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The Unpredictable Chairman Game

A new chairman game with a custom database.
Started on 25 February 2016 by Znik
Latest Reply on 31 March 2016 by IndiBlue
Znik's avatar Group Znik
8 yearsEdited

Chairman Game: The Faroe Premier League
This is a new Chairman Game, with a few twists from the great one hosted by No1VillaFan.
A chairman game is an interactive FM story, where you play the role as the chairman of a football club. You handle incoming and outgoing transfers, contract renewals as well as hire/fire managers. In this Chairman Game, I will be using a custom database that I have edited. In this database, I have placed 30 good clubs in the newly formed Faroe Football League. The clubs should be fairly similar in strength, but have some differences still, their facilities and stadiums are still different. However, to try to create an unpredictable game, I have given all teams a reputation of 8400, I have given all teams a balance of £75M, and have cleared the debts teams. I have also removed any Sugar Daddies that kept feeding cash to clubs. This should give teams enough money to spend, but you are responsible for keeping your team financially responsible. Try to manage your teams wages, as there will be consequences for teams that are in the red at the end of a season. The consequences may include transfer embargos, forced sales of players or being demoted to the 1st division.

Transfer Rules
Two times per season, you can buy and sell players for your club in the transfer windows. In the first transfer window, every club will get a bonus of £75M to spend, but this will not be the case for other windows.
There are 2 types of transfers: Club to club transfers (C2C) and Foreign transfers.

C2C Transfers:
These are the transfers that are negotiated between the different chairmen that take part in the game. The transfer fee is agreed between the two chairmen, and players wages are kept at the same as at their old club. After the deal is agreed, the details are sent to me, and will be completed ingame. You are also allowed to send players on season loans to each other, in which case, the new club must cover 100% of the player’s wages.

Foreign transfers:
These are a bit more complicated. For foreign transfers, you have to send your transfer targets on mail to me. At the end of the transfer window, I will announce who has won their targets. Bids for foreign players must be at least 1.5x player value. The exception is if player is either transfer listed, where a bid matching asking price is accepted, or has a minimum fee release clause, where you are only required to match the asking price. The team that bids the highest amount for a player, gets to sign him when the window closes.If you are outbid on a player in the transfer window, there will be an emergency window where all teams that did not win their bids, get a second chance to use their transfer slots.
Players in the First Division in the Faroes count as foreign transfers.

In the summer transfer window, you are allowed to sign 5 foreign players, but 2 of these must be 21 years or younger.
In the winter transfer window, you are limited to 3 foreign signings, where 1 must be 21 or younger.
If you send in a bid where you underbid for a player, the bid will not be accepted, it has to be at least 1.5x the player’s current value.
Any transfer slot not used, will be moved from the summer window, to the next winter window, but no transfer slots can be added from one season to the next.
In addition, any money not spent during the transfer window is added to your team's balance at the end of the window.

Wage Rules
Wages may play a bigger part here than in other chairman games, as you are required to keep an eye on finances.
C2C transfers: All players signed on C2C-deals keep their wages at the same.
Foreign transfers: All players signed from abroad get a 25% wage rise.
New Contracts: You are allowed to renew the contracts of 3 players per season, a renewal will extend a players contract by 3 years, at the cost of a 25% wage rise.

Faroe National Team
As a small twist, I’ve edited the rules for being eligible for the Faroe National Team. It only takes 1 year to gain Faroe Nationality, and all players that are already part of a team in the league, are eligible to play for the Faroe Islands, which means that any players that is yet to be called up for his country, can be called up for the Faroes. A goal in this chairman game is to try to get the Faroe Islands to the World Cup, thus there will be a bonus £20M at the end of each season, to the team that has the highest amount of Faroe Internationals in the final National team before the summer.

If you’ve read all these rules, and feel this is something for you, you’re ready to take part in this adventure! You will not be required to write updates, or announcements, but you are required to be active during the transfer windows, and to contribute positively to the rivalry of this unpredictable chairman game, so now it’s time to announce the teams.
Depending on interest, the first 12-16 teams that are picked, will be the teams in the Premier League, the rest will be in the First Division but will not be managed by any chairman.

If you feel ready to take part, write the team you want, in the thread. When we have enough players, I will announce who gets what team.
I will make sure that players that have been active during the last chairman game also get a spot in this one, to keep an active core that will help drive the game forwards. This also means that you have a bigger chance of getting in, if you show your presence in the Chairman Game chat, and make sure I notice you!

