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Young Blue Turned Red

Started on 27 January 2016 by haydock101
Latest Reply on 30 January 2016 by haydock101
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Young Blue Turned Red

This just in Rogers has been sacked by Liverpool before the season has even started. The rumours are there has been a bust up in the training ground between Rogers and an unknown player, but Rogers has had is contracted terminated with immediate effect.

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard had this to say
" I think it is an absolute disgrace, erm Liverpool is a bigger and better club than this managers being sacked for fighting with players, Rogers and the player should both hang there heas in shame."

When asked who he thought the next Liverpool boss would be he said

"I cant be sure there is alot of speculation going around that Klopp is coming over for an interview but then again ive heard Rafa is coming back, so i really couldnt be to sure on who will take over but who ever it is i wish them the best of luck"

Thats all from us here at LFCtv


It has been 72 hours since Rogers was sacked by Liverpool and there has still been no hints to who will be taking over. The past few days has had speculation towards Klopp or Rafa taking over at Anfield but is this fact or fiction. What ever is going on at Liverpool is a mess and it needs sorting out fast!

Location - Unkown
Time - 17:30

"Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna



"Hey its Steve"

"Alright pal Whats up"

Steve -" You watching sky sports"

"no pal am in the car, what is going on"

Steve - " There is still no more news on the next manager but there saying its a mess at Anfield"

"It is, i have no idea what is going on but it needs sorting"

Steve - " I know, im on ,my way to the Airport now, flying back to Liverpool will you be able meet me at the Airport?"

"yeah text me what time you land and ill be there"

Steve - " yeah will do bye"

"see you later"


Gerrard seen Outside Anfield

Steven Gerrard has been seen leaving Anfield today but why? is he a the next manger or is he thee to help find the next manager? after the break we will be taking a look at statments by Klopp and Rafa and where they stand on the speculation

Welcome back to Sky Sports First of all we have statement by Klopp and where he stands with going to liverpool

"although, moving to the premier league would be a dream come true i will not be going and i have no idea where all this has come from. It is a real mess at liverpool but i just cant leave here i am loving life in Germany and i am just not ready to leave."

So there it is Klopp will not be moving too anfield!, but what about Rafa?

"My time at Liverpool was amazing and id love to go back but i have not been called or offered anything by liverpool so until then i will not be talking any more in to the situation"

So there you have it Rafa could be on his way back to liverpool

Tom - "Steve, Thanks for flying in, dose anybody know why you are here?"

Steve - "No, ive not told anyone but im glad you have asked me too met you because i think we need to talk before i talk to him because i cant see him taking this job with everything that has gone on, it isnt fair, its a mess, have you spoke to anyone else? what about Rafa and Klopp are the rumours true? are you looking at them?"

Tom - "Klopp no! we cant see him wanting to come not with all the news in the press and Rafa we did think about but not many managers succeed second time around, we want some one new, thats why we want him and we know you can persuade him"

Steve - " What if he says no? then who?"

Tom - " We will cross that bridge if it comes too it, we hope not but if it dose then we will sit down and discuss it, ring me when you spoke too him"

Steve-" will do, ill see you later"



???? - "Steve whats up"

Steve-" I need to speak you about something"

??? - "Go on?"

Steve - " The reason im in Liverpool is too help find the next boss..."

????-"any ideas on who they want"

Steve" you, i know its a big step mate but, its in the right direction, and they really think you can succeed, ive told them i didnt think you'd take it but they are insistent that they want you"

????- Honest i am flattered but i cant Steve, I love the club i want them to do well but am i really the man?, i dont think so"

Steve- " Just come to anfield and meet Tom with me we will all sit down and have a talk"

???? - " Okay ill see you there in an hour"


Tom "Ah just the man i wanted to see"

??? " So Steve tells me you want me as manager"

Tom " Yes we do, We want some one who knows the and loves to club"

??? "So why not him?"

Steve "because i recommended you plus, ill be your right hand man"

??? "This is a huge step for me and id love to do it but i really dont see me succeeding"

Tom "We know its a hard decision to make, but we do really want you"

???? "Why because you cant get some one with more experience! Ive seen all the papers Klopp dont want to come, Rafa might be interested but cant really see it, Plus do you really think i want too take the ob when the team is a mess fighting with each other fighting with the manager!"

Steve " Tom i knew he wouldnt take the job i told you and how long is it going to take to find a new manager pre season starts soon this needs sorting"

Tom - We know its a mess but we do believe that between you and Steve it can be fixed and we know youll have the full backing off the fans!"

???? - Okay 1 year i will do one year if i dont succeed i walk away if im not sacked first that is and i want steve along side me all the way!"

Tom + Steve - "Deal"


Tom - " Thank you all for coming, we know that you have all been waiting for a press conference for a while to clear this whole mess up and today we will do so with the announcement of the new Liverpool manager and is assistant Mr Jamie Carragher and Mr Steven Gerrard!

Jamie and Steve enter the room

Jamie- We know you will all have alot of questions but i think i can answer them all right now. This is a huge step for me and Steve and we are both delighted to be taking it, we know it isnt going to be easy but we are certain that we can fix what ever is going wrong at Liverpool F.C. We both love the club and we are determined to take them all the way!

Steve- " We both understand that its come as a shock that Jamie is manager and me his right hand man, most people would of been thinking of people with more experience but we are going to do this we will take Liverpool to the top
Cannot stand Carragher but I wish you luck, try to just clean up the little things like centering images, capital letters for club names and little things like the spacing between the person talking and the - being the same always.

Good start though, I hope you stick with it.

