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Munchen's Other Club

The Obsession for Perfection.
Started on 23 November 2015 by BackPostHeader
Latest Reply on 27 November 2015 by BackPostHeader


From an early age I've always had a passion for football, wanting to leave my mark on the beautiful game. At first it was as a goalkeeper, I was the best in my primary school, we won everything. But then I realised in senior school that I wasn't as good as I thought I was. I turned into a defensive midfielder and centre back. I went to every training session, worked as hard as I could. But never got picked, maybe that was because of my weight. I never was stick thin or athletic, and that didn't help when it came to teasing. As a Manchester City fan in Liverpool, I was endlessly taunted about 'being a shit club' having 'no history'.

This was of course back when Liverpool where at the very end of their hayday in the 90s, not that that decade was any better for my club. Not even Georgi Kinkladze's mesmerising ability could keep us up, as we spiralled down the divisions and scraped a play off place in 1999. That was United's infamous treble winning season, but we didn't care. Paul Dickov's equaliser and Nicky Weaver's penalty heroics put us back in the championship and we were promoted to PremierShip the next season. But relegation soon followed, followed by one of my fondest seasons as a City fan. Kevin Keegan arrived and took us back to the PremierShip with the swift attacking football with the creative talents of Eyal Berkovic and Ali Benarbia finished off by Shaun Goater and Paulo Wanchope.

As I got older I developed an interest in coaching, I was mesmerised by the top managers. Like Louis van Gaal, Udo Lattek, Guus Hiddink, Bernd Schuster, Arsene Wenger. And of course Keegan, later I would (like many others) develop a fondness for Jose Mourinho. Then it was Guardiola, then Klopp, Mancini and so many others.

When I was younger my insecurity grew, as I became less and happy with the world and how things turned out for me. I clinged to my knowledge of football, I would read endless amounts of facts and statistics books, biographys on my heros. I would sometimes skip school to go to Melwood or Finch Farm and watch Liverpool or Everton train to see what I could learn.

People called me arrogant, annoying, stupid. I learned to take it, you will always find your critics. No matter what you do. I would claim I could manage better than most of the top coaches, yet my brutal honesty unsurprsingly found little admirers.

When I was 20 I started to work as a player coach with my local sunday league teams. And grew as a person for it. Working at semi professional sides, it was a steep learning curve, what with the tight funds, hard tackles and even harder footballs. It worked out so well that I was offered the chance to become Head Coach of several non league teams, such as FC United, Droylsden and Hayes and Yeading. Or work with the reserve and under 18 teams at Everton as a coach, I took the latter.

After three years in that role I was promoted to Manager of the reserve team, managing Ross Barkley, Jack Rodwell and Jose Baxter as the started to break into the Everton first team. When Moyes left he wanted to take me to United with him, but I would never work for them.

As Roberto Martinez brought in his own staff I was let go and forced to look around for a new job. I decided to go abroad in my search and was hired by one of my favourite teams, Borussia Dortmund. Jurgen Klopp installed me as a first team coach at BVB, working with the talents of Marco Reus, Robert Lewandowski and Henrik Mkhitaryan among others.

It was a brilliant, albeit short experience, to work for the Schwatzgelben. After Kloppo's emotional farewell I was left looking for work again after Thomas Tuchel arrival in the hot seat in Dortmund. I found myself confronted with an unfortunate predicament, coach at VFL Bochum? Or take the managers role at 1860 Munchen?

The obsession for perfection will start at the home of one of Dortmund's greatest enemies, but instead of Bayern I am Head Coach of 1860 Munchen. Munchen's other club.
Top start here, keep it up :D
2015-11-24 09:30#222083 Jack : Top start here, keep it up :D

Cheers Jack, I sure will! :)
Great start. I definitely enjoy saves based around the 'lesser known' teams in certain locations and knocking the top dogs off their perch.
2015-11-24 12:58#222099 FormIsntAll : Great start. I definitely enjoy saves based around the 'lesser known' teams in certain locations and knocking the top dogs off their perch.

Thanks mate, lower league management is something I've not really tried all that much. So it gives me a challenge! :D
Nice start. Good luck for this challenge :)
And let's see if you can train Manchester City, that would be nice, your dream job, I suppose :)
2015-11-24 18:15#222115 Murtagh : Nice start. Good luck for this challenge :)
And let's see if you can train Manchester City, that would be nice, your dream job, I suppose :)

Thanks Murtagh, let's see if I can do well. Would certainly be a nice way to progress the story. :)
Really looking forward to this one.
2015-11-24 20:47#222125 St. Martin : Really looking forward to this one.

Thanks mate! That means a lot. :)

Chapter I; The fax that changed it all

As I approached the Allianz Arena, for my first training session as Head Coach, the sun lightly roasted my back. The atmosphere around the ground was extremley quite, with season over for another year Bayern fans were most likely enjoying their success as ther 1860 counterparts prepared for another season in the 2nd division.

I want to give a style to the club, a better identity of play. Fast, attacking football, reminiscent of Jurgen's Dortmund team in their prime years. The team is young, if I can get my philosophy through to them quickly then I have a potentially world class team on my hands.

My focus is to intense that I can barely hear anything except my heartbeat, quickening as the adrenaline kicks in. I can feel several beads of sweat running down my skin, I walk out to the pitch, to my surprise everything I instructed has been executed to the letter. Cones are in their precise positions as I asked, there are squares for the quick, direct passing I want, lanes of cones for the through balls to the wings.

There were a handful of people around the stadium, camermen ready to record footage of the session and take pictures, kitmen who were getting the last few pieces ready, boots, spare shirts, balls and drinks. And my assistants, all older than me were there to greet me.

The journey starts here...


Since my first training session most of the fans of the Bundesliga 2. had gotten word of my arrival. It was strange to be in the media spotlight, albeit I wasn't headline news. That was more Thomas Tuchel's arrival at Borussia Dortmund and the question of whether either Dortmund or Wolfsburg could challenge Bayern. I had set myself up with a nice little house in the city of Munchen, I hadn't yet acquainted myself with the city but with the prospect of most of my first team and youth team squad's contracts set expire within the next 12 months. There is little rest.

My eyelids are growing heavy, my muscles relax, I'm out.

A terrible beeping noise awakes me from my slumber, my right eye is gluey as I rub it open and wipe the trail of saliva from my mouth after drooling in my sleep. The source of the noise? My fax machine, and a message from the board of directors. Reading;

''Omar, we regret to inform you that Daniel Adlung has rejected our offer for a new contract, as you may he has only one year left on his deal. And has informed us he wants to move to Wolfsburg, we will leave this up to you to decide what you want to do.''

I can't believe it, this is a disaster. If there was one player I was looking to keep it was Adlung, the supposedly central figure to my team looks destined to jump ship. This is not the start I wanted...
Why on Earth do Wolfsburg want Adlung? Either way, good luck because 1860 certainly need it at the moment :)
BackPostHeader's avatar Group BackPostHeader
8 yearsEdited
2015-11-26 15:39#222191 Louis O. : Why on Earth do Wolfsburg want Adlung? Either way, good luck because 1860 certainly need it at the moment :)

I've no idea why Wolfsburg want him. Cheers Louis. :)
good choice ;)
2015-11-27 08:58#222208 SooruSooru : good choice ;)

Thanks Sooru! :)

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