition to work properly. Without it, the data you load won't have real names, positions, and so on.
You need to place this file inside the installation folder of your GS. By default that folder is here:
C:\FM Genie Scout 16g
With the key file in place, you can now start Genie Scout 'g' without any problems.

Tip #1: The key file is specific to your unique ID

Remember that your key file will only work for the unique ID you provided to Eugene during donation. So if you upgrade Windows or change computer, the key file won't work.
If that happens, you don't have to donate again. Simply email Eugene, explain your situation and pass him your new unique ID; he will provide a new key file for you.

Tip #2: The key file is version specific

While the unique ID remains the same between different Genie Scout versions, the key file will only work for a specific version. So if you donated for GS15g, you need to donate again for GS16g.
can somebody explain popularly? How do I get Scout 16g after reinstalling windows
After load game in g edition happens something strange...
names are not the real players...
please help me....
1) Find Eugene's email with the download link.
2) Send an email to Eugene explaining you reinstalled Windows and pass him your new unique ID.
3) Wait until he provides you with a new key file.

@ptml: Please read the starting post carefully.
if you upgrade Windows or change computer, the key file won't work
trying to donate how do i get unique ID to complete order
I donated to help and support for the good work ...!!!Keep going
@ThomasHoey48: As public GS18 is not yet available, you can find your unique ID from an older Genie Scout version such as GS17.

@alexankostas: Thanks for your support mate, it's much appreciated!
Hello, I did not get a second e-mial with a key, I sent an e-mail in this case but I did not get an answer :(
I accidentally deleted the key file. can you throw it away?
Hi. I donated and downloaded g edition to my PC. After six months later, I formatted my PC and losted key file. I have only unique ID. How can I get g edition again? Please help me...
@saydin: I've forwarded your message to Eugene. He should send you a new key file soon.
HI, I changed the computer and the FMGS stopped working since I changed the ID of the PC ... how do I have to send a new key?

@chuchenko, read the top post of this thread.
@justice I have read the post, I have sent the email to Eugene but until now I had no answer, would you know how long it takes?
sorry for my english, it's very bad
I have sent Euguene an email requesting a new key file. How long does it take before I get an answer?

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