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Thierry Henry - Back In Business

An Arsenal Story
Started on 27 December 2015 by TheN1886
Latest Reply on 28 December 2015 by TheN1886
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8 yearsEdited

Henry: Salut?

Wenger: Hello Thierry, it's me Arsene.

Henry: Hi boss, do you want me to apologise for my comments on Giroud?

Wenger: No no, I'm calling because of another issue. As you might have recognised my tactics are lacking a bit sharpness and so I thought I should bring a few new or old faces into the staff.

Henry: So you want me as an attacking coach?

Wenger: Look. I've seen your progress with the U19 team and I think it's the time for you to get into the real business. I want you to be the manager of Arsenal!

Henry: Do you really think I'm good enough for this yet? I have no experience in managing the big boys.

Wenger: I understand your concerns but I promise you that you can always call me if you need some help.

Henry: If you really want me, I don't want you to leave! I want that you continue to work at the club as the Director of Football! I don't want to destroy what you've built - and I'm not talking about the stadium.

Wenger: If you would feel safer if I stay at the club I'll do it, I just want to warn you about that man Piers Morgan, he will let you know after every defeat that you shouldn't have kept me at the club.

Henry: Don't think about that boss, we won't lose a game so fast.

Wenger: Don't call me boss, you are the boss now! See you tomorrow with the board.

Henry: See you. Bonsoir.
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8 yearsEdited
...the next day in London Colney.

Wenger: Hi Thierry, ready to step in my foot steps?

Henry: I think I might need bigger boots.

Wenger: That's serious now, Thierry. Tell me that you are ready and I give you that whistle.

Henry: Let's do this!


Wenger: Good morning boys, please be quiet for a second and listen to Thierry.

Henry: Hi lads, a few of you might know me already (smile). I'm Thierry Henry and I'm your new manager.

applause from the squad

Wenger: I want you to show him the same respet that you showed to me. And Thierry, what do you want?

Henry: A new striker (laughs and looks to Giroud with a cheeky smile). No, to be serious, I think our squad is good enough to compete for the title.

Squad: He is right, we can do this!

Henry: I'm happy that you all agree with me, let's go to work.

...after the morning training session...

Wenger: Hey Thierry! We need to meet the board!

Henry: I'm on my way!


Kronke: Hi Thierry, nice to see you. Are you ready for this challenge?

Henry: Of course. I think that squad is good enough to win the league this season but I would like to bring a few young players of the U21 and U19 teams in. This might subtract our chances to win the league but I think it's the right thing if you look into the future and on the amount of money you have to pay for players now and in the future it might be even higher.

Kronke: You are right with that point. But I want you to qualify for the Champions League at least. And you should reach this aim by continuing the style of play Arsene brought into the club.

Henry: I'm happy with that. But there is one thing I need to add if you want me to have success here.

Kronke: What?

Henry: A new medical team...


After 19 years in charge of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has named one of the greatest players he has managed, Thierry Henry, as the new Arsenal manager during the press conference a few moments ago.
Thierry Henry entered the room straight afterwards.
He said that it is a pleasure for him to follow in the foot steps of one the greatest managers of all time and that he is thankfull that Arsene Wenger gives him this opporunity. He added that he wants to continue the style that Wenger used to play with his team.

Arsene Wenger moves into the Director of Football spot.
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8 yearsEdited


Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea
Goals: Walcott (53); Matic (57), Terry (86)

An entertaining Community Shield match started off with some great chances for both teams in the first half. Both goal keepers were on a high level and denied goals in the first 45 minutes. It was Arsenal that opened the scoring after a Chamberlain shot got deflected and fell to the feets of Walcott who put it into the net. Chelsea answered well and scored the equaliser just minutes later. Terry scored the winning goal for the Blues after an hoorendus Mertesacker mistake.

