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Bourne To Be Wild

A joint venture into the world of football, the story of a chairman and manager trying to get a small club hitting the big time to the top of world football.
Started on 30 December 2015 by Tallery
Latest Reply on 4 January 2016 by AlexTHFC


Keep It UP bro!
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Howe: "We can beat relegation"
Howe has he done it?... Eddie Howe has taken Bournemouth to their first Premier League season.

In an interview with BBC Sport, current Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe declared to the world that he believes Bournemouth can stay up this year, beating the three team Premier League drop. He did, however, note that the relegation battle of 2015/16 would be tougher than ever before.

See the whole interview here.

So Eddie, you are still here at Bournemouth, after the takeover. You must be very relieved.
Oh yes, of course. Whenever a takeover happens at a club there's this anxious wait to find out whether you still have a job. Luckily, I had a conversation with Ryhad [Al-Marek] and it was clear he wanted me to stay.

That's great, onwards and upwards from now. People have been comparing Bournemouth to a Man City in the making. Thoughts?
I can see why people would think like that, but I don't plan to spend all the money Ryhad has generously given me this season on big players. My plan is to gradually build up our team. If we have the same success as Man City have in the last few years, that'd be great.

Do you have any specific targets right now?
I don't have any specific targets, no. I know there are several positions I am looking to strengthen - Tyrone [Mings] and Max [Gradel] being injured for around a year isn't exactly convenient - but I'll come to that when there's anybody in mind because at the moment there's just a general idea.

What are your aims for the season - beat relegation, or do you have anything else planned?
Personally, I think we can beat relegation, perhaps aim for a mid table position. I'd also like to get a good cup run in there this year, whether it's in the FA Cup or the Capital One Cup. As long as we make progress this year though, I'm happy.

Various websites have Bournemouth down as definitely relegated this season. Any response to that?
Well, this sort of thing has happened all the time. You go up to the Premier League for the first time, it can be difficult. There are also many cases of an excellent first season. I don't think it's fair to judge a team before they've fully prepared for the season, because I think we do stand a great chance of survival.

Who do you think will go down this year then?
I didn't want this question to be asked! As I said, it's unfair to judge a team before they've prepared... but if I have to, I guess I'll go with Norwich, Sunderland and West Brom. That said, I think this season will be trickier than ever, at the top and the bottom. It could go any way.

What about the top then, who do you think will win the league?
It will be tough, but I think it could be Man United. They've done some good deals so far. But I don't know, it could be any of about six teams.

Some reports have linked you with various managerial jobs, saying you’re the favourite to succeed many Premier League managers if they are to be sacked. What do you say about that?
There is no way I’m leaving Bournemouth without doing everything I can possibly do. I left once, but I’m not leaving again. I could be offered billions of pounds and I still wouldn’t move to the biggest club in the world if it meant me leaving.

Strong words… what is your opinion on the excessive spending in the world these days?
I think, if it’s helping the football industry to thrive, it can only be a good thing. People often say it tears the rich clubs away from the poor, but there are many clubs that aren’t rich who have made their way to the peaks of football. If you have money, why not spend it?

You start your season against Tottenham. Were you happy with that?
I guess you’re gonna play 38 games in the season, it doesn’t really matter what order. I would’ve preferred an easier starting game, but the fans will love a trip to White Hart Lane and who knows, we could get a result.

So you don’t believe that the match order counts for much?
I believe that a variety of opponents at different times, so a strong club, followed by a weaker club, etc. would be more ideal, but at the end of the day, you’ll be playing each club twice, home and away, why not just go with it? People like to complain too much in football.

As usual, we have a few off topic questions for you.
Oh great…

First of all, a question from @JustSmallMouse. Who’s your favourite team in Croatia?
I guess… Dinamo Zagreb? I don’t really follow Croatian football.

Great. Now a question from @Micr0wave. What’s your favourite TV show at the moment?
I don’t really watch TV, to be honest. Too busy with other stuff.

And one final question. @CarverFanPage wants to know if you think John Carver is a good manager?
Out of respect, I’ll say yes. Out of truth, I’ll say no. Sorry, John.

