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Help Please!! Cannot Submit Squad For Europe

Started on 22 November 2009 by everton23
Latest Reply on 23 January 2010 by everton23
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Sorry if already up somewhere but could not find it.

Been playing my game and when i have to submit a squad for europe i cannot find the button to confirm my squad.

I go onto my news page, click on respond, select my squad and get stuck, the only way i can get past that bit, is by going on holiday for the day.

Could any1 please tell me where i have to click.

Thanks Alot.
wtf, that is weird, post a screenshot.
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Hi i will start a game now, just to get to that point in the game then post the screenshot.

Just a question about the screen shot what folder does it go into coz i have taken some and cannot find the folder, Sorry for being a pain in the arse.
Here is screen shot, even when i click continue it says i must respond.
maybe its the skin mate, change the skin and see if you get that button.
No not the skin, as u will see in my next 2 screenshots im still froze on that page.
May i also ask about the circled bar on 2nd screenshot, what i wanna know is that when u or any1 else clicks on it and u get the drop down menu, and u click on one of the options does it change your screen instead of staying on the page i have showing as when i click on anything that doesnt change either.

Thanks alot for the help im getting here.
Right i asked about this a while ago on a old laptop, now i got a new one and installed the game and STILL cannot submit my own squad for europe, i Still have to go on holiday, any1 else had this problem yet??? And maybe help me out abit.


Also if u look at screenies from last time does any1 know while on the 2nd lot of shots on the bottom pic where it is circled nothin changes when i click on it. So i cant see any wages or anything like that if you get what i mean.
You've got the real game right? Not a pirated version?
Fackman - Man Utd : You've got the real game right? Not a pirated version?

Real game from asda mate, still got receipt too.

Its just weird coz as i say i cannot submit my own squads and when on the team page and i click on the little drop down button to like view contracts and stuff like that nothing changes.
never seen anything like that before :S
maybe you have some corrupted data on the disk, have you contacted SI?
The !RedDevil! : never seen anything like that before :S
maybe you have some corrupted data on the disk, have you contacted SI?

No i havent contacted them, do u know how i would go about doing that??
I did a full scan on my computer yesterday and it also scanned the disc and nothing came back, just puzzling me really coz at firsdt i thought it might of been the laptop i had but it also the same on my new one which it alot better spec wise.
just email them, they should be able to give you an answer, get it from thier website :)
i went on the SI forum, got a answer that i have already had, about the skin, i changed it back to normal skin, cleared skin cache and everyfn but nothin, my game busy have been invaded by aliens or sumfin or i just havin alot of bad luck with it.

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