The 30 teams available are the following.
AC Milan - Znik
Zenit - Lippo
CSKA Moscow -
Shakhtar - No1VillaFan
Dynamo Kyiv - AliciaWAFC
Villarreal -
Real Sociedad -
Sporting Lisbon - Balik
SL Benfica -
FC Porto -
Inter Milan - JFLWilliams
Sampdoria -
Fiorentina -
Ajax - JasperCillessenAjacied
PSV - Michael
Wolfsburg -
Schalke 04 - MaxLuxon
Borussia Mönchengladbach -
Bayer Leverkusen - lewie100
Olympique de Marseille -
LOSC Lille -
Olympique Lyonnais - InFraRed
AS Monaco - Splinterzz
Southampton -
Everton - Griffo
West Ham -
Newcastle -
Galatasaray -
Fenerbache -
Sao Paulo -
Corinthians - Levz
Atletico Mineiro -
PSV Ole Ole!
2016-02-26 12:33#226703 InfraRed : Lyon?

I'll take Inter Milan, if that is ok?
I'll take Dynamo Kiev please :)
Schalke will do me :)
Znik's avatar Group Znik
8 yearsEdited
Game Start

As we've got 11 players this far, I will start preparing to launch the transfer window. But before the game is started, I will give all chairmen a chance to change their manager for free, as well as get a free wonderkid! The choice is first come first served, so the first one to pick gets first choice.

All managers are of similar ability, but you can also choose to keep the manager that is currently in charge of your club.
All wonderkids have a potential of -9, and fairly similar current ability, which means there is no way of telling which one will have the highest potential, before the game is set up!

Antonio Conte - Shakhtar
Massimiliano Allegri - Dynamo Kyiv
Jürgen Klopp - Inter Milan
Unai Emery - Sporting Lisbon
Jose Pekerman
Rafa Benitez - Corinthians
Joachim Low - Monaco
Marcelo Bielsa - Leverkusen
Fabio Capello
Manuel Pellegrini - Olympique Lyonnais
Didier Deschamps
Claudio Ranieri - PSV
Alejandro Sabella -
Vladimir Weiss - Milan
Roberto Rojas
Rudi Garcia

Alex Meret - Sporting Lisbon
Kelichi Iheanacho - Monaco
Arianit Ferati
Rodrigo Bentancur - AC Milan
Felix Passlack - Olympique Lyonnais
Ante Coric - Inter Milan
Ezequiel Ponce
Lincoln - Leverkusen
Bartlomej Dragowski - Ajax
Lucas (Atletico Madrid CB)
Cristian Pavon - Everton
Maximilliano Romero - PSV
Sergio Diaz - Dynamo Kyiv
Jonathan Bamba
Sergi Samper - Shakhtar
Jhon Arango - Zenit
Pellegrini, Passlack
conte and samper
Unai Emery, Alex Meret
May I have Zenit please?

Will stick with Villas Boas & take Jhon Arango if so ;)
Znik's avatar Group Znik
8 yearsEdited

Transfer Window OPEN!

With the launch of the Chairman Game, the transfer window is open. It will stay open until Wednesday 19.00 GMT.

All teams have got an extra transfer kitty of £75M to spend in this window. Any money you can bring in from player sales is added to that transfer kitty. Any money that you do not spend, will be added to your team’s balance at the end of the window. In the next transfer window (January) you will only be allowed to spend money from your team’s balance.

You can now start negotiating deals with other chairmen, any deal completed must be confirmed by both parts to me. Transfer fees are agreed between clubs, and player wages stay the same. You are also allowed to loan players to each other, where the loaning club has to cover all player wages.

You must also remember to send me your foreign transfer targets before the end of the transfer window. Send all your foreign targets as a list to [email protected]
Be sure to mark your mail with your clubs name.

You are allowed 5 foreign transfers, 2 of which must be aged 21 or younger.
Bids for foreign players must be a minimum of 1.5x player value, unless the player is transfer listed, or has a minimum release clause.

If there are more questions, feel free to ask, and good luck! Happy spending chairmen!

Game Save: Download here!
I'll have Conte and Diaz please. :)
2016-02-28 17:02#226839 AliciaWAFC : I'll have Conte and Diaz please. :)

Conte is taken Alicia, but Diaz is yours!

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