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My journey in life!

Journal of an agent, arrived in football! FM15 Story
Started on 19 December 2015 by bebero
Latest Reply on 22 December 2015 by Jack
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Journal of an agent, arrived in football!

I am a good person, at least that I think about myself. Always my dream was to get a man to work in the field investigation but to become a man of law, so we came still from an early age on the banks of the academy and I liked it very much, because what I increasingly immersed in this field, and we hope to be able to realize my dream, I was recruited as a Special Forces agent!

I had two loves, football criminal investigation and, although the second guy did not have very much, because all the time I went around Europe to investigate or intervene with force in various conflicts.

I was young, and hopefully my future to be bright, to be as we dreamed. Talking to boys soccer days off, they will do later, but no one had a clear answer.

I did not know when or where it will be next assignment, I was informed by 1-2 days before the
pressure was higher because otherwise, always go with fear did not know what would be a day or two. I was always in my bag stickers footballers would, because I always have to love me and second.

All my work had a purpose, people who really needed help, arrest those who do evil. Everything was going well for me, the mission often listen to the radio guys matches and commented a lot on this subject.

I consider myself happy, very happy my dream was accomplished all the tasks waiting anxiously. Living the dream that I had long ago, though I was young and had a lot to learn, boys had confidence in the decision and my intuition.

I loved my job and do everything for pleasure I do not care even if they were very large risks could be attacked at any time even if our identity was always another attack could be recognized and it was a real film.
Interesting start, interested to see where this leads.
good story cant wait for more keep it up
Nice start, doesn't look like the generic FM story we see all the time. Looking for the next instalment to give us a better idea where it's heading! :)

The new mission

A new mission , a new danger for me and the team . Tonight I learned that the new mission will be held outside Europe . The first mission abroad for my team .

We found that we get in Mexico , a country dangerous, more dangerous drug cartels many people . It was a period instruitie for us we will meet with sheriffs in Mexico , will escort us to where we start the mission .

The day leaving, everyone was unexpected to start the mission , but still we did not know the risks to which we are prone to this new mission . Everything was fine , we cross the border and was taken over by the local police.

Everything was fine until we got instead mission there began the disaster was attacking very quickly upon us , and fired several gunshots we were attacked with an RPG and that remained behind us was quite sad.

Our expectations to begin the mission was halted this attack spontatn of Mexicans who controls more than a neighborhood controlled the whole area .

Through the headset I heard it was a plot against us was a trap that had to picks as quickly .

Painful moments that followed I saw my team members are slain . I succeeded in a very small number to retreat in one of amandonate homes in the area, and tried to Lom Contact our base .

Now we no have a mission to attack, we have a new mission to defend until the aid will come.
That's a really good start for your story.
Very original and interesting.
Keep it up ;)
This is definitely piqued my interest now, good job man.

Mexico eternal pain !

It was cold and nobody gets dark enough to give us the help we defend himself but had little ammunition and ends .

We try to stay focused and focus on all the entrances of the house where we were , everything was blurry fatigue and fear she speaks .

The headset hear " The next morning I think we get " it was our hope . I stayed 12 of 20 how many we left on a mission , and my mind in those moments was the football we are as a team plus the coach.
In my mind I was thinking about how to defend it , I always though we rely on the attack but were outnumbered ago I decided to keep a man in front of the defense as a football F9 , the window had snipers were there to help .

It was a tactic in my mind and I thought everything like a true team manager although this was all very dangerous lives of others in the decision were mine.

There was a workout was all life and death, it was cold and every sound scare us. I morning that was to blame and that they live in bad dream to end , and reach home safely.
But until morning to come help , came a new assault ... which was to have damage in my team ...

Everything seems in vain!

A new morning came, and our hopes were to be destroyed, our aid would be shot down before returning to us.

Then everything changed for us we look to other eyes would light of day as our last day there to see the end in sight. And as pragatesc attacking enemies.

So we did not know what to do, to defend or to attack. We decided to attack and move out of this house was our moment in which we could have done differently that we could have a decisive attack and find a more guarded and safe.

Everything seemed strange, I did not know where to go who could help us and who we could trust instinct guided me where I went, I found a new home in the near future that would be our base.