So last night it was announced that ex Liverpool centre back Jamie Carragher will take over at Liverpool with Steven Gerrard as his Assistant and already the two are making an impact at the club with speculation on 3 new signings and 3-4 players possibly leaving the club weather that is on loan or permanent isnt understood as of yet but we will bring you that story as it progresses.
Back to the players who we could see in the red colour of Merseyside next season

Gabriel Barbosa

The young Brazilian who can play on the wings or upfront has been linked with moves away from Santos for a few years, with Madrid, Barcelona and possibly Liverpool the race will hot up for this lad, as you may remember Neymar Jr went from Santos to Barcelona an he has been flying so all 3 teams will be looking to capture his signature

Jake Bidwell

The young 22 year old left back started his career at the academy of Everton F.C but after two loan moves away from the Toffees Bidwell was snapped up by Brentford who he is now the captain of at just 22 years of age the 22 year old from Southport isnt doing to bad for himself but would he move to Liverpool.

Sergej Milinkovic Savic

The 20 year old midfielder from Serbia has been linked with moves to Manchester United where his goalkeeping brother Vanja is currently playing, Sergej who was been capped by Serbia under 21's twice is currently at Lazio but is Carragher set to swoop in?
Match Report

LIverpool 0-1 Guizhou Rene

Despite Liverpool dominating most of the game, they just could not find the goal, with Danny Ings firing shots every where but home and Adam Lallana hit the wood work from a well taken shot from the edge of the area with boys in red just couldnt pull the game level after an early goal by Ricardo Santos who ran on to a brilliant through ball between the Liverpool defence to slot it home on the 7th minute

2 IN 2 OUT

Liverpool have managed to secure the signings of Gabriel Barbosa for around £12 million and Jake Bidwell for £5 million although it could rise to £10 million. Bidwell brought in as a replacement it looks like for Jose Enrique who has recently signed for A.C Milian for arounf £3.5 million. The other outing at Liverpool is young Divock Origi out on a season long loan at Fiorentina


Liverpool failed to score all pre-season taking losses at Preston and a PSG 5-0 smashing. with players arguing on the pitch is there anyway out of this slump for Liverpool? With the first game of the season coming away to Palace they need to sort out there differences and fast!

So here it is the first game of the season for Liverpool and the firsst game in charge for Carragher. Liverpool failing to score all pre-season with arguing on the pitch i really think they will struggle today. With Daniel Sturridge, Jordan Henderson and Jake Bidwell all out injured this is how Liverpool line up

They have picked what is probably there strongest side possible, but are they going to match Palace who have Scott Dann and Connor Wickham out with injurys but this is there side for the day.

Kick Off

Liverpool have started the game on top with some nice passing movement around the pitch, great ball through early on by Can, Courtinho runs and squares the ball to BARBOSA... puts the ball wide the Brazilian really must do better there.

Long ball up field from McCarthy looking for Bamford, Ball cut out by Sakho header down to Allen nice ball across to Milner long ball over the top to Coutinho who beats his man and darts down the left hand side, Barbosa in the middle Lallana arriving too Coutinho whips it in Barbosa cant reach but LALLANA smashes the ball across goal and makes it 1-0 Liverpool

Lst 5 mins of the first half Liverpool still leading by one goal to nil, but here come Palace with zaha, beats Moreno and plays a low cross in to the far post! Bamford gets there but smashes the ball straight at Mignolet


The second half starts off very fast with Liverpool passing the ball around very nicely once again, Milner now ball through to Lallana great touch to knock the ball past his man and LALLANA its 2-0 what a screamer. He knocked the ball away from Hangeland like he wasnt even there then released a screaming shot right in to the top corner, are Liverpool back?

After the second goal Palace look very depleted and very sloppy giving the ball away miss placing passes in the 80th minute now and they have had one shot in this second half.


Its all over Liverpool and Jamie Carragher have won there first game of the season thanks to two great goals by Adam Lallana who has been outstanding all game

Liverpool Slowly finding there feet with 7 points from a possible 12, which could of been alot more with Barbosa missing 2-3 chances at both Arsenal and West Brom, The young Brazilian also missed a great chance at the stadium of light smashing the ball wide despite being one on one from the halfway line. Its safe to say the strikers are struggling with no goals so far for Barbosa, Ings or Benteke Liverpool have relied on Lallana and Coutinho with 5 goals between them and Sakho chipping in with 1.

The draw for the Euro cup could of been kinder to Liverpool with them drawing CSKA Moskva, Standard Leige and F.C Augsburg but Carragher has stated they can succeed.

Liverpool have also been drawn against West Brom in the Capital One Cup 3rd round.



Dejan Lovren From Liverpool to PSG for £15 million

Bryan Cristante from Benfica to Liverpool for £7 million ( could rise to £17 million)

Aiden McGeady from Everton to Palace for £2.1 million

Mattia De Sciglio From A.C Milan to Chelsea for £9.5 million


Liverpool reject £27 million bid from Arsenal for Adam Lallana

Arsenal also have late £33 million swoop for Higuain rejected

Liverpool after Zach clough from Bolton for around £7 million

Everton reject £15 million bid for Barkley from United


Liverpool came back from the international break with a great 2-0 win over west ham, Danny Ings getting a goal and being the first striker to find the net this season unfortunately for Liverpool Ings would get injured that very same game. Joe Allen added to the score line with a very nice well placed shot from in the area.

The Reds then hosted CSKA Moskva in the cup where they where hammered 5-0, Jamie Carragher had this to say "I an only apologise after that awful preference from some of the boys, yes we played a slightly weeker team but getting smashed 5-0 at home is just outrageous"

Carragher changed his full squad back to normal as Liverpool went to Stoke but it still wasnt good enough, they still couldnt find the net with both Barbosa and Lallana missing great chances, Liverpool are crying out for Daniel Sturridge to be fit again and help find them all important goals

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