In the build-up of the game, Mourinho predicted Henry to fail as a manager. Mourinho was pretty pleased by the result as he told the press afterwards that he "tought Henry a lesson". Henry said that he hinks that Mourinho should get an adult.
Many thought that the Mourinho-Arsenal love story might have an end with Wengers retirement but another chapture just started.


With Wilshere and Welbeck already on long term injurys, things doesn't get easier for the Gunners with Sanchez out for 3 weeks only days before the start of the season. Santi Cazorla injured himself in training as well and won't be able to play for the Gunners during the next 4 weeks.


Thierry Henry starts to form his coaching team after his perceptions as he signs his ex-national-team-mate Zinedine Zidane. The ex french midfielder is on a 4 year long contract but is allowed to leave the club when he gets an offer for a manager role.


Reports say that Arsenal might make an offer for 24-year old Austrian defender Aleksandar Dragovic, who currently plays for Dynamo Kyiv, is apparently on the lists of many european top clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund.
The Gunners are also thinking about a surprising move of Maccabi Tel Aviv's attacking midfielder Eran Zahavi.

Thierry Henry have been given 63.700.000 pounds to spend during the transfer window.

We are here to hear Thierry Henry's first exclusive interview as an Arsenal manager. He took the Job of Arsene Wenger one week ago and is no just a few days apart from his first Premier League match as a Coach.

- How does it feel to manage the club you love?

It's an undiscribable feeling! Every day is present and I can't wait to manage my first game at the Emirates.

- Your first home game is the taff challenge of Manchester City, do you think that you are good enough to beet them?

I know that we are. We have got a great squad with a good mix of older, experienced players and young & hungry players. But we shouldn't focus on the City game now, we have got a really taff challenge coming up this weekend.

- You have already mentioned it, you face newly promoted Bournemouth in your first game. Do you feel that it is a disadvantage to face them to their first Premier League ever at their ground?

We know it won't be easy but we are ready for a fight as we know that they will try to play a very physical style.

- Thanks, Thierry. Good luck for the season.

With just days to go until the new season kicks off, we are taking a look at all the Premier League sides.

Arsenal: The Gunners will start their first season since over a decade without Arsene Wenger as their head coach. Thierry Henry wants to step into the foot steps of Arsene Wenger and said that he'll "try to maintain the attacking style of football Wemger brought into this club". But the new manager faces many injury problems ahead of saturdays game against Bournemouth as Wilshere, Welbeck, Sanchez and Cazorla are all ruled out for the clash with the team that will play their first Premier League season ever. Arsenal key players are without a doubt Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil. When this two line-up beside each other and are in-form they are almost unstoppable. Arsenal's only summer signing was Petr Cech who was bought by Wenger before Henry took over. The ex-striker himself might bring one or two new faces in the squad as well but at the moment are not close to sign any player.
Predicted position: 3rd
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8 yearsEdited

Henry signs first player

Arsenal signs spanish defensive man Andreu Fontàs. The Gunners paid the release clause of 10.75 million pounds to Celta Vigo.
Andreu Fontàs, who was born on 14th November 1989, can play as a central defender as well as a defensive midfielder. He made 36 apperances for Celta Vigo during the 2014/15 season without scoring a goal. Celta Vigo signed the defender back in 2013 from Barcelona for only 1 million pounds.
Henry says that he will be a rotation player.
The Spaniard signed a 4 year deal earning 52k/week.
He currently faces an injury problem and won't be available until September. This means he will miss tomorrows season opener against Bournemouth as well as the games against Manchester City, Aston Villa and Liverpool.
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8 yearsEdited


Henry is set to manage his first Premier League game ever hosted by the club that plays their first Premier League game ever.
Will Thierry Henry bring Arsenal on track?