I was helped by four elders who struggled much corruption in their country, I spent some time here passed weeks and we try to recover our heads in Mexico, but the risk of an attack on us.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/xcvwryytnqjcfopmwilc.jpg

I just got false hopes, but I wonder how you should wait? For what?

I read in the papers that there are innumerable conflicts in our agency since we were gone as databases or broken and anyone could find out where we are two, if those whom we arrested we will look? Is it safe for us?

Trances became my land!

It was uncertain if the home team did not know we are looking for and if someone knows they're alive . If you were already declared dead ? If anyone knows anything about us?

All reassured me was football , because ever since I was little time listening to the radio and wait for the evening news to sports, then I was quiet the rest was very nervous situation but I struggled to hide that his team are not afraid .

The house in which I managed to hide has now become a field for me , all I asezato team strategists. I took inspiration from a play at a football match everything out well and we managed to get advise to talk with the team.

I managed to find that great efforts are made to be extracted from Mexico. But unfortunately the results did not show any so far .

It was cold every drop of rain was colder and combines walking with blood from the wounded and the enemy. A week passed and I managed to defend but nothing new and no sign of our salvation seemed to disappear.

We all think themselves whether to begin a new life with a new identity.

The house in which I managed to hide so long became increasingly bleak and the place where we wanted to leave as quickly
Everything seemed to have an endless! It seemed that we can not escape anymore in this grim place where we hide for so long began to be anxious we all lose our hope I spent half a year away from all known here but I was 12 I became a family.

On February 2, a package came to the house in which we lived, I did not know what was in it if it was a bomb? or something to trigger an attack?

But there were actually our new identity and one ticket to the destination where we get, it seems that Uncle Tots team helped as fast as he could.

So my colleagues were sent to Belgium, France, Spain, Italy but also in Brazil, Argentina.

I arrived in South Africa with an identity totally new but with high about what the second my love, I had license to get into college, and because relatively my agency, I was Recurt a team Milano Utd.

I got a chance at a new life in a new campaign only that the decision must be taken as soon as the team offered me a contract and the decision was in my hands.
Stay here in bloody carnage in Mexico or forfeit the agency and start a new life in South Africa.

I finally decided to accept their contract. It was the only chance I had at the moment give up a love waive adventure but leave Mexico alive and thus end with my second love get to be big football, not the European one as I I wanted get to be in the south African.

The agency told us that there will always be tough times because we can be discovered even though we share every corner of the world.

Arriving in South Africa there was another world but it seemed kind of hard for me to fear of being found was always present.

I was introduced to the team with my hotel room was near the present liaison with those back home so I could quickly Contact with them.

I received indicate forget everything that was in Mexico and start a new life here. But how to forget that disaster there and now everything seemed new but the memory was present.

I came to the team and we started to introduce the team, I was at the press conference. But it was unclear to me I was in a new world everything was different.
Football was a passion for me but really how to do things? If you fail?

I started the job I created a play for the team even if I do not know so much I tried to think what was started in Mexico, and I sat almost the same team. I was assured that I would receive credit from my personnel and thus begin work.

Stanton Lewis

Lewis is the most important player of the team, it went through Holland at Ajax. I hope to help me understand and because I can see the team has a great influence at the club.

A team that gives you confidence. And the only thing I need at this moment after what happened in Mexico. The team there are problems with finances that have been announced leadership can not pass. But what to bring?When I do not know anyone here?

Our debut will take place in front of the African Warriors

Interesting, looking forward to seeing what you can do with Milano.
Awesome, keep up the good work!

Maybe life gives us another chance ..

My way with new colleagues started quite well . I started to adapt myself here though moments later I wake up at night with the memories of Mexico in mind.

I started to get involved in life 's pretty much because I want to overcome difficult moments in Mexico , will I be able to forget? it was all over ?

But unfortunately I followed felt like I was feeling not sure here . But since that was the only solution I have to accept .

I had two interesting matches and managed to win one of them for now is good guys accept me and listen though often may be wrong. I 'm here to learn and take advantage of the chance offered to them. My dream is realized at the moment but my fears still exist .

A team came first defeat occurred in the cup this is somehow good for the championship can grow quite quickly. I hope the team to increase the pace down and successfully counter and mark something as much .

So much is ranking at the moment , will follow tough matches where you have to recover the deficit points.

You are reading "My journey in life!".

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