Bournemouth will be kicking off their first ever Premier League at White Hart Lane, playing Tottenham Hotspur at 3pm on Saturday 8th August.
Lovely update - I'm happy to have you as my manager!
It will be very interesting to see how active Bournemouth are in the transfer window.
Nice and sophisticated piece of interview writing. Well done, sir!
Tallery: Thank you, I'm very pleased to have you as my chairman! ;)

Griffo: Yes, it will. Will we go all Man City and spend £300m on players? ;)

tenthreeleader: Wow, thanks! :D
Brilliant idea for a story format, really going to enjoy this
Tallery's avatar Group Tallery
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Diary Entry Two

21st June 2015 // Kings Park Training Base, Bournemouth, Dorset, England

Today was my first official meeting with our manager Eddie Howe. There were plenty of things to discuss, such as contract renewals, backroom staff – but the main agenda was transfers. We have to get them right if we have any chance of staying in the Premier League. I sat down with Jeff and the other board members, and Eddie Howe to discuss potential signings. Here’s how the conversation went.

Eddie Howe: Hello, afternoon. Let’s get straight down to business!

Ryhad Al-Marek: I think I’ll start with you – who would you like to sign Eddie?

Eddie Howe: Timo Horn, that keeper from Koln.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Well, he has a release clause of £6.5m no? He'd be a player for a future.

Eddie Howe: Yeah, he does. He's only 22 too, and is currently of the same ability as both of our current keepers.

Ryhad Al-Marek: I think he'd be an excellent signing for us, he is a well known player too. I am happy for you to sign him. I think we need to get someone in centre defence - that’s the weakest area of the team in my opinion. I think that Andreu Fontas from Celta in Spain would be a great signing.

Eddie Howe: I agree, he'd be a great signing. However, I'm unsure if he'd want to join us. I can give signing him a go, but I'm unsure he'll join. Another option could be Tim Sparv, from Midtjylland.

Ryhad Al-Marek: He's certainly not of the same quality as Fontas, or have the same experience. But he'd provide an adequate option if Fontas doesn't want to join us. How much do you think he'd be available for?

Eddie Howe: I agree that he's not of the same quality, but I have other options if he is not a great idea. I believe he'll be available for around £2m, so he'll be a lot cheaper and there's less risk.

Ryhad Al-Marek: I guess £2m out of our budget is enough. If you can't get Fontas, go for him. He would boost our presence in Finland too, which will be helpful for our income. Where else would you like to strengthen?

Eddie Howe: I think our defence as a whole may need more strengthening. We only have one fit left back.

Ryhad Al-Marek: To stay up, we need Premier League know-how. I think, given his current situation, Ashley Cole could be bought in. We now have the wage structure to allow players of his calibre to join the club, it wouldn't be a financial strain.

Eddie Howe: I've heard that there are many Premier League teams after his services. I don't think he'd be interested in joining our club over higher sides.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Okay then, do you have any other suggestions? I can think of a few centre backs, but not left backs. Seems they're in short supply!

Eddie Howe: They are in short supply, I agree! However, I've found two - one of them may struggle to obtain a work permit, but the other one is a pretty young Italian left back, called Vasco Regini.

Ryhad Al-Marek: I've never heard of him! But, I am willing to trust you on this one, depending on the cost. However, if the signing fails to perform, I will be holding you accountable!

Eddie Howe: I've spent a lot of time looking around other leagues, he's been pretty good for Sampdoria. I think he'd cost something like £3.5m. I will hold myself accountable too, but I am confident he will perform.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Okay, then - I'll fork out some money. We need to add some quality to our midfield too - I am thinking about Recio of Malaga - he's very good on the ball and defensively, and would fit well into the creative, passing play style I would like you to perform.

Eddie Howe: Oh, that's a good idea. I'll look into how much he'd be available for. I've heard that Valencia are also after him though, so I think something would have to be done to make sure we get him.

Ryhad Al-Marek: As with all Spanish players, he will have a release clause - and apparently, it’s relatively low - around the £5m mark - which I am more than prepared to pay for a player of his quality. Valencia are a very good side, with lots more reputation than us. I mean, we could offer him the role of vice-captain.