Confirmed Arsenal line-up

Bournemouth 1-5 Arsenal

Arsenal got into the game very well and scored their first goal after just 4 minutes. Following Giroud's header, Arsenal tried to get themself a second goal and they got it just minutes later as Walcott scored. Bournemouth wasn't able to get the ball out of their own half and so it was just a matter of time until Arsenal would take one of their chances. And it was Giroud again who put the ball into the back of the net. Although Bournemouth got one back after a great finsih by Joshua King in the 65th minute they were unable to put real pressure on the visitors as Gibbs headed the ball into the nett after a Walcott free kick. It was Giroud who finished the job for the Gunners. The striker completed his hattrick after a fine cross of the young lad Jeff Reine-Adelaide found the head of the Frenchman.


Arsenal hosts Manchester City as Thierry Henry manages his first game at the Emirates. Will the "King of Highbury" be the "King of the Emirates" soon?

Confirmed Arsenal line-up

No changes in comaprison to Arsenals' match last weekend.

Arsenal 2-2 Manchester City

Arsenal was the better team in the first 30 minutes of the game but it was City who took the lead as a Silva through ball found Sergio Aguero who scooped it past Petr Cech. But it didn't took Arsenal long to answer. Hector Bellerin raced through to the touchline and crossed he ball into the run of Olivier Giroud who headed it into the far corner. City wasn't shocked and so it took them only minutes to get themselves back in front. Their new man Kevin de Bruyne scored from close range after a great Fernandinho through ball found the Belgian just seconds before half time. Arsenal was able to take controll of the game but there equaliser was scored deep into the second half as Mesut Özil socred his first goal of the season after an unselfish Giroud passed the ball to the midfield maestreo in front of the goalkeeper.

Sky expert Jamie Carragher: The defending of Arsenal just wasn't good enough today! Their back four should have played much higher. The gaps between the midfield and the defenders was to big and as we see here (points on the TV) Aguero got too much space in there to controll the ball and to pass it to Silva, de Bruyne and Na$ri."
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8 yearsEdited

Carragher: Hello?

Henry: Hi Jamie, it's me, Thierry. I have heard your comments about our "horrible defending". Do you really think it is like you've said? They would have just played long balls over our defensive line and Aguero would have been at the ball before Mertesacker easily!

Carragher: You have to make a choice. You can't press them early but let your back four stay deep.

Henry: I don't want to discuss that on the phone, let's meet at the Ledbury in one hour.

Carragher: At the Ledbury? Wow, your wage must be really high!

1,5 hours later, Henry arrives at the Ledbury

Carragher: Where have you been? I'm waiting for over 30 minutes now.

Henry: I'm sorry mate, I've pulled my harmstrings on the way to the bus. This must be the Arsenal virus.

Carragher: Poor boy (laughs). It's nice to see you anyway.

Henry: You can see me more often if you want to, but let's sit down first.

Carragher: If you've got the money to pay me a meal like this more often, no problem.

Henry: Listen! I think that you are a great tactician, especially in defensive issues. And I know that I've got deficits in this area. I would like to offer you a place as a defensive and tactic coach in my staff team. You would work allongisde me and you would train the defence with Bould twice a week. I'll offer you 4k per week. What do you say?

Carragher: Well that's a surprise really. But yes, I'll accept. There is just one clause I want to add. If Steve Bould retires one day I want you to give me that Assistant Manager job.

Henry: Great! See you on the training pitch tomorrow. As you have got the job and the good salary now, you pay.

(Henry stands up an hobbles away with a cheeky smile on his face)

...the next morning in London Colney...

Henry: Good morning lads. I have got a friend with me. He will be on of our coaches from now on, please be nice to him and give your best to understand him although his dialect is everything but not understandable. Jamie, You've got the word.

Carragher: Good morning. I think the most of you will know me. I'm here because Thierry, Steve (Bould) and Arsene think that I can help you to fix the defensive problems you have.We have got 4 days until the next match, so let's go to work! And Thierry, if we don't concede until the international break you will pay the whole staff a dinner.
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8 yearsEdited

Aston Villa away and Liverpool at home aka the Carragher effect


Arsenal is on their way to Birmingham and have their interpreter and new defensive coach Jamie Carragher with them. The Gunners will look to get their second away win in their second away game of the season.

