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The Hexagon Challenge

We look at a #HongKonger, trying to convert famous FM challenge, the Hexagon Challenge, into real life. Will he succeed?
Started on 24 December 2015 by JeffreyFM
Latest Reply on 26 December 2015 by walkinshaw
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8 yearsEdited
Life is Miserable … or is it?

You are out for 2 years,” said the medical assistant.

My heart sank, football was not only an interest, but it was my job.

Are you sure?” I asked in tears.

Unfortunately, yes.” The worst possible answer I could get.

I walked out in tears, in the fear that I couldn’t face my family, without my job, we would have no money.

I was born in obscurity, Hong Kong was just shooting up, but I lived in the squatter areas, but I loved football. Throughout the years, my family have been living based on my money.


I went back to Hong Kong, I told my mum I was going to retire, she reluctantly accepted it, and said, “great career Jeff.”

“Cheers mum,” I answered.

I knew, though, me and football’s relationship would not end there.

A year and a half after my retirement, I started my managerial course, and in July 2015, I finally got my first badge, it was the worst badge of all, but it was still, a badge.

And I thought, why not get my first job in football management?

Then I saw this amazing challenge in a website got, The Hexagon Challenge.

Can I revert this into real life?” I asked myself.

Yes, Yes, I can,” I reassured myself.

That’s how my journey began.

--- --- --- ---Spoilers For Next Update --- --- --- ---

Welcome to the Hexagon Challenge!

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Really sorry that I couldn’t start the United save, I thought to do them was smart because they are my favourite team, but just couldn’t get stuck into the save :(
Wtf guratingeda or whatever the hell it is..... good luck bud
Some interesting names in the first (I'm not even going to attempt to spell that without looking) and Jeonam Dragons! Good start too.
walkinshaw: Thank you :)
Nick_H: Thank you :)

To both: ikr that name!
I would love to see someone complete this!
Griffo: I will :)
He hopes ^^ :P
“Fantastic, let’s apply for a few jobs,” I said,

And onto the airplane to Brazil I went.

A long week made me busy as I was known throughout the world, I played a lot of soccer with guys on the street, it was fantastic.

After a session in the a school’s training ground, I looked at my watch, it was 3:55 P.M., “S%@$!” I said, the interview! I had completely forgotten about the interview I was supposed to go the interview at 4 P.M.

I rushed there, and entered the office at exactly 4:00:00 PM, how is that for a bit of exact timing?

Anyways, the president welcomed me to the club, and said, “thanks for attending this meeting, we are looking forward to working with you should we hire you.”

“Thank you,” I politely but passionately said.

“Obviously we have history and you have a lot of history, are you sure you can carry your passion onto the managerial side?” The president asked.

It was a ridicolously hard question, since I lost the passion for the game even as a player.

But I pretended to be calm, and said, “Yes, Obviously, football is fantastic.

The interview lasted 44 minutes, and I was escatic. At least hopeful, for the job in the 3rd tier of Brazilian Football.

1 and a half week and 2 job interviews (one at Brazil and one in South Korea), I got a reply from …

From the first club that I attended an interview in, Guaratingueta.

A contract offer it was, they decided to hire me, fantastic, right?

Here was the contract:

I said in miserable manner, as I always would, “WHAT THE F$@#, 700 DOLLARS A WEEK, I CAN’T HAVE A GOOD LIFE MYSELF, AND...AND… MY FAMILY...AND...AND…

After 30 minutes of consideration, I finally pursuaded myself into taking the job.

“The best have to start somewhere, right?”

“Yes. Yes.”

I finally negotiated a 800 per week contract with them.

Board Expectations:

League Table At The Moment:

Get them promoted? Seems ambitious, we’ll see what we can do in the Brazilian Third Division.

Here, is where my journey, BEGINS.
Starting in Oceania would have been easier on you but best of luck!
Griffo: Thanks for viewing: Dramatic things coming up :)
The Hexagon Challenge

Club 1: Guaratingueta

Well, it could be concluded with ONE photo.

But i’m going to get you some info anyways:
Guaratingueta Futebol Ltda.., simply known as Guaratingueta (WHAT IS THIS NAME), was founded in October of 1998, and since then they haven’t had so much success, but in 2006, they have been promoted to the Campeonato Paulista Serie A1.
And then since then, no success… again…

Can this change?

Only 2 matches was played in July as we only just joined the job in mid-July, and we started off in storm with 2 1-0 wins against then 2nd in the league :0 and almost last in the league.


19/7/2015 - Away - Juventude -

: Renan (7)

26/7/2015 - Home - Londrina -


A great start in my managerial career, 2 wins in 2 games for a supposedly relegation candidates, maybe my tactics is working wonders! Anyone want my tactic? XDXD
A nice start to the season mate.
lads i've accidently overwritten my save...

numpty :P

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