Eddie Howe: Oh yes, of course. I think I might be able to get him at an even cheaper price - I've been told he's going for around £2.5m. It'd be a bargain if he's anywhere near as good as you're saying! I was thinking the same thing.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Really, that low! Malaga have no idea what they could lose! Well, do that then. But we need to make sure the squad is happy with the change, as bad morale will be detrimental to our survival chances.
Eddie Howe: It's a shocking price really, could be one of the best deals come the end of the season. I'll speak with the squad and see if they're happy.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Okay. Maybe we need a marquee signing, a huge name. Maybe we could go for a top class striker? Paco Alcacer would be a great addition.

Eddie Howe: That's a great idea. However, I don't know if a high profile name such as Alcacer would come to Bournemouth. What about Charlie Austin? He dominated the Premier League last season, but QPR were still relegated. He would probably be a lot cheaper, too.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Austin, now there's a player. He can find the back of the net, and goals could be the difference between playing Championship football next season. I'm prepared to pay what it takes to get him in the Bournemouth shirt! I've also heard that there's this striker from South Africa that could be available.

Eddie Howe: I've heard he could cost as little as £8.5m, which is not a bad price at all. Do you mean Kermit Erasmus, from Orlando Pirates? I'd noticed him, could be available for as little as £300k. He might struggle to gain a work permit though.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Hmm. I am prepared to take the risk, we can always loan him out and then sell him on after good performances. Is there anyone else you'd like to take a look at?

Eddie Howe: If he fails to get a work permit, I think there are many teams who would be happy to take him on for a season. If we still need strengthening in centre back, there's an almost comically cheap centre back from Lithuania called Deividas Semberas. He'd be solid cover and is only £1.

Ryhad Al-Marek: £1?? You're having a laugh! Whats wrong with him? Does he have a broken leg or something?

Eddie Howe: He's 36 years old, but £1 is his release clause. The worst case scenario is we let him go on a free a year later, and there's only a £1 loss.

Ryhad Al-Marek: What's past experience like? Because at that age, you only can really offer leadership skills, no?

Eddie Howe: He has pretty good leadership, but he has shown excellent determination and bravery. He's also a great team player.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Hmm. What clubs has he played at in his career?

Eddie Howe: He's currently at Zalgiris, but has played for CSKA Moscow and made 250 appearances, Dynamo Moscow and Alania Vladikavkaz. He has also made 82 appearances for Lithuania

Ryhad Al-Marek: Okay then. I'm sceptical. I don't understand why you'd have a release clause as a pound. But if you want him in your team, then go ahead and approach him.

Eddie Howe: I don't think it can do much harm to have him in our squad. There's only one more player I'm considering approaching, another solid centre back who can also play as a midfielder.

Ryhad Al-Marek: What is the guy's name?

Eddie Howe: Daniel Amartey. Just 20 years old and has the potential to be our best player. He plays for Copenhagen but he's got a price tag of £5m. The only problem is that he may struggle to get a work permit.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Amartey, I've heard of him. I think he played at the World Cup for Ghana. He could be a very good player for us, so £5m is an amount I'd be prepared to pay if you want to sign him, but he must get a work permit for that money.

Eddie Howe: I think he'll be a great player if we sign him. Now, I don't want to bankrupt our club after one season, so that's all I want. If you have any more ideas, I'll be happy to go ahead and look into them.

Ryhad Al-Marek: Okay, we'll leave it at that then! Thanks Eddie, I'm looking forward to working with you for a long time to come!

Eddie Howe: Yes, let's hope for a long and prosperous future at Bournemouth!
What an update, very very good and some brilliant players were mentioned there. But I agree, £1 release clause? Now that's bizarre!
Very interesting concept this, will definitely be following. Some great targets there as well!
Great update!
Great update. It was fun doing that conversation. :P

£1 is a great deal. =))
Really like the concept and there is some lovely writing as well. Keep up the good work!
You know, for a Saudi, Al-Marek certainly has picked up quite a few English phrases and colloquialisms...

He has incredible football knowledge too...
interesting! Some big names being chucked around in there man - good luck!

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