Confirmed Arsenal line-up

Alexis Sanchez returns into the squad after his injury break and starts on the left wing.

Aston Villa 0-1 Arsenal

The Gunners get away with a poor performance because of Girouds clinical penalty finish after an harsh decision against the Villians as Hutton brought down Chamberlain. But as Henry said to the media after the game "3 points are 3 points".


Thierry Henry will put everything in to get his first three points as a manager at the Emirates. Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp looks forward to the game and said that "the fans will see a spectacle on the pitch".

Confirmed Arsenal line-up

Henry puts on the same 11 players that managed to beat Aston Villa last week.

Arsenal 4-0 Liverpool

It was a terrific performance from Arsenal from the start. They tried to beat Liverpool with there own weapons and pressed them on high. Arsenal got the lead after 17 minutes. Giroud reached a Bellerin cross and headed the ball into the net. Arsenal didn't stop with their high intense pressing and deserved their second goal of the night that was scored by Oxlade-Chamberlain after a great through ball from Mesut Özil. Liverpool almost got one back as Koscielny missed a header 30 meters in front of his own goal but Firmino wasn't able to beat Arsenal's summer signing Petr Cech in the following 1 on 1 situation. Arsenal ended Liverpool's small winning hopes with their 3rd goal before half time. Giroud stayed calm in front of Mignolet. If there was still anybody thinking that Liverpool could get back into the game, their hopes where gone just 3 minutes into the second half as Giroud completed his hattrick.

Press: Another great win for your side. Especially your defence was very solid today. Why is that?

Henry: That's the Carragher effect
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8 yearsEdited


Henry's internal monologue: First month in charge and first manager of the month award already. Giroud won the player of the month award as well. All in all I'm pretty happy with the performances except of the game in Birmingham where we played to complicate. The squad looks really good and with the signing of Fontas we've got more defensive options as well however I'm still unsure about the striker issue. Will Giroud be consistent throughout the whole season? And what happens if he gets injured? God knows if Welbeck will ever be fit again and I'm unsure about Theo as a striker as well. Being an replacement for Giroud would be a bit too early for Iwobi in my opinion. But who should I bring in? Giroud is playing well so far and I don't want to bench him if he is playing well. Higuain and Benzema won't be happy to wait for their chance. Which striker is an option as well? Milik? Gomis? Kane? 3 days to go until the transfer window closes - who should I buy?

How do you like the story so far guys? Any tips/wishes/recommendations/complaints? Any comments appreciated.
Fantastic result against Liverpool, nice start as well!
@Nick_H thanks mate !

+++ Premier League sides joining race for German international +++

As the German news paper "BILD" reported this morning, Premier League giants Manchester United and Arsenal are joining Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in the race of the signing of 23 years old Kevin Volland who is currently playing for 1899 Hoffenheim. The German international scored eight and assisted seven in 32 Bundesliga appearances during the 2014/15 season. Volland, who's value might be around 25 million pounds, can play every attacking position however he was used as a right winger during most of his Bundesliga minutes last season.

+++ Another Spaniard for Arsenal? +++

The Gunners are reportly interested in another player of Celta Vigo. After they signed Andreus Fontas from the spanish side only weeks ago they are reportly planning a coup for one of the strikers of the club.

+++ PSG interested in Arsenal player +++

French side Paris SG made a bid for Arsenal's defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin. The "policeman", as Thierry Henry once called him, made his way into the side during last season as Wenger's options for central midfielders came to an end after countless injuries. The fee for the Frenchman might be around 15 million pounds.

+++ Chelsea looking for Ivanovic replacement +++

The Premier League champions are in need of a new full back as Branislav Ivanovic's contract is running out at the end of the season. Chelsea are weighing up a bid for several Premier League defenders.

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