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First Ever Game

Started on 22 November 2009 by Fmpanda
Latest Reply on 1 May 2010 by Gspot69
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I decided today at the age of 22 to finally go to watch my beloved tottenham play for the first time and wat do i get! only 9 goals! i was disappointed! lol

i was right behind the wigan goal (i even saw myself on MOTD) and loved every bloody moment! tht ticket going on the bedroom wall me thinks

well done tottenham!
wait your 22yo, and its your first ever live football game?

my first game was when i was a little kid, dont remember exactly what year it was, but i was around 6-7.

it was a game between AIK - Norrköping, AIK won 1-0. not a real significant match. but it was my first ever live football.

since then ive watched lots of AIK matches, a few swedens matches.

live footy is amazing, especially when your surrounded with a great atmosphere.
its a great feeling, hoep you can go and watch more matches.

i remember when i was playing football as a kid. we had a match on the pitch next to the big stadium(råsunda).

and that day AIK played Fenerbache.

it was amazing atmosphere, we heard it all the way out to our pitch obviously, it was great stuff, it was like we were playing in the stadium.

all we get now a days is like 50-100 fans, at certain matches =P(for the team i play).

yer i kno and has a massive football fan it not a track record i hold dear

me parents have never been football fans so they never took me and white hart lane hasnt got a reputation to get too easily

when i was old enough i got myself a sat job so i just never went till yesturday

bit of lie i have seen three west ham cup games but these where against championship teams tht when i was about 10 - 11
but it was great seeing spurs play atmosphere was amazing
ah ok, i had the luck as a kid as well to be able to go to matches for free. they dont have that anymore. but when you played as a kid like a decade ago, you got a card which would let you in at any match, except derby games. which was great.

but for me footy is everything as well so it's different =P i cant live without footy, so :p

but better late than never i guess =D
first game i went to was rangers v celtic. it finished 2-2 at ibrox, i think i was 6 or 7. the atmosphere was amazing!! still is.
First game i ever went was Newcastle United Blackburn Rovers in march 2007 i was 13 at the time
Hibs vs Aberdeen when I was 7. Was visiting an uncle in Edinburgh. Hibs lost 2-1.
I think my first notable live game I can remember was when I was 10 and went to wembly, (my 2nd time there I went when I was 4 or something) the atmostsphere well I can't remember much of it, I watched darlo matches about 1/3 of the home games at the very least each season, and this season I went to my first ever united game, it blew me away sort of 74,000 for a pre-season friendly against valencia, compared to the usual 1,000-2,000 at darlo its amazing, atmostphere was beaut, and mexcian waves for 5-10 min :D
Damn,you're lucky guys can watch top level football every best game was Pobeda-Parma 10 years ago.Parma had Buffon,Thuram,Cannavaro,Di Vaio,Milosevic ... back wasn't even played in my home town because our stadium wasn't good enough according to UEFA.i also watched Macedonia-England,Macedonia-Netherlands,MAcedonia-Spain ...and that's it ...Domestic competition sucks,and getting worse next money,no football :no
lol lucky you.
unfortunately i have yet to see a bayern münchen-game in the allianz arena...
have been in the old olympiastadion a few times.
but since i have a job and every match is sold out, there's not much i can do about that. :(
can't really plan ahead 6 months or longer...
My first match was when I was about 7. Liverpool 2 - West Ham 2, my uncle who took me got really angry and we left 2-1 down at 70mins. I remember not being able to see every time a goal was scored cause of everyone jumping up and me being so small. Plus I had the most aweful cup of tea at half time, it was awesome!:yes
I can't remember y first ever match like everyone else I was too youg, how can everyone remember all of the details? :P
Not sure my old man used to take/force me to go see Airdrie my local team every week first games of teams i support were Scotland 2-1 Sweeden think it was at Easter road could be wrong John McGinly scored both our goals first Rangers game i went to was at home to Falkirk cant remember date/scoreline but just remember being pumped Richard Cadete double i believe and thinking wow this is my club Scotlands my country and so the saga continues

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